Thursday, August 26, 2010

come on in...great csn stores giveaway just a click away....

hi friends...sorry about my MIA status, just haven't been feeling all that great these past few weeks...but, i do have something to make up for my absence:

i am so happy and excited to be able to offer all of you the chance to participate in my next giveaway with the help of the very generous folks over at csn stores who have kindly offered a paderno world cuisine plastic spiral vegetable slicer...

for those of you who don't know, csn stores is the store that offers everything and anything from kitchen goodies to pet accessories, to mattresses...they even offer Le Creuset Cookware...i dream of Le Creuset when i go to sleep at night...i am not kidding folks...

here are the rules:

*must be a US or Canadian resident;

*you must be a follower on google friend connect. it's on the right hand sidebar of my blog. then leave a comment stating that you are.


* follow csn stores on twitter (2 entries = 2 separate comments below)
* follow me, nutellaaaa, on twitter
* tweet about this giveaway (1 tweet = 2 entries = 2 comments)
* "like" csn stores on facebook (2 entries = 2 comments)
* post about this giveaway on your blog – provide me the link (5 entries = 5 comments)

as stated above, contest is open to US and Canadian residents only...winner will be selected at random...contest ends monday, september 20th...winner will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be randomly selected.

good luck my lovebugs!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

wedding stuff...hope you don't mind...

taessa chorny (john's sister, my sister and matron of honour) will be creating my dress...she will also be the master creator of custom bridesmaid dresses...six maids (well, 5 maids and one matron)...i want my girls to wear pretty little black cocktail dresses and maybe red accent the red heels of my christian louboutin's...i've come to realize, or perhaps i have always known that i love tulle and lots of it, and the romantic feeling of lace...when i think of beauty or romance i also think of audrey hepburn and grace and anything vintage...i love this beautiful world we live in...road trips, watching the beauty fly by me through the window...i love green and yellow...italian countrysides...and old barns...there's nothing like watching a peony bloom...what a glorious flower, full of grace...and i love my man, my heart, my soul, my many ideas...or maybe not enough...

here is a photo journal i have put together of things that i that make me smile...and ideas for dresses...for myself and my ladies...