Monday, May 28, 2012

yummy yummy...yummy!

it's really hot out...and i'm sure i am not the only one craving simple fresh and light meals...and thirst quenching hydration!!!!

morning eats:

bloob protein pancake (this is so yummy and so light)

pb & cherry j on ezekiel (comforting and filling)

on the go lunch - tempeh, lettuce and pickle (TLP?) sammie on ezekiel

garbanzo protein patty from the TIU nutrition plan...(i used mushrooms instead of carrots, and 2 tbsps of chia in place of the flax (i have a weird aversion to flax), i used 2 green onions, and didn't use turmeric)...SO YUMMY!  i added the patty to a collard wrap with a tomato and ago salsa

and i've been drinking a ton of these two yummy refreshing...and so good for me...and you!!!!

stevia lemonade (juice of 1 lemon, water, stevia (sweeten to your liking) and some lemon wheels)

and last but definitely not virgin coconut water mojito...(juice of 1 lime, 1 cup of coconut water and 2 cups of water, handful mint leaves and some blueberries just for looks)

make sure to keep yourselves happy, hydrated and healthy this's going to be a scorcher...

Friday, May 25, 2012

i be married...

hello again...i hope to be back with a vengeance...i'm guessing that i will be...i'm married (check out more pics here), no more wedding planning...we went to bahamas for our no more stressing over getting on a plane...and we purchased our first home, so no more house hunting (6 months of house hunting, not. fun.)'s super cute...we don't move in until august yah, i think i'll have so much time on my hands, and a plethora of patience...

so, you know how they say sometimes, after you get gain weight...well i did...holy crap! a ton of weight. i didn't realize how bad it was until my fat pants didn't fit me anymore...and i had to go out an buy new fat pants...NOT GOOD!

so i have decided to embark on a new journey of sorts...i've joined the TIU Community...purchased the vegan plan...and ordered the beach babe dvd...i've started working out and eating very well, i must say...but i have this fear that because of my metabolism has slowed down...and i'm never gonna be what i was a few years's a fear...but it's definitely not holding me back...the TIU Community...(i actually feel it to be more of a movement...strong confident ladies helping one another out) inspirational and just "belly full" of motivation and hope...i'm so excited...

anyhoo...i will be journaling my eats achievements...i think it will be a daily thing...we are expected to check in daily with the lovely trainers... here it first official blog check-in...



no booty call (BC)...allergies have me a little lethargic, so haven't been able to wake up early...

45 minute fast walk and tone it up thighs and sunkissed abs...


M1 - omelet with spinach and dayia mozzarella cheese and bombshell spell
M2 - cantaloupe
M3 - salad with romaine, gardein chick'n scallopini, raw organic olives, cukes, and balsamic vinaigrette M4 - luna bar
M5 - asparagus, quinoa veggie soup (1/2 cup, and a few pieces of cantaloup



M1 - bloob protein pancake and bombshell spell (my pancake turned out so well, the trick is to make sure it's pretty cooked before you flip it, and i used perfect fit protein powder)
M2 - cantaloupe
M3 - salad with romaine, gardein chick'n scallopini, raw organic olives, cukes, asparagus, and balsamic vinaigrette
M4- luna bar (nutz over chocolate)
M5- yummy yummy romaine tacos...inspired by wraps from the beach babe edition of the TIU nutrition plan...(romaine, cherry tomato, avo, green onions, lime and lemon juice, himalayan salt, gardein chick'n scallopini (one cut into 9 strips), and very hot dijon mustard)


HIIT the beach and sunkissed abs

after workout snackage was a very yummy, much needed cold brew...(unsweetened almond milk, very strong coffee, half frozen banana, ice cubes, and perfect fit protein)

anyhoohoo my lovelies...i have missed you excited to be back...have a beautiful weekend!!!!