Wednesday, June 30, 2010

secret garden...and a taco salad...

hi friendlies...thank you so much for all of your comments on my last blog entry...I AM SO LUCKY that both kelli and heathy are coming to toronto to hang out with me for an ENTIRE weekend...i am truly blessed in so many ways...and so very thankful...i wish upon a million stars that all of you wonderful people could join us...and maybe one day i will have the honour and pleasure of meeting you would be such an amazing experience...i mean that from the bottom of my heart...

my garden is thriving...i am so very proud of my little plant's a little peek...(as an aside, i had planted watermelon, but all of my plants have died, so sad...)

it's just such a wonderous feeling to be able to grow a garden and watch and experience the beauty and power of nature...i am amazed...

last night i made such an amazing raw vegan taco tasty...and so easy to throw together...and oh. my. goodness...sooooooooo yum!

taco salad

2 cups of romaine lettuce (organic)
2 ears of corn niblets (organic)
7 green olives, pitted and chopped (organic)
1 green onion chopped finely (organic)
1/2 an avocado chopped
sour cream dressing (1/2 cup raw cashews soaked, 1 lemon juiced, 1 glove garlic, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1/2 cup of water, 1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper, blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth)
3 tbsp of raw vegan taco meat (ani phyo's recipe)
1 tbsp chipotle cheeze (ani phyo's recipe)

place first four ingredients in a bowl...sprinkle with taco meat, drizzle with sour cream dressing, add the cheeze on top...and DEVOUR!!!

leaving you with a sweet photo i took of a sleeping jackson yesterday...i love him so much...

i'm wishing you all a very beautiful day...


  1. Love the garden pics, sorry to hear about the watermelon.

    Your taco salad looks so yummy, I just might have to make it!

    Awww...Jackson looks so cozy:)

  2. WOW..look at that amazing garden:) Watermelon is tricky! My mom always has a casualty every year and she has a huge green thumb. Don't know what their deal is really!
    That taco salad looks a million plus times better than the ones people order at restaurants...yumm! I have to try that sour cream dressing:)
    AWEEEE..Jackson!! So sweet:)
    Have a wonderful day lovely!! Enjoy your amazing weekend with the ladies!!!

  3. Great Garden!! Sorry for the Watermelon, I am having troubles keeping the okra alive ;-(
    The Taco salad is Yumo ♥

  4. Mmmm, your taco salad looks tasty. Anything with avocado I love. Keep up the good work with your little garden! Mine is even smaller than yours:)

  5. Raw taco salads are my favorite! YUM!!!! I think my watermelon isn't doing well either!!! Sweet little Jackson! MWAH!

  6. Great garden pics, I love being able snip fresh veggies from a garden. I haven't had much luck with watermelon either - last year it got so hot that the ones I had growing burst and this year I can't seem to get them going.

  7. Love your garden pics! I am so excited to try gardening again one day...I didn't fare so well with it last time but I think I could do well with more practice..I just need to wait until I actually have a backyard again.

    The taco salad looks beautiful and delicious. I want to try to make a version of it...making up my own version of the taco meat (because I haven't gotten around to picking up any Ani books yet like I've been wanting to since forever..)

    I'm so happy that you are having a meetup with some lovely sounds like it will be a wonderful weekend. Maybe I could meet up with your beautiful selves at some point? Would love to, if I can.

    I hope you have a wonderful Canada day, love

  8. Yay, cant wait to see your garden, up front and personal, it looks so nice!
    I planted watermelons too, for the first time, so far they're ok, but im not holding my breath on this one!

    Yummm taco salad looks great hun!
    Guessss what?! Only 9 days till the party begins! Boooyah!

  9. Your taco salad looks AWESOME! I want to come to Toronto!!! One day, for sure.

    Love how your plant babies are growing.

    Sorry about all the G20 rubbish that's been going on near you. Hope you're ok xxxxx

  10. happy canada day!

    your garden is flourishing! where's the herb section?=)can't wait to meet your garden babies in person!

    jackson is so sweet. am i really going to be meeting him and his beatiful mama and papa in one i dreaming...? someone pinch me!=)

  11. Jackson is so precious!! Love the picture!

  12. Oh Nelly how does your garden grow? hee hee! Obviously quite wonderfully! Looks so great! Ours is struggling due to stupid weather! POO! That taco salad - HOLY YUM!