Monday, June 28, 2010

i feel like dancing...

i am truly, beyond words...excited! have you ever received the best news...and just felt like you were walking on sunshine??? last week i received an email from one of the most beautiful human beings i know...heathy...letting me know that she was coming for a visit...well! i was on cloud 9...totally and utterly out of this world happy...and today, the cherry on top of the cake, i received an email from another beautiful human being, kelli...telling me she would be driving to toronto the same weekend heathy will be here.

and again i feel so blessed.

july 10, 2010 we will be having a party (not sure of the time, but am thinking afternoon for as long as people would like to hang out)...a very sweet party...raw vegan/vegan dessert and finger foody potluck a very beautiful and serene backyard...

please let me know if you're interested in joining me at

let's rewind to friday...i had a very special guest...another beautiful and spectacular human being...camille...we did a bit of shopping for ingredients and we made sweet gratitude's tiramisu...and it was epic...

camille surprised me with such a fabulous gift, a glassdharma lucky am i? i think i may have done a bit of a happy dance...who wouldn't? i had been looking high and low for one of these babies...

(this smoothie was my dinner tonight, one banana, 1/4 cup frozen raspberries, 1/4 cup of berry mix (black raspberries, bloobs, blackberries), 5 frozen strawberries, 1 cup of water, 10 cherries)

the most brilliant part of friday was getting to hang out again with such a beautiful soul...camille is one of the sweetest, most gracious human beings i have ever had the pleasure of knowing...and i am honestly, so honoured to call her my friend. she's beautiful. hands down!

we also made some pretty tasty crackers...i threw a bunch of ingredients into the food processor...with camille's help...this is what we ended up with:

sesame flax crackers

1 celery stalk
2 small carrots
2 cups of soaked sunflower seeds
1/4 hazelnut flour (optional, i just had extra in the fridge and needed to use it)
1/4 cup of parsley
5 basil leaves
1 garlic clove
1 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup of sesame seeds
1 tsp himalayan crystal salt
1 cup of ground golden flax
1/2 cup water (use as needed)

throw everything except flax into food processor...process until a batter is formed. add flax. process until well combined...spread on paraflex sheet. spread it as thinly as you want. place in dehydrator for 20 hours at 104 degrees...i like a more crispy and dry cracker...if you prefer a moister cracker dehydrate for as long as you wish.

we also made some AMAZING kale chippies...

chipotle nacho cheeze kale chips

1 bunch of kale destemmed and chopped to your liking
1 orange bell pepper (i used 2 very tiny baby ones)
1 cup of soaked cashews
2 tbsps fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of nutritional yeast
1 tsp of chipotle powder
dash of himalayan crystal salt

throw all ingredients, except kale into a food processor or vitamix. blend or process very well. pour mixture over kale and massage well. place on paraflex sheets and dehydrate for 15 hours at 104 degrees...and enjoy. these chips are phenomenal...

and that was my fabulous friday...

and let's fast forward once again to today...mister postman surprised me with a super fantastic package...remember the fantastic giveaway i won over at bitt of raw...aimee was so kind to include some doggie biscuits for my sweet little guy...and he was a very happy puppy...thank you so much my sweet friend (another beautiful human being)...

life is just so beautiful, especially when you are surrounded with, and by so much beauty, earthbound angels...and there are some extremely kind and generous souls out there...and i am truly blessed to know many of them...

also, please don't forget about the csn stores $60 gift certificate giveaway...if you haven't entered...please do...

have a beautiful night my friends...wishing you all a very sweet week...


  1. Wow, so many amazing great things going on!! I can't wait for the recap on your party!! Almost worth my driving up! ;) He he! Enjoy!!

  2. it's to exciting!!!

    whoa, you and camille have rawked my sock's off with the tiramisu (of course you did, you're italian!) i fantasize about making that dessert. and raw 'smores.=)

    your dinner smoothie is so berry-licious. and how sweet of bitt to send jackson treats! love you gals! wish we could ALL meet next weekend!


  3. *so, or too? (not sure of what i was trying to write, i'm that excited!=)

  4. chipotle nacho cheeze kale chips = NICE! They are sorta similar to my kale chip coating mixed w/ the dip I just posted today, Spicy Doritos dip :) Oh they look awesome!!

    The flax cracks, nice!

    And your meetup w/ excited for you two! I wish i could be there!

    and of cousre, love that you had this time w/ Carmella!


  5. OH man and Heathy is going to be there too!! What a gathering, I so wish I could be there!!

  6. I love chipotle! I need to make these...mmm. I have been busy dehydrating too. And digging into Sweet Gratitude as well. We are on the same food wavelength. I also love a smoothie for dinner.

    You are so welcome for the doggie biscuits. Glad Jackson enjoyed!

    Your tiramisu is much prettier than mine, mine was really messy. Hence the lack of blog pictures on it when I did it.

    Have a fun visit with the gals--I'm so jealous!

  7. also, for some reason your blog does not show up on my blogroll even though i am sure i added it. is that because it's private? just checking because my blogroll has had some major glitches. thanks.

  8. You peeps are going to have SO MUCH FUN..he he! Your dessert looks SO amazingly yummy! Crackers and smoothies...mmmm! Enjoy!

  9. Okay Kelli, Heathy, Camille?? You are one lucky lady!! I'm so happy that you get to have a bloggie meet-up at your fun!!
    And you and Camille have been cooking up a marvelous storm in the kitchie!! Love everything!
    Tiramisu..oh my gosh..I want some!!!
    How did you like the crackers as I know you are not a fan of the flaxseed?
    I had a bad first experience making kale chips in my oven (don't have a dehydrator) but there are so many great recipes out there that my mouth is watering!
    YAY on getting a glass mine!!
    Aimee is so nice to have a treatsie for the pups too!
    Lots of love to you my dear!! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Friends, bloggies, up coming parties, gifts in the mail, and yummy raw foodies, so many wonderful, amazing things happening :D And it sounds like your enjoying every minute! YAY :D

  11. This is such a happy post:) Good food, wonderful friends, who could ask for's no wonder you feel like dancing!!!

  12. wishing you a lovely party & wishing I had a slice of that tiramisu :-)

  13. So jealous that Heathy is coming for a visit, that is awesome :) Tiramisu looks delicious! YUMMMMM

  14. You know me, miss slow poke...but...
    YAAAAYYy!!! I am SO excited for our visit! I can't wait to see all you beautiful beings and share food/fun!

    The tiramisu looks great, as do the chippies, smoothie... I can see it already darling... ill leave your place 5 lbs heavier than when I arrived! LOL


  15. Fun fun fun! Congrats again on the win. Jealous. ;) And happy times deserve a happy dance! Good for you! How fun you get to meet Heathy AND Kelli! I wish I could be there too. That cheesecake looks divine! So those crackers...with FLAX...did you eat them? What did you think?