Wednesday, June 23, 2010

new moon pie flavour...a crepe...and two winners...

hello are all of you?

as all of you know i'm over the moon about moon pies...(that was pretty clever no?)...

let me introduce to you my very new flavour...

nutty nutella moon pies

i have to admit, i did not have fun making these...i also made a batch of caramel moon pies...unfortunately my caramel was a little oozey and way too gooey...two moon pies died in the dipping sad...i think i may have to take break for a while...

this morning for brekkie, i had the most spectacular dish...courtesy of ani phyo, who else?

banana chia crepe, nutella and fresh organic cherries...

speaking of ani phyo...the two very lucky winners of two ani's raw food essentials book giveaway are:

no. 43 - lauren of ginger is the new pink; and
no. 70 - melissa of contagious health

CONGRATS LADIES!!!...i hope you love ani phyo's new book as much as i do...

thank you all for participating...and hold on tight because i'll be having a very sweet, full of gratitude giveaway, very shortly...can anyone guess the new giveaway?

i wanted to ask you all a favour...i'm extremely curious about all of you...and wanted to know where you are all if you wouldn't mind letting me know in the comment section, that would be FABULOUS!!!

have a beautiful night...sending you all ginormous amounts of love...



  1. LOVE your new moonies girl! The crepes look insane too!
    Congrats to the book winners!


  2. awesome idea to add little nuts in there. you are very creative. chris is actually interested so maybe he will let me make something other than plain vanilla for once. :-)

    congrats to lauren and melissa! lucky ladies.

    i think you know where i am from but i'll say it again, seattle.

  3. Those moonies sound awesome!! Loveee hazelnut and chocolate together.

  4. Those moon pies look fantastic!

  5. oh nelly you just outdo yourself on the moon pies..yum!

    congrats to those sweet winners!

    and your comment to me about the shelf/cookbook...girl, you were totally being helpful, thank you! seriously i am "blind" to my own stuff sometimes..thanks for pointing it out!

  6. Darn, I need to give those moonpies a try!!! They look so difficult to make, you're awesome!

    Congrats Lauren and Melissa :)

    I'm blogging from South West England. x

  7. Even if it wasn't a super fun time in the kitchen, your moonpies looks wonderfully delicious!

    Congrats to the winner!

    PS I'm from Vancouver Island, BC

  8. loving your blog, recent follower here from Pittsburgh PA :)

  9. Those moonpies look amazing!!! Do they come as a gift with the book? He he! :) I'm so happy I won! Thanks for the opportunity! Can't wait to get un-cooking!! XOXO

  10. heathy - thank you so much!!

    bitty boo - love you...

    averie sunshine - <3 thank you! i am so blind too...and love it when people point things out to me...i always joke that i should have been born a natural blond...but it totally makes sense that i want to be one...ha! nerd, i know!

    sarah - i know where you're from darling...but thanks for telling me!!! and they're actually not hard at all...just a few steps!!

    hi maggie, thank you so much. true!

    rick - hi!!! welcome!!!

    lauren - congrats my friend...AND...if i added a moon pie, i am afraid it too would die getting to you...and it would make a mess of such a beautiful book! <3

  11. I want a moon pie! No, I want TEN moon pies! These look SO delicious. And congrats to the winners!

  12. Great looking wants some now..he he! So sorry you had trouble with them..not fun!

    Congrats to the winners! Enjoy!

  13. Congrats to the winners...I hope you two enjoy experimenting with Ani's essentials.

    Nelly, everything looks amazing as usual.

  14. Yum! I can't believe I still haven't made a moonie pie. The pies & crepes look delicious.

    I'm originally from the Oregon Coast, but I live in Seattle now.

  15. The moonies and crepes look amazing:) Congratulations to Lauren and Melissa...Yay!!!

    Since you asked:)...originally from Long Island, N.Y. and currently live in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate, N.Y.

  16. Wahoo!!Thank you so much Nelly!! I'm so excited:)
    Love your moonie pies!! You are a machine and they look fab. But I understand if you need to move on to new and better treats he he!
    I am so making that crepe!! and nutella..OH my happy to make this:)
    Have a wonderful night gorgeous!! XOXO

  17. Your banana chia crepe looks soooo good and the nutella desserts! ah! I would die to get some of those. I love nutella ever so much :)

  18. Congrats to the winners!!

    We are originally from south FL.

  19. mmm you are the moonie queen!

    congrats melissa and lauren!!!

    i lived in the philadelphia/southern new jersey area my whole life. time to change that!=)

  20. Mmm...those moon pies do look amazing! Sorry they weren't fun for you to make. ;(

    Congrats to my ladies Lauren and Melissa! Woo hoo! So awesome!

    And I'm from Seattle, like bitt. :) Well, the 'burbs of Seattle anyway.