Thursday, June 24, 2010

well...what can i was a day of natural disasters...

i wanted to thank everyone for their concern yesterday...some parts of ontario, quebec and the united states experienced a bit of a tremor in the early afternoon...

i too experienced it. i was on the 26th floor of an office building, and it swayed back and forth, back and forth...and as dramatic as it may sound, i was petrified. i've never in my life experienced the flashing of my days, and people and fur babies i love before my eyes...i was not allowed to leave the building (i know, right?)...because i had reports to file...

and as one of my beautiful friends put it in an email last night to me..."putting profit over life! they're nuts."...and i agree...

i remember thinking what if there is an aftershock, and i'm sitting here filing reports...i wasn't even able to call anyone because i was TOO busy...does this make sense? i cried the rest of the afternoon...and leaving was perhaps the most amazing thing that i have ever experienced in my life.

i am certain now, that my life was not in any danger, i would hope that building management knew what they were doing when they didn't evacuate the building...although most of the surrounding buildings were...

i got home yesterday and hugged the crappola out of my puppy, john was at work, i had a good cry with him though...and i sat outside with jackson for hours...throwing the ball...and thinking about how incredibly lucky i am to be life is so beautiful...even with all of its craziness, it does not outweigh the happiness and the love that surrounds me on a daily basis...i have so much to be thankful fur new found friends...i have so much to be excited many things to look forward to...

so i thought i might dedicate this blog post to my life...and people and things that make me happy everyday...

my baby love...this man makes me so happy...i always dreamed of being with someone that would love me for me...and just hold my hand through life...and he does all of that and more...we have so much fun together...we laugh...we play...we walk...we talk...we cook...we love...and he's my very best friend...and he makes me so happy...the day i met him, is the day i found peace in this life of mine...he truly was the missing piece...and i feel whole...and full of a world full of strangers he is the only one i know...

my goofball muffin...he is the sunshine of my life...quirky...funny...snuggly...and my forever baby...he loves me no matter what...whether i look good or not...whether i'm sad or happy...and no matter how bad my day is...well...he can turn any rainy day into a sunny one...just by giving me one of his infamous hugs...i love him so much...

my mama and papa and my two baby brothers (they're hardly babies...but, they will always be to me)...i had a beautiful mother and i always struggled to get along, she's been somewhat critical of me since the day i was born...but, i am the person i am because of it...i have this incredible strength because of it...and instead of holding a grudge, i have moved on and found positive in the criticism...i love both of my parents with all of my heart...and am thankful to them for everything they have given me...and my brothers, well they're beautiful people...and have always been there for me...and i love them so much...not sure they realize how much, but i do...

and my and old...what would life be like without extension of family...i love them all...wholeheartedly...i would be nothing without life has been full and blessed...and i thank the universe everyday for giving me the most beautiful gifts...i couldn't have asked for better people to guide me through this life...and each day i am amazed because i feel as though the universe keeps rewarding me with so many more beautiful people to keep me company in this game of life...and my heart keeps is a beautiful thought, knowing that i share this world with such phenomenal human beings...and even though some friends are no longer a part of my life...they live comfortably in my heart...they left a lasting impression, a footprint on my soul...and i will love them for as long as i am me...

and everyday i am thankful for everything i have...i have more than i could have ever asked for...and i am truly blessed...i live in a free country...i have a job...and health benefits...i have clean water to drink, and swim in, food to eat and create beautiful art with, and i have such precious love and laughter to keep me thriving...i have so much...most aren't so for all of this and more, i am grateful...

i received some extremely amazing news yesterday...actually a few wonderful things happened yesterday, despite the tremor and the tornadoes that ripped through stay tuned for some pretty exciting stuff...and a couple of giveaways...

i also wanted to say thank you so much to all of my beautiful readers and bloggie friends...i look forward to your musings and writings all put such a smile on my face...i look forward to all of your comments and opinions...and i want you all to know i appreciate you all so have become so very dear to me...i adore you all...sending you all so much love and big ginormous hugs...


  1. Nelly, you're just the sweetest thing. How wonderful to be able to see the good in so much :). Glad you were OK during the quake. We had one here in Michigan many years ago ... it's always surprising when it happens around here!

    Looking forward to your amazing news!

  2. I loved every piece of this post♥ full of gratfullness... I am glad you and your lovely family are OK♥

  3. what a beautiful post, nelly. i'm tearing!

    i'm so glad you are okay! years ago when i couldn't find a teaching job i worked at outback (terrible, i know.) they told me i had to come in during a blizzard or else. i said i'm not putting my life at stake for steak! hehe. i had a bad feeling about driving in that snowfall, and i listen to my intuition more than anything. i'm sure yours would have been screaming at you to get out if you were in danger yesterday.=)

    can't wait to hear the amazing news...!


  4. awesome post Nellie. we felt the tremors here in PITTSBURGH PA!!! insane!

    this post was fabulous, makes me think i need to talk more about what matters in life, and less about food. great, great post

    - rick

  5. oops sorry for spelling the name wrong...trying to do 8 things at once at work :-/

  6. Wonderful post Nelly :) I'm so glad you and your family are okay. You are truely grateful for everything you have and had in your life, which is a beautiful and wonderful thing :)

  7. Beautiful post, Nelly! Thanks for sharing so many memories and pictures. I'm so happy you are okay and I'm glad this week is almost over for you(you mentioned it's been a rough one). Sending you lots of love!! Eat a moonpie..that will help! ;)

  8. What a lovely, uplifting, and heart-full, and heart felt post. I love your celebration life- we should all do this more often; I should for sure.

    Glad you're ok after the scariness.

    VERY excited about your news!!! Email me and tell me now! :P xxx

  9. you are such a sweetheart, tender soul.

    i love this "in a world full of strangers he is the only one i know".

    glad you are ok and the earthquake was not worse. it reminds you of what is truly important in life.

  10. muah! muah! muah! Glad all is well after that stupid quake but loved how you turned it all around into something positive. I agree with everyone that you truly are a beautiful and tender spirit. All this gratitude your expressed for the people (including the incredible Mr. Jackson) in your life is no doubt how people feel about YOU! I know I'm grateful to call you my friend even though we've never met in person. Keep enjoying all that you love and those you love. Hugs dear friend!

  11. What a wonderful sweet loving post!! Thanks, it is so refreshing to hear all these kinds words. You are such a beautiful caring person!! I am grateful we have meet through the blogging world!! Love ya!

  12. What an amazing tribute post, Nelly! But all these people should be really happy they have YOU...b.c you are so giving, wonderful, tenderhearted, just amazing. Love the tribute post you gave your man...he should be so honored :)

    So glad you are safe. Last week when i posted about the 6.7 earthquake here, trust me, had visions of life flashing before my eyes in those 45 secs, too.

    HUGS and glad you're safe!!

  13. hey babes...thank you so much for all of your kind words...totally touched my are all my sunshines!!! i wish i could give you all a hug...

  14. Things were rocking and rolling here too. This was the 2nd quake I've experienced in my lifetime. It's kinda surreal when you're in it. I wasn't afraid though.

    Your story of being stuck on the 26th floor and not being "allowed" to leave the building made me flash back to Sept. 11, 2001 and those poor people in the Towers who had no way out. Sends shivers down my spine just thinking of it.

    Such a beautiful, heartfelt gratitude list, Nelly. This Hungarian gypsy girl loves your sweet vizsla. Jackson...not a very Magyar name...but being named in honor of Johnny Cash is pretty cool too.

  15. What a beautiful post, Nelly! A lot of your posts lately have been making me teary eyed...and your comment on my all means so much and you are just such a beautiful loving person.
    I too felt the quake...although I was at home at the time. I live in the first floor of an apartment building and it didn't register at first that it was an earthquake because we never have them around here...I was just so confused and then scared. I'm just happy everyone is okay.
    I love love love this tribute to all the lovely people in your Averie said, I think they are incredibly lucky to have YOU. You are genuine and sweet and so loving, it amazes me. You inspire me to look for good things in life (even when it all seems very dark.) Love your ability to do this! And love you!
    Sending you lots of love and hugs

  16. Great post, Nelly!
    Although, I'm new to your blog ... I definitely feel your warm and kindred spirit! Glad everything turned out okay and you are safe. ((hugs)) BTW- moonies below look fabby & I'm from SoCal. ;) A pleasure to have come across your blog...nice to tweet ya too!

  17. okay..they wouldn't let you leave?? That's horrible...grr profit mongers. I would be crying under my desk if that happened..sorry girlie:( But I'm so glad that everything is okay and you are safe.
    I love this post and all you thankfullness and love! I needed to be reminded of this because I've been a little debbie downer lately. I get so focused on the small things and get frustrated(learned that from my mother..haha) but I need to realize in the "scheme of things" they don't matter. Baby steps girlie, baby steps!!
    Lots of love!!! And have a wonderful weekend beautiful lady!

  18. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in this post. Lots of love and hugs back atcha, sweetie! Glad you are safe.

  19. What a cute post, thanks for sharing. Glad you're okay.

  20. I love this post Doll! Sorry im UBER behind in reading/commenting yours and all blogs w life being so busy at the mo.

    Im so glad that you're OK after the quake. It's a sin that they didn't let you leave - i mean, did they not realize that no one would be productive after such an event?

    Beautiful life you live... I can't wait to see you!


  21. Nelly, this was so sweet :) You're such a humble person and a perfect example that we should all be greatful for what we have.

    I'm glad you're ok!!

  22. This is such a sweet, beautiful post! We should all be as grateful as you are!! Love this. xoxo