Thursday, April 29, 2010

i'm a werewolf...

i am. without the full on, hairy scary demeanor...although, some might beg to differ...ha!!! averie posted about the full moon this evening...and it was like someone was slapping some sense into me...all week i have been feeling so emotionally crazy...and kind of angry, for no reason at all, i felt and still feel like curling up into a ball and crying my heart out...and i just seem to be really angry about things i normally wouldn't really waste my time on...and i thought i was going mad! but, turns out i am normal...yay!!!

this week i have also been eating very high raw...lots of massaged kale salads...sauerkraut...raw vegan cupcakes and chocolate chip are two of my raw vegan highlights this week so far...

rawitch "fresh veggies & sprouts with guacamole piled high on onion bread"...

raw vegan pizza, topped with ani phyo's italian pizza cheeze, chopped tomatoes and basil with salt and cold pressed olive oil, black olives and eggplant bacon...

i also find that lately my appetite has been pretty lacking, and i wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that perhaps my body is getting enough vitamins and is not lacking in anything, and so it doesn't really need anything or crave anything...what do you all think?

have a beautiful night all, and please say a prayer for aimee and zuki...keep them both in your hearts and thoughts for the next little while...night babes...


  1. I had no idea you were feeling that way. You always come across so bubbly and happy. Hope you're in good spirits now. I think Zuki is okay, too.

  2. That sandwich looks absolutely amazing. I want you to make me one! ;)

  3. Hey girlie, I totally know how you feel - Ive been feeling the same way all week - teary eyed, and sad - I looked out the bedroom window last nite to see the moon and it hit me that perhaps it was part of the reason.

    Anywho, the pizza and sammie look delish! looove that onion bread!

    Have a great day! XO

  4. I hear you Nelly...sometimes I run to the calender and sure enough that big black circle in on the! At least it makes you feel better and normal, like you said!
    I love all your eats..that rawich looks so incredible...all the guacamole spilling out. I would definitely lick the plate:)
    It could be that you are getting everything you require or maybe its the warmer weather (is it warmer over there yet?)as I tend to eat fruits and veg only when its spring/summer
    Yes, I'm praying for Zuki and Aimee:(

  5. hi shannon marie, i try to stay positive no matter what i'm feeling, it makes me feel so much better...

    andria...let's trade, you make me a tofu scramble and i'll make ya a rawitch!!!

    heathy *hugs*...have a beautiful day lovely!

    mels!!! no it's FREEZING!!!! that's why i'm kinda shocked...and the fact that aunt flo was on her way and i wasn't eating everything in sight started me wondering what the heck is going on with me...ya know???

  6. you rawwwk! you can put out some great stuff! I love the guac oozing out the side of the sandwhich. lickin my lips.

    zuki is better today. thank you for the support.

  7. thanks bitty boo!!!!

    you have no idea how happy i am to hear/read that!!!


  8. i commented earlier... where'd it go? hmmmmm...

  9. hey kelli darling...i didn't get a comment from you...i find that a lot of my comments go missing first i was sort of hurt because i thought they were erased by the author of the blog...but i think they disappear into the abyss of the blogosphere...

    please let me know what your comment was...i love your comments...

    have a great night sweets!

  10. i think i said something like the full moon may have had something to do with my crankiness and mmmm raw pizza and raw sammies... my favorite! =)

    happy friday!!!


  11. Wow. I just found your blog. I love it. You have great food ideas... I may need to try any, all, now?

    Happy Friday!