Friday, June 18, 2010

i am italian...hear me roar...

i feel like little red riding hood's granny right now, as i perch my glasses at the tip of my nose...anywhere else, i can't see...the frames are toooooo small...ugh!

moving right along...i was not born in italy, although i do have dual citizenship, i am both a very proud canadian and italian (and yes i am totally cheering for italy to win the world cup, and the italian flag is waving proudly on my car, haha)...however, from the very ripe age of 3 months i pretty much spent between 4 and 5 months out of the year...every year...until i was 17 in 17...i was too afraid to get my butt on a plane, so i lived there for two years...two of my most cherished years...memorable years...such a lovely country...

the air is fresh...the people are just so beautiful and so friendly...and the food is as natural and pure as you're ever going to get...and everyday of the week there is always a farmers market in one of the neighbouring towns...siestas in the afternoon...and everything and everyone is laid back...i want to go back so badly. i want to grow old there...a girl can dream right?

one of my favourite italian foods is "farinata"...wikipedia describes it as such... "Farinata (which literally means made of flour in the Italian language) is a thin, crisp, pizza-like pancake from Liguria, Italy. Its original Genoese name is fainâ. Variations are eaten in many different Mediterranean countries and beyond. It is similar to the socca from Nice, France"...the twins made a few variations here, of socca, as did camille...

it's a beautiful snack...or accompaniment to a salad...or whatever you are eating...i believe the olive oil is pretty much what makes it or breaks it...i am pretty blessed when it comes to olive oil, as mine comes all the way from my grandmother's farm in's as organic and fresh and cold pressed as you're gonna get...



olive oil (enough to cover bottom of oven proof skillet)
1 1/2 cups water
1 1/4 cups chickpea flour
1/2 lemon juiced
1 garlic clove minced or pressed
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1 tbsp fresh rosemary chopped


in a bowl, thoroughly mix chickpea flour, salt, garlic, pepper,
lemon juice, and water. let mixture sit 1 to 4 hours (or overnight).

preheat oven to 435 degrees

in a pie plate (or if you have a well-seasoned cast iron
skillet, its the preferred method, but fancy is not important), pour enough olive oil into the pan to generously cover the bottom.

pour batter into skillet or pie dish.

bake for 30-35 minutes. pancake is done when it pulls away from the
sides of the skillet and has a nice golden brown color. remove from
oven. and devour, if you remember you can always sprinkle some vegan cheeze like daiya all over it...mmmm...






heaven...heaven...heaven. it's gluten free, soy free, everything's not raw...but if you're not a purist...oh man! please try it. you'll thank me. i promise. so easy to make too!

has anyone ever tried baby kale? i found it at my local organic grocery store a couple of days ago...and i almost did a little happy dance in front of the fridge...yes i did! tonight's dinner was a lovely baby kale salad with my very own raw kraut, raw local sweet peas, cukes, radishes, and the dressing was a mixture of my very favourite raw caesar dressing (2 tablespoons)...and a little extra acv, lemon juice, salt and olive oil...fantastic...



and...for tomorrow's breakfast...i packed up a few scones (buckwheat biscuits), berry sauce, nutella and clotted kream...(camille LOVES the play on words)...



have a lovely night my friends...and don't forget about the giveaway...two ani phyo books...and two more sleeps until our vegan patio party...i'm going to bring ani phyo's raw tostadas...with raw corn tortillas, heirloom tomato salsa...nacho cheeze, taco nut meat...sour kream...*drool*

night night...


  1. italy seems like a beautiful country i'd love to visit someday...

    john was there once... maybe i can get him to take me!=)

    i'd love to try that farinata recipe. i made the strawberry rhubarb crumble tonight - delicious! thanks for the recipe.


  2. Love it all! The food, Italy, You! Great post girlie... vegan patio party! I will def be there in spirit with you beauties and all the fab food!

  3. YUM!!! That farinata looks pretty kick ass. I'll have to try that instead of socca next time I have the urge to make non-raw flatbread.

    And yes, I know I'm the spelling police :)

    How are the scones? That's definitely one recipe from Ani's book that is high up on my list to make.

  4. Oh I would LOVE To be a guest at your patio party...sounds amazing! That's like 3 days worth of uncooking. Your guests better appreciate you and all your effort!!!


  5. So I'm a lucky one: going to Italy next week for a lovely week on Amalfi coast. So sometimes it's not too bad to be here in Europe. To be honest I love Europe, It is just a bit difficult to find like-minded people here with this raw food thing. So I'm going to think of You there. Which part of Italy your roots related to?
    The farinata looks great. I love fresh, good quality olive oil!

  6. I've never been to Italy and am a bit scared because I'm gluten-free and vegan but it sounds amazing. And I bet your granny's olive oil is the best tasting!

    The recipe for farinata sounds amazing. Can't wait to try it out! I've got some expensive, quality olive oil in my cupboard that I can use.

    Your food for tomorrow looks delicious! Happy Friday!!!

  7. Oh wow, that farinata looks amazing!! I can't even imagine how good that olive oil is. I love Italy and can't wait to go back!!

  8. jesus i love how your breakfast. i wish i could have some! the farinata looks awesome, and you are so lucky to have olive oil straight from your grandmother's farm.

    i'm gonna try really hard to come to the patio party as soon as i'm done my shift. i have in mind what i want to make for it, but it'll be nowhere as impressive as the desserts you ladies make all the time...

  9. hi averie..., i'd love for you to be there too!!! would be awesome to hang out with you for an afternoon!!! we're all bringing's more of a potluck...and i'm sure it will take a couple of hours of prep work...ha! and i know the girls will appreciate it...hopefully it all tastes good!

    norka!!! you are SOOOO lucky. i am so envious of you. i can see how it would be hard to find raw vegans in europe...but i still think europeans eat far more healthy than we do here in north america!!! my family is from frosinone, lazio...close enough to rome.

    have a beautiful time there!!

    sarah - happy friday girlie! italy is amazing...i think you would be JUST fine there...they're not as behind as most people think! and i would think they have enough fresh veggies and fruit and i know they have soy products...and gluten free as well. they are definitely not living in the stone ages!!! thankfully! haha!

    jenny! don't worry about bringing anything. we'll have plenty of food. just come for a few minutes...have some food, and if you're very can go home.

  10. Wow!!!! First of all, we are like Italian soul sisters! HAHA!! That farinata looks amazing!!!

    I looove that kale salad, going to have to looks for some baby kale!

    Your breakfast = totally delicious! I want to stick my spoon in a grab a bite!

  11. Oh wow..I have seen a little bit of Italy in movies and such and from just that I was speechless! I would love to visit! Your childhood/teenage years sounds so wonderful and I can only imagine how hard it must have been to leave it behind. I think you can convince John to go to Italy for a lifetime over BC so start dropping the hints now!:)
    olive oil from your grandmother's farm? AMAZING..lucky girl!
    Okay I've never heard of farinata but it looks amazing and I want to eat it! Thank you for sharing! And you found Daiya!!! Ohh I need to go to the Van to see if they have it.
    Baby kale..oh so cute! I love that salad..yum! Still not on the kraut wagon yet but now that the produce is getting abundant I'm going to make a TON to make up for my absence LOL!
    Buckwheat scones, berry sauce, nutella, and cream..what a spectacular breakfast!
    Can't wait to hear how the patio party goes and so have a fabulous time and enjoy the rest of your weekend lovely:)

  12. You were so right, I am thanking you BIG TIME for the farinata recipe. It is incredible, I love the lemon in it! I did not have the cheese, but sprinkled it with some salt and pepper:)

    Your olive oil looks incredible, do they sell it anywhere we can get it? If it is just for family, would you consider adopting me? :)

    Yum the baby kale looks delish and so do your scones. Thanks for sharing!

  13. YAY for socca!! I want some now, haha.

    We are part Italian : )

  14. love italy - will definitely try the delicious-looking farinata as soon as i get some chickpea flour :-)

  15. You already know my feelings on Italy! Perhaps we plan a holiday there together haha :) Actually, I may just be going there in August again to visit my sister. Undecided right now though but after reading this post, you've got me wanting and longing for the land of amazing red tomatoes and fresh vibrant basil xox

  16. The farinata looks delish! I *love* anything Italian :D

    And I want to find some baby kale! Does it still have a thick stalk?

    Oh, and if there's any way to "un-enter" the giveaway, I'd like to do so. I was sent Ani's book for free so I think someone else should have a chance at winning it!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  17. Oh we need to make that next! We just got a cast iron pot. I will have Chris check this out. It is good to know I could eat something in Italy. I am worried it would be hard for me with all the wheat...but I survived France being vegan and gluten free. I hope you get to go back sometime. Sounds lovely.

  18. Oh, I desperately want to visit Italy someday! The farinata looks wonderful. Baby kale is great, I have the purple variety growing now. Can't wait to hear about the patio party and Ani's recipes.

  19. Ah Italy...I will visit you one day and we will be good friends. :)

    Jealous you get some awesome EVOO straight from the source. How cool!

    me want that farinata. Sorry I slaughtered the spelling in email. Dont' even know what I spelled but wasn't even close. lol! Anyway, looks so good and EASY! I'll have to pick up some chickpea flour.