Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the winner of my first giveaway announced...

i had to chase the little sucker in order to reveal the name of the winner...it would have really sucked if he ate the piece of paper...thankfully he dropped it!

anyway, jackson chose shannonmoarie of rawdorable!!!!

yay shannonmarie!!! please email your shipping address and i will put these babies in the mail today!!!

have a beautiful day!



  1. Yay on your first giveaway winner...with the most deserving winner:)

  2. you are fast at responding...love it! Thanks for letting me know about the kraut..sounds pretty simple. Can't wait to see how yours worked out. That's awesome that you are having another giveaway..wahoo! Oh man, that snow must have scared the BLEEP out of everyone hey? Glad it melted fast.
    I looked into making my own food for "fatty" and it doesn't seem too hard. The recipe I looked at you needed a meat grinder, which I don't have, so maybe I'll improvise. I know my massage lady makes her own dog food. Not sure if its vegan but her pooch is really happy. Ya, I read a report about the euthanized animals in pet food too...sick I tell you. It's sad that we have to be so careful while big industries sneak in ingredients and make crap for food..for people and animals. And for the "flub"..Nemo has it going on lol! When he runs from the end of hallway to our apartment, we just can't help but laugh..bad owners I know:)
    Thank you about the photos..I am blessed and sometimes you forget about it. I hope you can convince your man soon enough..wink wink

  3. Today is beautiful, and you made it even better. Thanks. I'll have to mention it the next time I blog :-)

    I love the way you picked the winner, BTW.

  4. awww shannon marie (now that i know it's separate)...i'm so glad...and as you can tell in the picture it was all a blur, i unleashed the fur monster and he went to town...i had to be fast and make sure he didn't eat the paper!!!

  5. Hey Nelly girl!

    Yay for Shannon! Very creative way of choosing a winner :)

    Im so excited to see that you found Blue Mountain ice cream in TO!!!

    I've made shannon's rawtess cupcakes too, and they're really yummy, Have fun making them! Your kale chips and macaroons have me craving some!

    Have a great weekend XO

  6. jackson you are cracking me up.

    congrats shannon marie!