Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i used my brain today...


i did. i came up with my own macaroon recipe...i guess it isn't really that hard...as long as you add coconut...right?

one of my many nicknames is nutella...so i decided to name the macaroon:

nutella's hazlenut delight

2 cups of dried unsweetened coconut
1 cup of finely chopped hazelnuts
1 cup raw cacao powder
3/4 cup of raw agave
1/3 cup coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla powder (you can sub vanilla extract)
meat of one young coconut
coconut water (7 tbsp or more, the final macaroon batter should be slightly wet and gooey, use your judgment)
pinch of sea salt

place the meat of one young coconut in a food processor and process until chunky. throw in a 1/4 cup of cacao powder and 4 tbsp of coconut water (or as much as you need) and process until smooth. place mixture in a bowl. add the vanilla powder and the rest of the wet ingredients into the bowl with the coconut meat mixture and whisk gently until well incorporated. in another bowl mix together all the dry ingredients. add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix well. place small scoop onto teflex sheet and press down lightly. dehydrate for one day (105 degrees). transfer to dehydrator screens for one more day.

i also deciced to make my own raw chocolate chips, i followed the recipe in matthew kenney's everyday raw. and in a few days i will use these chocolate chips to make his chocolate chip cookies...i am so excited!!!!



i was definitely pretty busy in my kitchie this evening (i'm trying my hand at poetry, pretty and kitchie rhyme no?)...i also made shannonmarie's thin mints...i think i may have put in too much peppermint...but...i'm sure once i coat them with chocolate they will taste as they should...john is a huge fan of after eights, and i actually use to love them too...so perhaps, these will be reminiscent of my after eight days...eating the entire box use to happen quite effortlessly...

they're resting in the dehydrator right now, but i will definitely post a pic of the final product...this is just a rough draft...


andddddddddd...i also made my first batch of kale chips...i used my lovely averie's recipe...they too are hanging out in the dehydrator...not sure it's ok for chocolate and kale to hang out together...but, i don't really care at this very moment...



i'm pretty exhausted. so i'm off to bed. don't forget, one more hour and my first giveaway expires...i wonder who jackson will pick as the winner????

have a beautiful night lovelies...



  1. OMG this is an amazing post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kale chips. If you still have them in there, the kale is going to shrink up on you in about an hour or two. I would flip it over after maybe 3 hrs. I also dehyd at like 150F. I can't wait for that thing to go at 110F or whatever. So use your judgment but flip as needed. 2nd side cooks in shorter time than 1st side

    M Kenney's raw choc chips. Have the book and have seen the recipe, you are a brave woman as i can only imagine how insanely good!!!! your house smells right now. Wafting chocolate for hours. Yikes. Temptation city to just rip the door off the box!

    The teflex liners, thank GOD you got those or you'd have raw kale coating and melted choc everywhere. I am so glad you have those!

    The comment you left to me re dude you look amazing, awww thanks nelly! And yes, some ppl are just clearly asswipes. Period. LOL

    Please LMK how the kale chips turn out!!

    Oh and ive made a version of shannonmaries samoas and posted it, raw samoas if you search for it on my blog w/ searchbox.

    and peppermint. a little bit!!! goes a very long way. !!!! learned that making peppermint/mint choc chip softserve about a yr ago. far less than you think you need! but you're right with choc all over it, theyll be perfect!


  2. oh YUM!

    funny because i did some dehydrating today, made some sweets, and i also made kale chippies!

    your macaroon recipe sounds brilliant. bravo! now i've just got to find me a young coconut...

    let us know how your thin mints turn out, nelly bean!


  3. Wow all those things look AWESOME! I don't have a dehydrator so I'll just envy yours ;)

  4. Do You have any idea what I can use instead of young coconut flesh? Because here in Hungary it's a bit difficult to get that, and even if I got some, it would be very expensive but not the best quality. I see You are just as excited as I am about that new friend of Yours! I'm trying now crackers and stuff for roll ups.

  5. Okay lady..I want to be in your kitchen RIGHT NOW! You have been busy. Congrats on the macaroon recipe. Doesn't it feel soo good to make something on your own. I think its a huge accomplishment..so give yourself a pat on the back:)Your own chocolate chips? I have to make these...so cool! I love mint and chocolate so those thin mints are right up my alley. Thanks for letting me know about them. Ahh..the kale chips. Averie's recipe rawks! I made them using my oven and they were super delish.

  6. kelli - hey, i was thinking of what rhymes with kelli...'cause i was trying to make up a cute nickname for you, and i was like "kelli nelly"...anyway...you and i are on the same page sista!!!

    andria - maybe one day i'll send you something made with love right out of the thing you envy!!! ;)

    mels!!!! you should have been in my kitchen!!! you could have helped me! next time i make the recipe, i am going to put more liquid into it though (the macaroons)...but yes i love creating my own little thing, it's fun...and exciting...

    i did make the chocolate chips, but it is matthew kenney's recipe! and my house smelt like a chocolate bomb exploded in my house!!!!

  7. I love the name of the macaroons and the play on words with "nutella", so cute! I think in the recipe you meant to write 1/4 cup coconut oil,but I just want to make sure?
    Have a lovely day!