Friday, June 4, 2010

the universe is definitely trying to tell me something...

a few months ago i gave up coffee...however, these past few days i have been craving i gave into my craving and have had coffee in some way, shape or form since saturday...well...yesterday morning, i wanted a VERY BIG i ordered a grande bold in a venti cup...and i ended up wearing it and burning my wrist...(pretty yucky to look at), i think the universe wants me to be stop drinking coffee...although, i would think and hope for future lessons, the universe would be a little kinder...i may have also twisted my body in a bad way yesterday, because i had a bit of a sciatica flare up today...numbness in my foot and part of my leg...i stayed home from work...just to relax and not stress my body out...and i think it worked because i am feeling a lot better...

i have a new dessert for all of is so lovely...i need one more item to complete it...and i will one day...i need an ice cream make a vanilla cashew ice cream...the proper way...

caramel apple crumble tart/pie (vanilla ice cream would make it "a la mode")...


apple filling

2 apples peeled, chopped very finely
2 lemons juiced
2 tsp cinnamon
1 tbsp coconut sugar

mix all ingredients together in a bowl and set aside

tart/pie crust

1 cup almonds
1 cup pitted medjool dates
1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
dash salt

pulse almonds and salt until fine powder consistency. add medjool dates. once a dough is formed it is ready.

caramel filling

1/4 cup agave
1/4 cup of yacon (or 1/2 cup agave or yacon)
1/4 almond butter
1/3 cup lucuma
1/3 cup mesquite
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
3tbsp water or more depending on the consistency you prefer
dash of salt

put all ingredients in a food processor and process until a nice caramel sauce forms.

crumble topping

1/2 cup of walnuts
1/2 cup pecans
1/4 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 cup coconut sugar
dash salt
4 medjool dates

place all ingredients in a food processor, except for medjool dates, process to a semi chunky/flour consistency. add medjool should end up with a crumble.


press crust into tart pans, pie plate, or tupperware container, spread carmael sauce on crust layer, add apple filling and add crumble mixture. and voila you have yourself a beautifully delicious treat! i was able to get three small tarts and a medium tupperware container filled with apple crumble. yum!






on the savoury and cooked side of things...i put together a yummy indian dish...inspired by the beauty behind girl on raw...

pigeon pea quinoa curry


1/2 a cup of quinoa
1 cup of water
1 package of frozen pigeon peas
2 chopped tomatoes
2 tbsp curry powder

preheat oven to 450 degrees, put all ingredients in an oven safe dish, or cook on stove top...(if cooking on stove top cook on medium heat)...cook for 20 mins or until all water has been absorbed. remove from oven, or turn heat off (stove top), and let stand for 5 mins. enjoy!


today i am grateful for the beautiful country i was born and raised in. it is free and it is grand...i am grateful for all the fresh water and vegetation i am able to survive on...this land is bountiful...and i am truly blessed...i am also grateful for the wonderful comfortable bed i get to relax is definitely really good for my back and is part of the reason i was able to overcome sciatica the first time i suffered from it...

hope you all had a beautiful day...sweet dreams my lovelies...



  1. "wearing it and burning my wrist" - OMG I am so sorry! That is one of those things that seriously would make me want to break down and cry. I do the same thing with just trying to warm up my coffee for 20 secs in the micro and only to have it bubble over. everywhere. sugar fest mess. Defi a universe sign, but i try to ignore them when it comes to coffee

    the apple crumble looks amazing. you know i make one and love it, but the ingredients are much less sophisticated than yours. no lucama or mesquite in mine..i would love to try yours!


  2. Awww... no more coffee for your dearie! Hope you're healing quickly.

    K, I love apple crumble and that tart looks amaaaazing!!! Thanks for sharing...and for all that you're grateful for. I love it!

    Happy weekend! Hugs XO

  3. omg the apple crumble looks divine!

    I'm glad you took the day off work to de-stress. Sometimes it is much needed :)

    I'm sorry about the coffee spill! It's not a good look :/

  4. Ouch! I go back and forth with coffee. Someday I'll give it up completely.

    Yummy looking apple crumble, one of my favorite desserts, cooked and raw!

    Gratitude... for messages from the Universe. I love getting my messages :)

  5. Apple Crumble is my all time favorite dessert! This looks amazing!!! :) Thanks for the recipe!

    Love that cooked dish too, yum! I love curry!!! :)

    Sorry about your wrist! :( Glad you got the message from the universe (don't u love that!?)

  6. ouch! maybe the universe is just telling you not to drink grande coffees!?=) *kisses for your wrist*

    i'm glad you took the day off to heal. health and well-being is so much more important than work. enjoy your day!

    the apple tart looks deeeelicious! great pics too. and yum to all things with quinoa and curry!


  7. OUCH..that coffee burn sounds horrible! My SIL had a coffee spill on her when she was driving and it in a very sensitive area (if you know what I mean) ya, coffee burns are not fun:(
    Caramel apple crumble tart and quinoa curry...yes, yes, yes!
    I'm going to pick up some tomatoes..stat!
    And I'm sorry to hear your back pain was rearing its ugly head:( I have an old back injury that pops up out of the blue sometimes and in 5 minutes I'm flat in bed! I'm happy that taking the day off helped you a lot:)
    Happy Friday lovely!! Have a wonderful, pain-free weekend!

  8. hi girlies...

    averie, it took a lot out of me not to just sit down on the floor and cry my heart out...haha...really embarrassed and shocked to the gills!

    and yes, you're apple dessert is divine...and very simple...i tend to go a little extreme with my desserts, yup...i'm definitely not very simple in that regard...

    have a beautiful weekend and knock their socks off lady! i know you will!

    heathy!!!! love you girl. and the wrist is definitely on the mend...looks so gross though...

    think of me when you're watching sex and the city...have a beautiful weekend my friend.

    danielle - definitely not a good look, but thankfully i was wearing a classic! and no one even noticed...unless you smelled me...haha!

    nikki - have i mentioned i love the way you spell your name? anyway, i love messages...haha...but not the ones that hurt...and blister! =P

    i have a love hate with coffee...i love it so much, gosh i grew up on parents and grandparents gave it to me like it was milk when i was a baby...haha! not kidding...and i too love crumbles of any sort and glad it makes for a very beautiful and yummy vegan (raw and cooked) dessert! no deprivation whatsoever!

    lauren - my italian paesan!!! hehe...such a nerd, i're very welcome...i hope you try it someday, it's AMAZZZZING...just had a tart for breakfast!

    mels - oh. my. god. i would definitely never want a burn in that area. EVER. i am thankful it fell where it did...haha!

    you can actually put anything in the curry dish, and i totally recommend coconut milk if you have it...replace the is just simply divine and rich. i didn't have any...but definitely try it with coconut milk if you can someday.

    i really hate back pain. it is definitely the worst sort of pain...

    have a beautiful weekend my girl!

    *hugs to all of you*

  9. Oh no! I've definitely had some bad coffee burns in my life. I've also had some other bad burns (not from coffee, but boiled water...or touching something hot because I can be a little clumsy) and they're all so painful! Hope the burn isn't too bad and it heals quickly. I get coffee cravings sometimes, especially when I'm around other people who are drinking it, but for the most part I've been coffee free for a while now. I am such a tea lover, that I don't miss my old java habit most of the time.

    Sorry to hear the sciatica is acting up again. I'm happy that relaxation is helping, but you could also try acupuncture again if symptoms return. I know you said that was very helpful to you! And I don't want you to be suffering and in pain. Thats the worst. I do hope you feel better love.

    The apple crumble looks lovely and delicious. Lots of ingredients but simple to prepare. I tried to find mesquite once at Noahs on Bloor but they are just so rude there, I felt awkward asking for help.

    Hope you have a great weekend <3

  10. oh my goodness, the quinoa curry sounds delicious! as much as i like sweet treats, i'm more of a carb/comfort-food kind of girl... haha. the caramel filling recipe looks intriguing. i'm sure it's as delicious as it looks (which looks like real baked apple crumble!!)

  11. That quinoa dish looks INCREDIBLE! I really love quinoa and this looks like the absolute perfect way to make it. Thank you for the idea!

    Wow.....I'm struggling to find the words to describe how gorgeous your apple crumble is over the top fantastic. That is seriously the perfect summer dessert and I need some NOW! I want to grab into the screen and pull some out, love that crumb topping!

  12. so sorry about your hand. ouch. and sciatic too? doubly ouch. hope you feel better soon.

    love the looks of that apple crumble...i'll add it to my to make list.

  13. Oh yummy. I want mine a la mode!

  14. I am so sorry to hear about your burnt wrist and sciatica, I hope by now they are both a little better.

    Your recipe for caramel apple crumble tart/pie looks absolutely delicious! I think the universe is telling me to make it:)

  15. Glad you're getting better. I think it's such a good move to time away from work when our bodies our telling us they need a rest.

    Your recipes look delicious! :)

  16. nelly! i got your comment! what time are you and camille meeting up on friday? :)

  17. I've been thinking about ending my relationship with coffee too. I'm not so sure it is doing me any favours these days. I have given up for six weeks before but somehow it was able to draw me back in.

    I love your apple crumble recipe- it looks amazing. Thank you for sharing.