Saturday, April 17, 2010

antonella...please have another rib...

uh huh...that is what my almost father-in-law kept saying to me this evening as we were eating dinner...and i kept entertaining him by saying..."of course i will"...he must have said it 10 times...and finally...he said "antonella...come on, have another rib...i know you don't eat meat...but have another..."?

whatchyou talking about willis?

i know right? but i just laughed it gotta laugh it he was teasing me...he does it all the time...i was telling john the story during one of our phonecalls, john works evenings so he wasn't at dinner...and he asked "did you eat a rib?" and i was like "hells no darling"..."did you get a little excited?"...and he was like "no...i'm supportive of your choices, so when the day comes that i decide not to eat vegetables, i know you'll be very supportive of me!"...and i answered..."well then you're gonna die of scurvy!"...

ok...on to the food...this morning, i wasn't very hungry, so i had some banana chips...yummers...and for lunch and dinner i had the exact same thing...the gena divine...i subbed microgreens for the kale and fresh ginger for dried and didn't use red cabbage or carrots...

very random topic. i hate flax. i think i have a weird aversion to it...i use it. but i really do not want to there anything else i can use in its place? is it really necessary? many raw vegan recipes call for it...what's a girl to do?

here's a list of raw vegan desserts and foods i want to attempt, in the very near future:

hostess with the mostest cupcakes;
shannonmarie's thin mints
averie's raw vegan chocolate chocolate-chip cookies (i may actually try to make matthew kenney's chocolate chips);
sauerkraut; and
averie sunshine's kale chippies...

what are you all up to this weekend???

leave you with some pics of my fur baby...

have a beautiful weekend my lovelies...and sweet dreams...


  1. awww, Im honored Nelly that you wanna make my desserts :) you're sweet!!

    i just was at kelli' animal eating blog and saw the moonpies you sent her..girl. Your creations are award winning! I hope you win!

    And i hope you have a stellar weekend!!!!!!

  2. I'm glad you can brush off the teasing :) I need to work on that (it really makes my blood boil)!

    For flax, I'm sure you could use any other seed that's ground up. Sesame seeds? Pumpkin seeds?

    The recipes sound awesome! Enjoy your night :D

  3. gotta love the family prodding hey? At least its all in good fun:) Your food looks soo yummy! I've seen some posts about microgreens...never seen them in stores so maybe I'll have to grow some! You have a beautiful fur-baby. He/she looks like a Rhodesian Ridgeback?? How about some ground chia seeds instead of flax..not sure if you like those but it might be worth a try:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. thanks for the jackson pics! what a cutie!

    someone was just telling me they ate what their family wanted them to eat and fel terrible about it. stick to what feels best and your family will understand in time. love does not equal food.

    about flax, i have found if the recipe does not call for a lot of it i can often get away without it. or use a bit of psyllium husk. you can't swap it out one to one. i only use about a tablespoon or so to help bind it. chia is a bit gooey compared to flax so it won't be exactly the same. if you have a recipe in mind i can help you think of a way to modify it. chris is allergic to flax so i often will make things without it. unless i want him to keep off of it. lol. :-)

  5. Your dog is gorgeous ♥

  6. ha! "whatchyou talking about willis?"! jackson's pose looks just like arnold! hehehe. he is soooo cute! i just wanna rub his floppy ears!

    your food looks yummy. salads with avocado are always delicious.

    as for flax, i wonder if you could just leave it out? depends on the recipe i guess. i made raw cheez-its once and forgot the flax, and they turned out fine. i wonder if chia seeds would work as a substitute?

    this weekend john and i hoped to get our flower beds ready, but it's kind of chilly and windy. we're planting sunflowers, zinnias, dahlias, and wildflowers for the first time. exciting! what are you guys up to?

  7. Hey love,
    maybe hemp seeds would work? I guess it depends on the recipe because I know that sometimes flax is used as an egg replacer. Anyway, I just started eating hemp seeds and I find that they disappear into whatever I put them in, and don't have a strong taste. But that's just me. So if you're a picky eater, you could give them a try.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  8. I was gonna say hemp seeds too. Or chia. Chia has something like double or triple the omegas as flax... when I eat chia, I usually forgo flax that day. But hemp seeds are the tastiest!

    yummy lookin' salad! you pimp that dressing. love it. :)

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