Sunday, April 18, 2010

snow? really? come on mother nature...stop teasing us with the sunshine...

yes it snowed and rained today. blech! i wish she (mother nature) would make up her day it's tropical...and the next it about extremes...

so...this little guy...went to the vet ain't good news y' 1.5 years of age poor little munchkin has to lose 10 freakin' pounds! boo!

how do you tell a face like treats? how?

he weighs a whopping 80 wonder i can barely walk the little guy...and to make matters worse...we started calling him fatty mcfarty today...we're such bad's all in good, he can definitely clear a the mcfarty part ain't mean...especially after you have experienced one of those stinky things...

alrighty then...on to the food? anyone even interested after the mcfarty talk?

i decided i wanted coleslaw i looked up lovey averie's slaw dressing...chopped up some orgainc cabbage...radishes...carrots...and pink lady apple...and i got a colourful...yummy salad...

we celebrated my brother's birthday today...he's 9 years younger than me...lucky while everyone feasted on gnocchi and bolognese sauce...veal cutlets...mussels...cheese...andddddddd escargot (snails picked by my mom, i know, gross)...i feasted on this:

sunshine burger with mustard, hot sauce and bubbies pickles...italian zucchini (these are amazing...if you ever find them in a grocery store, please buy them and try them...they're a cross between a butternut squash and a zucchini, so crunchy)...sweet potato fries andddddddd slaw...

i also made my own's in the cellar for a week or two...can't wait...cross your fingers please...

i chopped up some cabbage, radishes and carrots...

it was definitely a very cabbagey day...topped with snow...

have sweet dreams...


  1. Love that you made some vegan slaw dressing. Yum. I eat it. Alot of it. All the time. Raw cauli, brock, etc. Perfect.

    Happy bday to the bro!

    and the doggie has 10 lbs to lose? That's like you or I losing 50!

    Have a super sunday sweetie!

  2. aww poor fatty mcfarty!!! biggie (piggie=) is overweight, but i just can't tell her no when she's hungry (which is about every hour!).

    sorry you're getting snow. seems the weather's been crazy everywhere.

    your slaw is pretty, and good luck with the kraut nelly girl!


  3. Aww poor Jackson...I'm taking my Beau to the vet today too...hopefully all goes well.

    The quinoa was cooked, not soaked, but I should really try soaking. How much liquid do you use when soaking? Same as for cooking?
    Thanks for all your vegan overnight oats suggestions...they sound amazing! I'll definitely try them.

    Slaw looks yummy. Never heard of italian zucchini or seen it anywhere but it sounds good. Where did you find it?
    Happy sunday lovely!

  4. I can't believe you are still getting snow. I'm so glad we are done with the white stuff here. We broke records this year.

    Poor McFarty. I know you mean it in the kindest way. He's so cute.

    Nice shout out to Averie. That's one yummy dressing.

  5. Your dog is so cute! It is hard to not give them treats all the time. My little pooch is in the dog house (not literally) after eating some veggies I needed to plant. The cabbage kraut looks good, I made my first batch a couple weeks ago.


  6. That slaw dressing is on my list of stuff to make! Thanks for posting it with your salad. I wondered what other veggies could go in other than cabbage and carrots. Radishes and zukes add lovely color.

    Good luck with your kraut!

  7. Zuki had about 10 pounds to lose at one point. We cut his food way back and it helped. He had to switch to carrots for snacks. When Sienna did training the high calorie treats worked the best and she gained a few. It all works out if they keep active. I think it's natural for them to gain a bit in winter. I mean, it's not as if we can take them to the gym to go on the treadmill.

    I can't digest cabbage raw but I can fermented. I love it that way. Crossing my fingers for your kraut!

  8. Hey love, thanks for the soaking tips! I soak my nuts too and I usually practically drown them in water and then just drain it after...can't do that with quinoa though because I don't have a small enough strainer for the tiny little seeds. I'll just try minimum water, see how it goes.
    I LOVE your idea for raw sprouted chickpea hummus. Im totally intimidated by sprouting too so Im excited to see your experiment

    I'll definitely look for italian funny that italian zucchini was at an asian grocery? never would have thought to look there

    By the way, amazing grass chocolate powder is so good in overnight oats. love it!
    Hope you had a beautiful weekend xo

  9. Snow? ...geesh that's crazy. I hope it melts away FAST...its spring for goodness sake! Your pooch doesn't look like he needs to lose some pounds..but I ain't no vet. I know its hard to not feed them treats. My cat, Nemo was really overweight when we adopted him and so its hard to not feed him when he's sitting in the kitchen waiting for you to give him something. But, he is losing weight so its a good thing in the long run.
    Love your Bro's birthday meal..yum! I will keep my eyes peeled for the italian zucch sounds soo good!
    I've been wanting to make my own did you make yours. Did you use a starter?
    PS turmeric tea is sooo good. Check out my blog post and at the end there is a link to Meghan Telpner's turmeric tea..I love it:)