Friday, May 21, 2010

clearing skies...and drying eyes...

that's a line from one of my fave beach boys' songs...disney girls...

so i wanted to clear something up...because i think a lot of people misunderstood something i quoted john saying to me in my last post..."you didn't win the battle, but you're about to win the war"...did not in any way, shape or form mean anything bad at all...what john meant is..."you didn't win the contest, but think of all the other good things that have come from the whole experience"...that's all folks...there was no ill will intended...and like i mentioned, he is really into this new show "the pacific"...and likes to use war lingo...haha! that's all i got...

a few interesting things happened to me this week...i was at panacea on wednesday, and i bumped into this lovely lady...not that i know her or anything...but i know of her...she's a pretty sweet was absolutely cool to bump into someone famous...and i told her..."hey, i follow your blog"...haha...and she was actually quite gracious...and even said bye to me as she left the store...

i bought a few things on wednesday, to help me along with my raw vegan dessert creations...


shannon marie, do you see anything interesting in my little pile of goodies? i can't believe that this store sells those cute little silicone cupcake liners for $40...and i managed to find them for $ this lovely store...this is where i go to get all my unbaking needs!!!

wednesday night, my almost father-in-law was cooking a frozen pizza in the oven...and, the oven really needed a good had been sending smoke signals out for the last week and a half!!! the alarm went off 4 times...poor jackson was freaking out...there was an incident before christmas, we left the house because john's grandmother was very ill, and we were told she was going to pass away...and there was something cooking on the stove, well suffice it to say, the house was empty, with hummer and jackson, and a pot of cooking food...well, the fire alarm sounded, firetrucks were dispatched to the house...and the firemen broke down the door...and came to the rescue! thank goodness! could have been such a tragedy, but it all worked out! anyway, since that day jackson is afraid of smoke...and alarms, and the oven fan...he becomes so agitated and has so much anxiety...two firetrucks were dispatched to the house on wednesday evening...and i feel horrible saying that i was sort of excited! but i also felt quite badly for the firemen!!! they were very kind and gracious i totally appreciated that! and, HUBBA HUBBA...i think they're so dreamy!

yesterday i was lucky enough to go to cruda cafe, hands down, some of the best raw food i have ever tasted...i ordered lunch and dinner...

enchilada (flourless organic corn wraps, guac, spinach and house salsa with raw vegan chili and marinated organic mushrooms) die for...


and for dinner...wild mushroom nut burger (rests on a bed of boston lettuce, tomato, cilantro, guac, micro greens, beets and carrots)...YUMMY! best dinner i've had in a long time...



so that's all folks...hope you all have a very lovely weekend, it's suppose to be a little rainy, but mostly sunny here in Tdot...i'm pretty excited about playing with the sun this weekend...we have a few things going on...what do you all have planned? this is also a long weekend for us...monday off babies!!!

have a beautiful day!



  1. Yummmmmm! I love raw Mexican food! Enchiladas? Mmmmmmmmmmm! :)

    Funny story, that HUGE coconut reminds me of my honeymoon in Jamaica. My hubby got one (they mixed RUM in it) and it was so strong he couldn't finish it and wanted to throw it out immediately. We could NOT, for the life of us, find a garbage it would fit in! It was so funny, we were walking around The Ritz Carlton with a big ass coconut trying to fit it in every garbage! LOL!

  2. wow, you really stocked up! makes me want to go shopping...=)

    i am so jealous of you ladies and your local raw cafes! my area is in desperate need. the food looks so yummy!

    poor jackson. i hate how loud those sirens are. they're scary for animals and kids!

    your backyard is very pretty!

    have a lovely three day weekend!=)

  3. Cool that you made it down to Cruda!! I think I'm going this weekend. Hope your May long is fabulous :)

  4. it all looks delicious. wish i was there. you are going to have so much fun with those little tart pans. i love mine. don't use them enough!

    jackson looks so happy in that last picture. hope the sun stays out for you. happy friday!

  5. I spotted those cupcake liners right away. I can't believe anyone would charge $40 for them. I think I got mine for about $8.95, but that was ages ago. You know; before I started the trend. Ha ha.

    BTW, that story was quite entertaining. Sorry Jackson still is nervous about it, although totally understandable.

    Yummy eats. I wish there were more raw restaurants around here. Maybe one day someone will open one closer to me.

  6. I can't wait to see what you make with all those goodies you bought!

    You are so lucky to have a raw food cafe so close, everything sounds so yummy:)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I'm so coming to Tdot NOW!! I love all your grocery store finds..making some cuppie cakes are we? Have a great time in your kitchie! That wrap and salad..delish. But I love that you had a coconut at your desk! What did your boss say? te he!
    Have an awesome long weekend...and this weekend its guaranteed to rain...its one of those quarks with the first long summer weekend:)
    I'm going on a little road trip back home to my moms and I am finally going to meet my bestie's daughter who was born in March!
    PS I agree with the whole selling thing:)
    Can't wait to see your creations!

  8. Hey doll, glad you enjoyed Cruda, the food looks and sounds delish - Im so excited to go there!!!!

    All those exciting goodies for more creations! Yippeee dooo da!

    Happy weekend girlie XO

  9. All the food looks fabulous! Especially the nut burger, I have not had one in so long.

    Have fun unbaking!

  10. I think firemen are dreamy too...I've had a select few incidents where the smoke alarm went off and firemen came to my house, which was scary, but they were good eye candy. And everything turned out okay, there was no fire, just a lot of smoke from something my sister was making.
    I really like Cruda...I don't go often but they definitely have some good raw eats. Mushroom nut burger sounds great!
    I hope you have fun baking (or unbaking) up a storm...I'm going to have some kitchen adventures this weekend too. I'm also hoping to enjoy my day off (haven't had one of those in a while..) and see some lovely people who I haven't had time to see lately. Have a great victoria day weekend love <3

  11. Those cupcake liners sound great! I'm all for anything re-usable :D

    All of the firemen I've encountered have been older [re: olderrrrrr] men...not the dreamy kind like I'd hope! haha but lucky you ;)

    Enjoy your weekend Nelly!

  12. what a score on the liners!

    and love the last pic, just looks so sunny and lovely!

    i hope your weekend has been great, nelly!


  13. Wow, what an amazing spread of raw food! That is a gigantic coconut! I really wish I liked coconut water, but it's just too funky for me...sad, right?

  14. Score on the enchi's - yum! I love just about anything Mexican so I'm uber jealous. And that coconut? I want it. And what a story about the stove! I'd be scared right along with Jackson - just glad everything worked out. Major score on all the unbaking stuff too. Now send me cuppies. ha ha! I jest but I need to score some of that stuff too.