Thursday, April 15, 2010

i can have my mint chocolate chip ice cream...and eat it too!

*insert happy dance here*

not too long ago heathy reviewed blue mountain cashew creamery...and i remembered having seen it at the store not too long ago...well...i bought it...and i ate it...and i love it. love it. i absolutely loved mint chocolate chip ice cream...this is better than any dairy mint chocolate chip ice cream i have ever's smooth and so so so creamy...and so refreshing...and the cacao chips are reminiscent of the chocolate chips i use to love...and if that hasn't sold you, well here is a list of awesomeness:

*Dairy-Free, Vegan
*USDA Certified Organic
*Raw organic and more digestible
*Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free
*Agave Sweetened, Low Glycemic Index
*Made in a Peanut-Free and Dairy-Free Facility

one and the city style...FABULOUS...

pretty exhausting week...and tonight all i wanted to do was just lay on the couch and chill...and watch television...i know REALLY bad, right? but that's what i had in's what i dreamed about on the way home, i fell asleep on the subway...i pretty much resembled one of those people i often make fun know the ones that fall asleep and their heads start falling down or to the side and they are startled and wake up and the cycle starts all over again...yup that was me...but dreams were not meant to be this lovelies had something else in mind:

are you all wondering what food shenanigans i have up my sleeve? wellllll...not much going on in the uncooking or cooking department of my kitchen...but...this is what i got...

question: anyone else on the coconut butter bandwagon? 'cause i think i've decided i want to own the bandwagon! i know right? it's so good...i really love reminds me of frosting...and it's so buttery and sweet...and it's coconut, coconut love...i heart coconut butter...i had it for breakfast with fruit and nut manna bread...

for lunch...i had an awesome dish to pick at...broccoli...sun dried tomato and peach salsa...mary's crack and some of my raw sun dried tomato hemp seed bread...and some raw sauerkraut...yummers...

another lunch i had this week was raw sauerkraut on sun dried tomato hemp seed good...

and for dinner...well, it was pretty plain...a smear of hummus, sun dried tomato cheeze and refried beans on a half sprouted ezekiel wrap with broccoli and mango and peach salsa...

guess what me and my new friend are up to?!

i want to make kale chips next...any ingredient/recipe suggestions??? please please help me!

thanks to everyone that entered my first giveaway...good luck!!!

sweet dreams lovelies...



  1. So much to say
    Ok bananas outta the dehyd are probably one of the best things ever. normally i dont sing the praises of the Box like i do of my Vita. But bananas and kale chips are the best from it. The more over ripe the nannas are the sweeter the result, btw. AND NEVER use barely ripe nanans. They taste bitter and horrible after the Box.

    Kale Chips
    I am partial but please make these. It's the best ever. Seriously. And if you like nooch, add more. Or salt. Other than that, follow the directions. You wil not be disappointed.

    Ice cream. Not a fan BUT Scott was soooo addicted to it.. Mint Choc chip is his fave. I got him off ice cream and onto raw desserts but I won some Tempt, hemp milk ice cream. Anyway, he said it's better than any full fledge cow's milk dairy ice cream. If you like ice cream, check it out.

    Comments. I always write to you directly, I was more addressing the randoms :)

  2. dont know why the link wasnt right under the kale chips but here it is again

  3. um that ice cream looks soooo good! Actually, I think I've seen it in a store around here?? Given your review of it, I'll def. have to pick some up :D

    I loveeee coconut butter. I'm actually eating it sparingly because I don't want the jar to end! (Is that weird? lol)

    RE: (Your previous comment)- I've been eating the pizza cheese on toast, with crackers/veggies, and straight up with a spoon (but it escapes the blog muaha) ;)

  4. my friend diannes recipe for cheesy kale chips is the BEST

    probably similar to others you have seen. i like cheesy kale chips the best.

    mint chocolate chip is my favorite! love it.

    thanks for some doggie love too.

  5. May I bother You with a question? How does it come You have a Hungarian vizsla? Just because I'm a Hungarian girl with a Hungarian vizsla too:)
    And also just have got that special new friend! I'm quite a starter at raw food, but I know that's my path, so I try my best.
    Like your blog, so see You again:)

  6. Wow. It's been way too long since I've had manna bread. And with coconut butters. That sounds so good right about now. The ice cream also looks delish. I've tried soy, coocnut, rice and hemp ice cream but never RAW vegan ice cream. I need to find some!!

  7. That ice cream looks delish! Where did you find it? The carrot?

    I've always wanted to try coconut butter...its really expensive though so I have to wait til I have extra moolah.

  8. not sure how i missed this post, but yum, your food looks great! i love coconut butter too. i make rawlmond joys with it. i'll have to post the recipe sometime.

    cute doggies. how did your nanners turn out?

  9. I've been wanting to try that ice cream! And you have my favorite flavor!! :) ENJOY!

  10. YAY Cashew creamery! That's the best chocolate nondairy ice cream I've ever had. Seriously amazing. And seriously expensive. But worth it!

    Hi, btw. I saw your snacks posted on Kelli's blog. I had to peep the genius behind those moonie thingys. :)

  11. Oooops.. those moonies were FROM you, not BY you. Well nice to meet you anyway! :)

  12. I want to try that ice cream too! I didn't know it was available in Toronto... where did you buy it? Do tell :)

  13. I've heard a lot about the cashew cream ice cream..I want to try it soon. Those people at Blue Mountain have it going on! I hear ya about falling asleep..I notice it especially when the weather changes. The hubby used to take the bus and then sky train to downtown Vancouver for school and one day he said he slept on this lady's shoulder for who knows how long...he woke up and he basically was slobbering on! She was really nice about it though! One time I was nodding off and I hit my head on the window..hard. Ya, I was awake after! Thanks for showing picts of your pooch he is so gorgeous!
    Coconut butter is beyond delicious. I'm out of it now but I used to put in on fresh out-of-the oven muffins and on my toast. I could eat it all day:) I love your eats..yum. I need to make hummus again, its so nice to have that in the fridge for when the stomach starts rumbling.
    I bet your house must smell amazing with those bananas in the dehydrator...mmmm!