Saturday, May 1, 2010

i'm addicted...a winner...and a giveaway...

to twitter and blogging...i am. and i am certainly not ashamed to admit it. i really love it. i look forward to both.

i treated myself to a raw vegan dinner this evening...i ordered from raw aura...i ordered the nori rolls, and their special for the day, a taco salad...i was REALLY looking forward to the salad...LIKE REALLY REALLY looking forward to it...i love salad THAT much...i also ordered the brambleberry smoothie...i had also asked about getting some live hummus, but ended up telling them that i would order it another day as i thought i had enough food...when i got there my order was ready, and the boxes were pretty i thought, wow their portions are pretty tiny...but i wasn't that hungry anyway...i went with it...they had also given me the live hummus for free, which i thought was really nice of them...paid for my food and was about to leave when i realized they had forgotten to give me my i asked for it...and the girl seemed pretty confused, even though she had just told me minutes earlier she had it in the fridge for me...when i got home, i wanted to look and see...i opened the box labelled "nori rolls"...and right after i opened the other tiny box and saw some salad...just crackers...i was sooooooooooooooo disappointed. so i phoned, and we decided i would go back tomorrow and grab something else to eat...for free, but not really...

the hummus was really REALLY good...jackson thought so too...the nori rolls were great, except, i don't think i like raw sea veggies and pates...and jackson also ate some nori rolls...and he had no problem with the raw sea veggie! i also had sauerkraut...which y'all know by now is my absolute favourite...and two nutella macaroons...

that's not the only thing jackson ate this evening...he helped me pick the winner to my second giveaway...and he swallowed the tiny piece of paper with the winning i just read through the remaining names, and figured out that jackson swallowed heathy...heathy please send me your address...and i'll send you your goods next week...i think it's actually pretty interesting that heathy won...she gets to try my moonie pie anyway...pretty cool!

speaking of little miss heathy, i've decided to enter her contest...i'm going to try to make 2 ice cream flavour being john's and my favourite...and another being a very decadent idea that has been invading my thoughts since yesterday...i'm pretty excited...and i know both cakes will be a hit in both of our families...i mean, who doesn't like ice cream cake? raw vegan or not! can anyone guess what our favourite flavour of ice cream is?

one of my favourite girls is hosting a FABULOUS GIVEWAY...check it out...truly amazing...and i am really crossing my fingers on this one...i want it THAT badly...

another interesting thing...john phoned me earlier today and told me that he had just finished watching a documentary "death on a factory farm"...and it changed his views a little, and that he is thinking about perhaps changing his diet...even if it doesn't happen over night, the fact that he's thinking about it is pretty amazing...and it's nice to know that he has a heart...haha, of course he has a heart, he's actually one of the nicest people i know...and i am not just saying that because he is the love of my life...he really is nice.

well my pretties have a beautiful weekend...i have a really busy day i need me some restful beauty's gonna be a rainy day but that's ok because my hunter rain boots will come in handy!!!

sweet dreams...


  1. jackson sure loves his raw foods, huh?

    thanks for the mention!

    can't wait to see what your cake flavors will be.

  2. Great to enter the ice cream contest! Wish you GREAT luck ♥

  3. Ahh sorry they forgot your salad :( They should def. give you something for free!

    That's awesome that John is considering switching up his diet. I'm sure it wasn't just the movie- you're a good influence too!

    Have a great day :)

  4. p.s. my other comments were erased! Weird...but it's ok :)

  5. thanks ladies...i need a little more time to figure it out...but i'm hoping to whip something up for mother's day next weekend...

    bitty boo - jackson loves any food...except today i tried giving him some of my fruit smoothie and he wasn't having any of it...haha!

    danielle...let me know which comments were erased, as i am curious to know what your thoughts were!! i love your thoughts!!! and i'm a pretty GREAT influence, huh? haha!

  6. Hey doll!
    OH eeeeks! I'm so excited that I won you giveaway - hehehe I get your moonie pie, how funny is that! I'm thrilled!
    What a bummer about the restaurant - strange and upsetting that they'd mess your order like that.
    Hope you're having a great weekend, even in the rain... time to stay inside and make ice cream cakes, hehehe.... TWO cakes, wow - thanks for reminding me to add it to a blog post that people can enter as many times as they want :)

    Hugs! XO

  7. the raw vegan din-din looks awesome, despite them forgetting part of it. but you sound like it was just kinda meh. dont you hate that! when you get all excited...for meh.

    making it myself = always much better in the long run :)

    The subway story. Girl. All those things you told me, drive me nuts!!!!! I used to live in Chicago and take public transpo and the same thing. Hitting in the head w/ a newspaper is so annoying. I mean ppl are just so oblivious ive determined!


  8. hey nelly bean! that sucks you didn't get your salad. i get so upset when they forget part of my order. john thinks i'm such a nerd when i check the bag thoroughly before i leave, but it's to avoid that heartbreak!

    i'm not a huge fan of pates either. especially in nori. i love rolls and make them at home with quinoa. i have nothing against rice, it just seems i always make the sticky rice way too sticky. plus i love quinoa.=)

    yay heathy! so funny she's getting your moonie. also so funny we came up with the same idea for ice cream cakes! mine is setting in the freezer now. i can't wait to cut into it! wish i could send you a piece!

    johnny's coming around i see! that's so awesome he watched the documentary on his own. now you should show him one that gets into the health aspects of eating raw/vegan. i have a great one called 'eating' - not sure if it's available on line. i got it from the american vegan society. i'll see if i can send you guys a copy!

  9. I missed this post..geesh!
    Tell me about twitter!..I haven't ventured here yet!
    That really sucks about your At least Jackson was fed lol!
    I love that heathy won your perfect!
    I'm really excited to see your ice cream cake creations:) favorite flavor? hmm peanut butter/chocolate? mint chocolate?
    That's very cool about John! Sometimes it takes someone elses voice to get across their! The same thing happened with Ry too:)