Friday, April 16, 2010

beans and franks...i heart sauerkraut...

i have a bit of a confession to make...i'm obsessed with it normal that i ate it three times today? and every day this past week? that's a lot of sodium intake, i think...what do you all think? i know kraut is good for you...but at the rate i'm going i think i might turn into it...i mean it!

i had the same breakfast and lunch as i did yesterday...except i had brown rice and millet manna bread...

for dinner...please don't judge this crazy girl...i laugh at myself all the time...i was craving a veggie dog...even before i went veggie, i always ate veggie dogs...anywho...for the past two weeks all i have been thinking about is a nice veggie dog with 5 tablespoons of mustard and sauerkraut and pickles...and tonight...i had a veggie dog, with 5 tablespoons of mustard spread on a slice of ezekiel bread...with a sliced veggie wiener...topped with a sliced bubbies pickle and sauerkraut, no olives...and i also had some black eyed peas and a chicory, tomato and fennel salad on the side...i'm full. so full. tomorrow, i promise to only eat salad...

by the way i'd like to thank bitty boo and averie for the kale chip recipes...i'm picking up my paraflexx sheets on saturday, which means...sunday morning, this lady's gonna be making some noochie yummy kale chips...i'm pretty fantastically happy about it...

i have something to say...i know that blogging takes a lot of time and effort...heck, i've only just started to give some of my attention to it...but i have totally fallen in love with this little world...and i just wanted to thank all of you for all the info you put out there for me to read everyday...i truly with all of my heart look forward to every piece of information...and i am also so incredibly happy to have "met" all of ladies rock...and i enjoy your thoughts and words and encouragement...and i enjoy the time that you give me...and if some of you need a little should totally take it...i can't post everyday...maybe one day when life is a little less hectic...and i don't have to drive from one end of the city to the other end everyday...i might focus a little more time and energy...but for now, this is what i got! anyway...all of this to say i really appreciate all that you do...all of you!

have a beautiful night...



  1. This is just what I needed to read :) I also love this little world and I'm really happy to have found your blog!

    p.s. I've never tried sauerkraut but I'm thinking I should after your rave review!

  2. is bitty boo me? :-) i call sienna benny boo.

    sauerkraut is really good for you! in ways that salad is not! so don't feel bad at all. and bubbies--i ate half a jar today. i used to eat tofu pups like i eat bubbies.

    no way i could post daily. then i wouldn't be able to read as many blogs. so i post less and read more. plus my life is not that exciting to say something daily. i mean unless i posted all of sienna's shenanigans (ate 1 shoe, rooted through trash) but that would get repetitive at a certain point.

  3. You are so cute. And I'm so glad to have "met" you too!!!

  4. Nelly you are one of my fave blogs that i have come to really enjoy, i should say, people that i have come to enjoy! I feel the same way bout you with the community. that said, it can be exhausting. im sure you saw danielle's post about cutting back on commetning...i am right there. I am maxed out. I have a child!!!! and need to play more, type less :) So just know that if i ever dont catch your post, i love our friendship and it goes far deeper than comments left. and that i will always do my best be here for you as you have always been a huge supporter for me.

  5. aww nell, you're the sweetest!

    i love kraut, too, but haven't tried try raw kraut yet. did you make it or buy it?

    now you've got me craving a veggie dog with mustard and kraut. and mmmmm, bubbies!

    happy friday!=)

  6. the moonie pies are here and they are AMAZING! oh my god i am in heaven right now! thanks again nelly girl, for the moonies and the other treats. you're the BEST!=)


  7. Sauerkraut is good stuff. I'm not surprised that you eat it that much. Let's just hope you don't turn into it.

    You're right; blogging is hard. I try to take breaks every once and a while to keep my sanity. Then, I'm more excited about sharing online again.

  8. I've got to get on the kraut wagon..I think I'm missing out big time. Your tummy must be happy with all that good bacteria:) Love your veggie dog combo..yumm! I make some veggie dogs from Vegan Dad's good. I make a bunch and take them to go camping. I think I'm going to have to bring some kraut with me this time though:)I'm so happy you entered the blog world and I really appreciate you and your blog! Blogging takes time and effort and I think you should post when it feels right. If that's everyday or if it's 3 times a week, you know what you can do. And blogging is such a supportive network..I'm really quite blown away many times.

  9. shannonmarie: i really hope i don't turn into kraut...although i absolutely love it!!! maybe it wouldn't be so bad? ha!

    mels: kraut is wicked! i was eating bubbies, but i contacted the company to find out whether it was raw or not and this is what they said:


    Thank you very much for writing in to Bubbies, we are always pleased to hear from one of our customers and we would be delighted to tell you more about our food products in regards to whether they are raw, heated, or pasteurized.

    Our Pure Kosher Dills, Dill Relish, Pickled Green Tomatoes and Sauerkraut are all naturally fermented and cured in salt water brine using a lacto-fermentation process. These products contain live cultures and the enzymes that form from a natural fermentation.

    The Pure Kosher Dills, Dill Relish and Pickled Green Tomatoes are 100% raw; the Sauerkraut in the jars has been flash heated but not pasteurized. This means that the sauerkraut is neither pasteurized nor raw. We were forced to begin heating our jarred Sauerkraut to calm the cultures inside because they were causing the kraut to continue to ferment too much in turn causing a buildup of gas that then results in brine leaking all over our distributor's and retailer's equipment and shelving.

    When we heat our jarred Sauerkraut, it is quickly raised to about 135-140 degrees and then sealed in the jars. The goal here is not to eliminate all the beneficial cultures, but rather to stifle them so they won't cause the jars to leak. While the heating we do for our Sauerkraut is only intended to calm the gas producing nature of the product with the specific goal in mind not to eliminate the beneficial cultures. We do not claim that this product is raw for these reasons, but it still does have live bacteria. From our testing, it is above 140 degrees that you really begin to eliminate the cultures present in our products on a massive scale.

    It is important to note that our Sauerkraut is very crisp. This is because there are still vegetable fibers left intact in the cabbage which are the complex carbohydrates that break down into the simpler food that the lacto bacillus cultures feed on during the fermentation process.

    i still enjoy it though. i've also been eating another one which i really like...i'll give you the name of it later, i left the jar at home...i usually bring it with me...(i know right? i'm obsessed)...this one is not pasteurized and it is raw!