Monday, April 26, 2010

blurrrrrrrrrrrr of a weekend recap...good eats...and great fashion...

this weekend is a bit of a went by way too quickly and as per usual i was left feeling exhausted and in need of one more day...but of course, i didn't get the one more day...

so let's talk about food...what did i eat? well...saturday i munched on some of the rawnola i made...for linner (i didn't have time for lunch, so i decided to eat lunch and dinner together)...i made myself a cooked meal...vegan, gluten free eggplant parm...and it was AMAZING...i also made myself a massaged kale salad with hemp seeds...this salad is definitely going to become a staple for is THAT good.

the eggplant parm was pretty easy to put together...i used a 28 ounce jar of my mama's homemade tomato sauce (which she makes every september, it's an italian thing, i think)...and i added 2 handfuls of basil to it...and left it simmer on low for an hour...i soaked the eggplant in salt water for a while...once i was ready to put my dinner together, i breaded the eggplant in gluten free brown rice breadcrumbs...and placed the first layer in a baking dish, i coated the bottom of the dish with a little of the tomato sauce...i then added a layer of tomato sauce, i sprinkled some hempesan on top of that...and sprinkled a tiny bit of daiya cheese on top of the hempesan...and then i continued with one more layer of the eggplant, tomato sauce, hempesan and a bigger sprinkle of daiya cheese...and i cooked it in the oven a 350 degrees for an hour...

yesterday, i was pooped...i was so tired, i didn't feel like doing i placed a takeout order, and john and i took a drive to a raw vegan restaurant, rawlicious and picked up some raw vegan yumminess...i ordered a lot of food...nori rolls...caesar salad, pizza (i ate a slice of the pizza for breakfast this morning) and a rawich (which i am eating for lunch today)...the nori rolls were fantastic, i forgot to take a pic of them...the pizza was phenomenal...a little on the salty side, but when i'm pmsing salt is one of my fave tasted like real pizza...the pizza was topped with a pizza sauce, tomatoes, onion, and green amazing olives...and i believe that the pizza hangs out in the dehydrator for a while so that the veggies can "cook" for a while...the caesar salad was good, but heavy on the garlic...which didn't sit very well with me yesterday night and this i don't think i will be ordering it again...and the rawich, well...i'll let ya know later what i thought of looks amazing...and anything with sprouts and guac has got to be amazing beyond words right?

taessa's fashion show was was fantastical...i am so happy for her...she was on fire saturday night...and i could see the buzz of interest and awe when the models walked down the runway in her clothing...

here's the special gal with two of the models...she's a shy one...

i gave jackson some kale stalks this weekend and he LOVED them...he's been getting really healthy treats lately, kale, rawnola, salad...mary's crack and hummus...and i think he's actually lost a few are a few pics of my fur baby eating kale and playing around with john...

have a beautiful day...


  1. Hey Nelly-Sounds like a busy weekend! I was pretty exhausted too..took naps on both days lol! I'm drooling over your eats..yum! I've never tried eggplant parm and it sounds so delish! Your raw meal looks amazing. I've been wanting to try a raw meal...and pizza to boot..perfect:)Love the fashion show and what gorgeous clothing she makes. That's so cute that your fur baby likes the carrot stalks...I see the dieting is working well for him! See you this evening!

  2. Rawlicious looks yummy. I'll take some kale salad please. glad Jackson likes the kale stalks. You need to do a before and after pic when he's lost the pounds.

    Thanks for the fashion show pics--how exciting. Do you have any of the collection?

  3. hey fur baby loves veggies...which is a good thing...why don't you come to toronto and we'll go have a raw vegan meal place on my list is raw's very close to us...i actually wanted to order from there yesterday, but its closed sundays and mondays.

    hi bitty!!! i don't have anything from the show...but i plan on getting a few things for sure!!! i'll post of pics of the stuff i end up getting! and it was so exciting!!! i'm about to give your goodies to the receptionist...yay!

  4. Fun weekend! The fashion show rocks... fabulous outfits.

    I seriously loove eggplant - that parm looks delish, as does the kale salad and Rawlicious yumminess! I want to go there!!!

    Aww jackson is adorable - I can't imagine living without dogs. I have 2 furries at home. I miss them!

    Have a great eve girlie XO

  5. Oh my I LOVE That there is a fashion show on a food blog...we need more of this, less nut butter!! LOL

    Sounds like you had a stellar weekend and yea massaged kale or just kale dressed w/ vegan slaw, oh yeah girl. right there baby.

    Have a super night hon!

  6. hi heathy!!! we'll go to rawlicious when you come for a visit...we'll do all the raw restaurants!!!

    i can't imagine life without jacks...

    averie!!! food and fashion goes very well together!!! have a good sleep lady!

  7. Hey Nelly, love the look of the eggplant parm! did you get it at panacea? I've never actually seen it anywhere, but I heard that they have it there.
    I've never been to rawlicious but it looks amazing and probably worth the trek for me. Thanks for sharing about it.
    Food and fashion are definitely amazing the pics from the show. Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  8. Yeah, i meant to ask about the cheese, not the meal itself.
    The vitamins that I have say that they are raw too, so im not really sure what the difference is between those and the "raw one"...theyre all good though.

  9. mmm, everything looks so YUM! i would love some eggplant parm and kale salad right now! did john like everything?

    wow, the clothes are super cute and love the pics of your boys. i want to give jackson a big hug and an ear rub!=)

  10. i heart you kelli!!! yes! surprisingly he LOVES kale, just didn't like that i put so much lemon in the dressing, but i love lemon...and he LOVED the eggplant...

    he's starting to eat really well...i'm not going to ask him to change his diet, because he supports me...but if he tries stuff and likes it, all the better, ya know???