Saturday, April 24, 2010

2nd giveaway...anyone interested?

i was pretty excited to come home from work today (well i usually am)...i was set on making a raw vegan "hostess with the mostess cupcake"...i really want to get on the ellen i was getting everything ready i realized i forgot to do something...can anyone guess what that is? i forgot to soak cashews for the whip cream part of the recipe...carp! (carp is a fish, i promise to keep this post kid friendly!)...

so anyway...i received my moonies and chocolates today from an amazing gal...but i won't blog about it until she receives her package on tuesday...this is what the lovely gal is getting, i just don't want her to think she's not getting anything, because she is:



i'm also sending another little package out to another very special gal...

Photobucket about the giveaway...i have one more chocolate mylk moonie left...macaroons galore...and thin mints...and raspberry vanilla rawnola (i made 3 quarts)...and i'd really love to send them to if you're interested leave me a little note in the comment section and let me know why i should send these treats your way...make it really corny, i'm in a corny kinda mood (just kidding, not really, but i am)!!!! all the ingredients i use are organic, and all treats are raw vegan...i'll pick a winner on saturday, may 1...

speaking of giveaways...averie is hosting an amazing giveaway...check it out...

tomorrow john and i are going somewhere so incredibly special...i cannot for the life of me contain my excitement...his sister is a fashion designer, and you'll all love this...she makes clothing out of old clothing and fabric...very green! take a sneak peak at her line...i am so incredibly proud of this girl, it isn't funny...and she is VERY modest...which i don't understand! i think she is a fashion genius...and i am not just saying this because i love her to death...i mean it...from the bottom of my heart!

anywho...i wish you all a very beautiful weekend...with sunshine, happiness and so much love...


  1. wow, that person sure is lucky!!! i am drooling even though I am eating chocolate right now. Don't let Jackson have any. lol.

    something corney, ok. what about the fact that I just used up the last of my cacao? on chocamole. a girl without chocolate is like a fish without water.

  2. bitty are too cute! love you...

    i totally agree with your last statement...i totally feel the same way when there is no you know that i have bought 3 huge bags of organic cacao in less than a month!!! yep! 3 HUGE bags! and i ain't ashamed to admit it!

  3. Wow, you have been busy lately! All of the dehydrated goodies look so delicious. Yum. And I love your sister in law's clothing line. Have a great weekend!

    And I also go through a ridiculous amount of cacao... some months it is just absurd. But yummy.

  4. you are too kind sharing all your treats, nelly! i need to send you a package soon. after i make something good and hide some from john!=)

    i guess it would be a little unfair of me to enter, but i am anyways.=) i would love to win bc your moonies are amazing, as i'm sure the rest of your goodies are!

    and wow... taessa's clothes are super cute! love the striped and zebra dresses.

    have a super weekend nells bells!


  5. thanks for the give away mention and re kelli's blog and your give away comment, indeed, coconut oil is multi-duty, multi purpose stuff! ha!

    as for the care pkgs you're sending Amazing. Those ladies need to kiss the earth after receiving your goodies!

    Red shirt compliment you gave me yesterday...thank you :) I think red is just meh and the shirt was a freebie but thank you!

    soaking cashews..i have made coconut creme stuff, i.e. whip cream, with only soaking them for about 2.5 to 3 hrs. Not 8 or anything like that, just sayin.


  6. The moonies + chocolates look amazing!! And so does the granola (I'm guessing that's what's in the bag) :D

    Have a good weekend Nelly!

  7. You know I'd love to be a part of this giveaway, but I've already won something (thanks BTW).

    Also, thanks for telling us about Taessa's designs. She is very talented. I left a comment on her blog.

  8. You;re so sweet to be sending out all your goodies. I know how much international shipping costs for even the smallest of packages!!!!! Eeeks!

    Of course I would love your goodies because 1. YOU are super cool and I know a lot of love and good energy went into making those treat 2. I love sweets (betchya didn't know that! ;) 3. I love being able to enjoy other people's things because normally Im the one making it for everyone else.

    Have a marvelous weekend girlie! XO

    I'm off to check out John's sis' fashion line!

  9. You are so awesome Nelly! Thank you for having this giveaway. I would love to win your goodies because they are made with lots of love:). Also, I didn't have a chance to partake in the Moonie challenge so I'm moonie deprived:(. Plus I want to know your addy so I can send some BC blackmail to! That is amazing work John's sister does. Wow, you are so lucky to have a designer so close in the fam. Have a great time..and be sure to show us any clothing you picked up:)

  10. you all rock my world!!!

    your comments made me far, i'm not gonna be able to pick a winner, so jackson's gonna have to do the dirty work again!!!


    have a wonderful weekend my pretty ladies, and thanks for checking out taessa's wonderful work! she puts a lot of love into her clothing line...A LOT of love!


  11. Hey lovely lady,
    I am a lot like you...I make too much food and then I feel like I want to send it out to share with a bunch of other lovely people, because I can't put it all to good use. I would love to win your goodies because they were made by your beautiful self...and with love! oops i kind of stole Melissas answer. oh well. I also really want to try adding more raw, and what better way to do it?...and everything you make looks so incredible.
    That clothing line from johns sis looks die for...and earth friendly? what could be better?
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend with love <3

  12. I would like some chocolate from nelly...with love...

    Those look amazing and I hope I win some sweets from my sweetie!!!!!!

    Whenever I read your blog I have mylk moonies in my eyes...

    ok I'm so lame I'll stop now with the corny.

  13. i would love to win one of your treats; and i probably deserve it since i'm the only guy who has responded so far and you definitely need a male opinion on your foods...hehehe


    - Rick

  14. 1) I'm a freshman in college, living off raw fruits and vegetables (plus the occasional nut and seed)!
    2) Being raw at college is no easy task! And now FINALS are just around the corner!
    3) I do have a blender, so I can definitely get by off smoothies, soups, and fruity puddings, but I would LOVE some real raw treats (I definitely can't afford to order any on this budget).
    4) I've never won a giveaway before, though I've tried for lots..
    5) And your doggy is absolutely adorable!

    Thanks for the opportunity!