Thursday, April 22, 2010

salad love...and counting down to something something (day 1)...

i love salads...i've always loved salad...when i was younger and we'd get together with family, there would ALWAYS be a fight over the joke...and i don't remember one meal where salad wasn't a part of it...

last night i made matthew kenney's eggplant bacon...i also made something else but i'll post about that this evening...hopefully i'll be able to post pictures of the cookies i made the other day in their final chocolatey forms...

for lunch today...i had a wonderful salad...look at how pretty she is...

micro greens
hemp seeds
1/2 avocado
eggplant bacon
and the one thing i can't live without...sauerkraut (it totally rhymes)

and the dressing? lovely girl melissa, was kind enough to share her miso sesame ginger dressing with me...and wowsa is it good! thank you mels!!!

this week's been a little crazy, and i haven't really had much time in my lovely kitchen...i spent 4 hours at the salon tuesday night (which really irked me, yes i have A LOT of hair, and it's VERY LONG, but...4 hours?)...and yesterday evening i received some very bad cousin, who was a hero to me, passed away...growing up i definitely looked up to him and his brothers...and i thought and still think the world of them...and i cannot for the life of me believe i will never see him heart hurts thinking about it all...i really wanted john to meet my family in italy so badly...we were suppose to go this summer, but it didn't work out and we can't get the time off work...but he'll always live in my big heart...i'll always remember him...and in his honour i have decided to do something i haven't been able to do successfully...and this time i will succeed...and there are no more excuses...i'm too embarrassed to tell y'all what it is...but i will do a countdown to it everyday...or try to everyday (the countdown)...and when i've gotten pretty far along i will reveal what i have given up in my lovely cousin's in peace my darling cousin...will miss you so much...until we meet again...

in other news, i've been on the hunt for silicone cupcake liners...william sonoma was selling theirs for $40...i thought it was a bit of a rip i shopped around, and today i totally scored...$9.99...and they're colourful...and triangular shaped...not bad? i know someone that is going to be as delighted as i am...i am also stocking up on glassware...i don't want plastic anymore...and i bought some measuring spoon set...normal girls get excited over shoes...not me...i'm in pretty good spirits today, considering, and it's all thanks to a salad and some unbakeware...and green glass containers!!! happy earth day!

more interesting news...i'm involved in a moonie exchange with a very lovely lady...i can't wait to try her moonie pies...can y'all guess who it is?

For 200 years we've been conquering Nature. Now we're beating it to death. ~Tom McMillan, quoted in Francesca Lyman, The Greenhouse Trap, 1990

happy earth day! let's all try everything we can to save her...


  1. i have a it the woman in australia? i want to try hers! :-)

    so sorry about your cousin. i am glad you are going to do something in his honor. i hope he would appreciate that. stay strong.

    love your cupcake liners. i got some yesterday too and greenware. great minds think alike, huh?

    take care.

  2. i love salads as well! yours sounds like a delicious mix. i am curious, though; what is eggplant bacon?
    i'm sorry to hear about your cousin but think it is very kind of you to honor him with your actions.
    oh, and i'm totally jealous of the cucpake liner score. i hate using nonstick spray and the paper liners usually stick. these seem like the perfect fix.

    have a lovely day (&happy earth day)!

  3. oh nelly, i'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. you're right, he will always live in your enormous heart, and i believe we all meet again...someday...

    you've been on a roll with your dehydrator! wow! your eggplant bacon and salad look so yummy.

    i'm curious to know what your countdown is...hmmm...and is it britt who you are exchanging with?!

  4. There's nothing I hate more than wasting half a day in a salon. At least you have more hair than I do to show for it! Happy Earth Day!


  5. bitty boo...yes 'tis the lady in australia...can't wait to try her moonies...woohoo!

    kelli...thank you my friend...i agree, we all meet a better world...

    mama pea...happy earth day to you too!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin:( god bless to you and your family.
    Thank you for the shout-out...I appreciate it a lot:) I'm glad you liked it..mmm! and that salad looks too good. I haven't tried eggplant bacon sounds like something to add to the list.
    Score on the silicone cupcake liners! Shannonmarie has me drooling every time I visit her site. I want to get the glass containers too..plastic needs to leave:) Yay on moonie exchanges..yum!
    Happy Earth Day to you lovely!

  7. mels...thank you...

    and you are so welcome...thanks for sharing the recipe!

    happy earth day to you too...tomorrow! hahaha!

  8. I am delighted that you found those liners. I need to add some more to my raw cupcake making supplies.

    Sorry about your cousin. He does sound like an amazing individual. You are lucky to have had him in your life.

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. All my best to you and you family.

    On another note, I also love salads and eat them every day...that one looks amazing. I am especially intrigued by eggplant bacon. How do you make such a thing? Definitely want to try that.
    Wishing you well <3