Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tea tree oil is making me blind...and ani phyo is my new bestie...

jokes! although it is making my eyes water quite a bit...i find it pretty fumy...

anyways...sorry i've been excuse or (ahem) explanation is that by the end of the day i can barely eyesight is pretty bad...i'll be picking up my eyeglasses sometime this it should be a little easier for me to focus and blog case you're all wondering, yes the screen is VERY, EXTREMELY blurry right now...and it has been for months...but i'm trying...i feel like such an old fart...

today i said "see ya later" to my almost father in law...he is going to ukraine for a few months...and i got pretty emotional...i always do...not sure why though. he is coming back. and i will see him in a couple of months, and he will be having a fabulous time...i'm such an emotional gal...i wear my heart on my sleeve and i cry just about every two minutes...again, jokes!!! to be honest with all of you, i am such a suck. that is the best way to describe it. or my heart is just extremely soft. one of the two. anyone else extremely emotional? or am i a rarity?

i picked up ani phyo's new book this weekend, who hasn't? and i am in is such a fabulous, informative and easy to follow uncook truly is a raw food essential...anyone interested in raw vegan food needs this book...i think it's one of the best i have come across (hands down)!

i've made a couple of her recipes thus far, and this may surprise all of you, considering the amount of desserts i have been producing as of late, i stuck to the more savory recipes...but, don't you fear, i will be posting some raw vegan dessert porn in the next few days...also, i do have a batch of moon pies setting in my freezer right you see, i am still a dessert girl at heart...

first up...coconut bacon...i followed the recipe exactly, except i subbed dried chipotle peppers, which i reconstituted and made into a paste to replace liquid smoke...and i also added a touch of hungarian paprika...




it's still in the dehydrator...i can, however, tell you that the marinade was VERY tasty...also in the dehydrator are a few hemp sun burgers...(i only made one change, that was replacing flax with chia seeds)...



i'll leave you with a picture of my breakfast for tomorrow...a very simple strawberry mango crumble...


have a beautiful night my friendlies...

p.s. one of my favourite girls is having a fabulous giveaway...this is one contest YOU need to check out...

p.p.s. there will be a pretty fantastic giveaway in this area in a few stay tuned...can you guess what the giveaway is???

sweet dreams...


  1. ok now i really need to make some coconut bacon, of course i want to hear your verdict first.

    oops i have to take my burgers outta the dehydrator! you're reminding me. the unchicken ones are very good. i will try these and let you know how they compare.

    more moonies! yum!

    thanks for posting about the giveaway!

  2. oh my god coconut bacon. i know i sound like a carnivore, but I NEED SOME!!!!!

  3. Hi Nelly!

    Thanks for your helpful email- I'm mulling it over and will prob come back to you with more questions :)

    Ani Phyo's book- bought it this weekend too! Can't wait to try out the recipes; your post has inspired me to get my butt into gear. I'm going to raw food cooking day on Saturday so my week's full of raw inspiration.

  4. Wow, I love your blog! Coconut bacon?! How did it taste? I am "following" you now. Check me out too, and follow me if you like my blog :)

  5. coconut bacon for the win! for that item ALONE i am buying this cookbook. i hear Ani's new one rules so i'm gonna buy it and surprise the wife!

  6. Wow----Z!! I've gotta win that book! ;) Ani rocks my world! I'm throwing in the towel if I don't win the contests I've entered. I've gotta make those yummy goodies! Enjoy!!!

  7. Sorry lovely that your eyes are not cooperating! Glad that you are getting some relief soon:)
    I'm a suck too..seriously I cry at lot at movies and "moments in life or on tv." I try to hide it but that just makes it worse lol!
    That coconut bacon looks so delish..can't wait to see what comes out of the dehydrator!
    I've heard amazing things about those sun burgers:)
    and your breakie...mmmm!
    Thank you for your thoughts on the Ani Phyo book.
    Yay for giveaways!!!!

  8. hey friends!!!

    bitty boo - i tried some this morning and it's fantastic...i would highly recommend replacing liquid smoke with chipotle's so good!

    thanks for having the giveaway!!!

    hi sarah - take your time with the email...when you're ready with questions, i'll be ready to reply...

    i am pretty excited about your live food class...can't wait to hear all about it...and i need to look into a class too...would be so much fun!

    carissa - thank you!

    rick - your wifey is gonna be SOOO happy...although you may want to hold off on the purchasing if it...i will be hosting a giveaway soon...and you never know what it might be!!! ;)

    mels - i love ya girl! *hugs*

  9. oh no, i'm blind too and have to wear a very strong prescription. i would be very lost without my contact lenses!

    coconut bacon sounds amazing. is that young coconut meat? how many coconuts did you use?

    is hungarian paprika smoked paprika? if so, i LOVE the stuff!

    i had a bad experience with three of ani's recipes in one meal so i am leary to try any more. ani is all i see right now in blog world so maybe i should give her another chance. maybe.

    another giveaway? you are too kind! can't wait to see what it is...=)


  10. I love Ani's new book and finally have time to try more recipes from it. The broccoli kream soup and cheddar kale chips are great. I will definitely try the coconut bacon soon!

  11. It looks like you are having as much fun with Ani's new book as I did! I really want to try the hemp sun burgers, and can't wait to hear how you like them. Your crumble looks so yummy:)

  12. I wear contacts or glasses so I'm blind without them too. It's these darn computers i tell ya! I'm so excited for Ani's book! I want that strawberry mango crumble. Mmm! And hmm, never would've guessed your a softie. lol! That's one of things I love about you is your big big heart!

  13. Ah girlie! Coconut bacon.... I want to make that!!!! The hemp burgies look great too!
    Im guessing the giveaway will be for Ani's book?!?!?! :) I better hold off on ordering, like you said :)

    Cant wait to see your moonies!

    Have a great eve beautiful lady!

  14. I got horrible eye sight too, so I feel your pain!!

    I wear my heart on my sleeve too, I feel I cry way more than I should. But sometimes showing true emotion is good, right?

    Love Ani!! cannot wait to get her book

  15. I've had glasses ever since I was a kid, but never wear them ... now I's getting wrinkles from squinting lol.

    Oh, I have to get the new book!

  16. I'm sorry your eyes are bothering you so much. I've never had issues with my eyes, but I do have issues with my bones, and that makes ME feel like an old fart too.

    I'm also an emotional person...I wear my heart on my sleeve...nothing wrong with that!

    I've been wanting to try out that (un)cookbook for a while now but haven't had chance to pick it up...your creations look amazing, as always! <3

  17. I just got Ani's new book too! I've only made a few smoothies but devoured the entire book in one sitting! And yeah.. I take my raw food recipe books everywhere I go too! Isn't that weird!?
    Anyway, you'll have to let us know how the coconut bacon turned out! She uses it in a lot of recipes and I'm totally curious to know how it tastes!!!