Sunday, May 2, 2010

i've come to the conclusion that...

i like my own food. food i create with my own two hands...i really don't enjoy restaurant food. and i am not saying that it's not just isn't THAT great...or maybe i get things that are a little too much...maybe, i should aim for simple...

i finally got my taco salad today...and i also ordered a raw vegan burrito...from raw aura...i'm not sure what it was that i was expecting...but i wasn't happy...the food was great, very pretty...and tasty, but there were some aspects of it that i didn't like, i want to emphasize that the food was not disgusting...i think it has something to do with texture for me...and anytime there is just a hint of flax in anything, i can't handle it...and i also think i am not a big fan of any sort of pate(ish) filler...made with sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, in fact i think i don't like pumpkin seeds...i think they stand in the same category as flax does for me...but raw aura is amazing...and if you're from the area you should definitely stop in...

so my decision is...when i order from a restaurant...i will order simple items...simplicity should be the way of life...and i do prefer the simple things in why not follow that way of thinking and being with my food? as much as i love creating things because i am a foodie and i love a challenge in the kitchen...that doesn't mean that i have to try things that i know i won't from now on i am going to stick to things i know i will love, like a simple salad...i will not however be skimpy when it comes to dessert...dessert, well, i either go big or go home...

averie couldn't have said it any clearer..."making it myself = always much better in the long run"...and i was thinking this as i was driving home this evening...because i think too much about things...especially when i really look forward to something, and i feel disappointed...but at least i went out and gave it a try...

what are your favourite foods? was there something that you were so excited to try, but ended up disliking it, and feeling disappointed?

i ran a few errands today. took my little fur baby to the vet, to weigh in and say "hello"...jackson is afraid of our vet and needs to get a little more familiar with him, and not associate going to the vet with being pricked with a needle and poked with other things...haha...he got a little anxious when his doctor came out to great him, but i'm sure with bi-weekly visits he'll end up loving him soon...gosh i hope it jackson has lost 2 pounds, which is amazing...he's actually looking quite lean already...

i also went shopping for a few necessities today...some mangoes and pears...cherry tomatoes and kale (black and regular)...chia seeds...sunflower seeds...coconut water...toothpaste...i also picked up some items for my face...i have extremely sensitive skin and have noticed that i break out a lot...i don't get bad acne or anything, just tiny little bumps...which i have no idea why or what they are, but they drive me crazy...i've been using expensive creams since i can remember, and i am sick of spending the money, and i wonder if they contribute to my little "breakouts" i bought 100% organic fair trade shea butter...and grapefruit enzyme facial cleanser...and a bottle of organic coconut butter hand and body lotion...i'm hoping these items help...

another question for the yogis out there...i need some yoga gear, hot yoga gear, and i am on the hunt for whatever i need...can you please recommend items of clothing? i really need to buy something soon, as i really want to start a class next week. any info would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

good night my friendlies...i hope you all had a lovely day......sweet dreams to all of you...

p.s. i had a very strange dream last night, and i wanted to share it with all of you...not sure if perhaps someone knows what it meant...i was pregnant...and about to go into labour, and i somehow knew that my baby was breach so i reached in with my own hand and untangled the umbilical cord that was wrapped around it's neck...and that's all i remember...any ideas? pretty intense huh? and i think it was a boy.

so yah, i leave you with such a pleasant image...sweet dreams...


  1. yay jackson! 2 pounds down, 8 more to go! you are above the yellow line and will be here for one more week! (sorry biggest loser talk)

    i prefer my own food most of the time but there are a few things i do like to indulge in that are premade. but a lot of raw restaurants are not that good in my opinion. there just needs to be more of them so the competition will increase.

    sorry bout the scary baby dream. i used to have dreams about babies and i looked up it was about something new in your life, not necessarily a baby. just a new thing. maybe since it was tangled up you are scared about something new? sorry, it's my best guess. i do not have a degree in this at all.

  2. I feel the same way- food just tastes better when you make it yourself! For my birthday last year, my family & I went to a vegan restaurant in our area and the food turned out to be not very good :/ It was like "ughh, now they probably think this is how I eat all the time!"

    I hope the new products work for ya! At Wal-Mart I got printer ink and paper towels haha...SO interesting, I know.

    Night girlie!

  3. Ooo, interesting dream. Doesn't pregnancy/birth always mean change in one's life? Maybe you know about some change you want to make, and it's a positive change but you have to try hard for it and it will be difficult but will be worth it in the end? Just guessing :)

    Anyway, I'm the same when eating out. I always keep it simple then have the most fun in my kitchen.

    Happy weekend! x

  4. I prefer food I made myself, too, although I haven't been to too many raw restaurants for a comparison. When I do go, I'm just excited that someone made something for me :-)

    I have VERY sensitive skin, too, which is why I usually just use items from around the house. I like apple cider vinegar (be careful; you need to dilute it before using it on your skin, I like to add some rose water) and witch hazel. Olive oil does an excellent job of removing eye makeup. Dipping half a lemon in some sugar works great for exfoliating. In my case, it's the excess ingredients in most products that irritate my skin.

    Crazy dream. Maybe you are pregnant. I had the weirdest ones during both of my pregnancies.

  5. i'm sorry you were disappointed. i haven't had raw food from a restaurant, but john says he only likes my vegan food. i like restaurant vegan food - i'm such a piggie and like everything, especially if i didn't have to make it! you're right - simple is better in the long run, and i do prefer the meals i make.

    bi-weekly visits?! poor jackson! i hope your vet doesn't charge you much...

    i used to have break outs, but they went away when i stopped putting stuff on my face, like cover up or bronzing powder. occasionally i put coco oil on the dry spots and tea tree oil on the random pimples. and you already know i wash with just baking soda. i think simple is better when it comes to your face, too!

  6. my girls!!! hope you all had a lovely weekend!

    i love to cook or uncook, it's so much fun for me, but sometimes i just want someone else to feed me! haha!

    and kelli, i am a piggie too...i love food...and i think that is why i was a little disappointed because i want to keep going back...and know? i'll just try something else, and pray i like it!!!


    well bi-weekly so that he can weigh in and say hello to the vet...because he hates the so afraid of him! it's pretty funny and cute...and sad at the same time. he needs to get use to him...

    and with respect to the products i purchased this weekend for my face...well they're working wonders! the shea butter is amazing...and the organic grapefruit wash is pretty good too...very light...i may try the apple cider vinegar as a toner...i just need to find witch hazel and rosewater...

  7. Girlieee!
    I use the same toothpaste!!! Hehehehe, love that stuff.

    I agree with making your own food. I do LOVE and appreciate being able to go to a raw restaurant, but often it costs waaaay too much, and I end up thinking to myself " i could have made that just as good, or even better than they did". It is a treat though since it's nice to have food made for me sometimes.

    Strange dream indeed... not sure what to think about that one!

    Have a great day dear!

  8. I also like my own food...but sometimes I get so lazy and resort to restaurants! I've definitely been disappointed, but usually I'm happy to just have someone else do the work. I rely on Live Organic Food Bar and Fresh just because they are close to me and convenient. They aren't perfect- they've messed up my orders too, or some things just don't taste right. But sometimes they're delicious and I love them.

    Glad to hear the new products are good! I have sensitive skin too, and some kind of skin condition (maybe eczema). I'm in the process of switching over to natural products...trying to use up the last of what I have so as not to be wasteful but I'm hoping that they aren't irritating my skin. Oh well, I'm changing it up soon. I might try some of those products you bought.

    As for yoga, make sure you buy a mat that isn't slippery! My yoga mat...its gaiam...when my hands get sweaty during hot yoga I'm slipping and sliding everywhere. My friend has a better mat- I forget the brand name, sorry to be so useless. But it doesn't slip at all. She bought it at a yoga studio.
    Have a good day love <3

  9. sorry i am tragically late to this party but thanks for the shout and yes, making it myself is the best.

    I am glad you came to the conclusion to just stay simple w/ orders out, really, that's the best and sets one up for the least amt of disappoinment or for me GI distress, later on!

    Yoga clothes..whatever is cheap and you like. in my massive yoga post i discuss this

    dont pay alot of $
    it's not necessary! trust me! buy target-type stuff and that's all you need.

    gotta run but promise me to not buy designer yoga stuff til you really know what you like, i.e long pants, capris, shorts, tight tops, looser ones, cheap first til you really know.

  10. I like it both ways. I don't go to restaurants much these days but when I do I typically like it but there have been times where I've been disappointed and it's usually just a preference issue and not so much that it was bad. But agree that homemade dishes are best in so many ways. Kudos to jackson losing two pounds! Woo hoo!

  11. I'm chiming in late..seems to be my usual these days lol! That sucks when you go out and the food is less than par. I see going out as a treat and when the food is not good or was something I easily could have made from home (for half the price)..I get choked too! I have so many fav foods! Yet, they are constantly changing. When I was eating more cooked was, its quinoa and miso dressing plus homemade chocolate:) A food that I was disappointed in..hmm..not too sure...probably hot cereal. My family all eat it but I tried and sucks because I know its really good for you:(
    Jackson lost 2 pounds...way to go!!!
    I love that Alba cream, its really good!Haven't tried the others..but I know shea and coconut are fabulous for the skin!
    What a crazy dream..did you just hear a story about birthing or watched something on tv..that happens to me sometimes..I play out what I saw or heard that day.