Thursday, May 27, 2010

sometimes you gotta have some wine...right?

on my way home from work i stopped at the lcbo and grabbed myself two bottles of organic white wine (it was that kinda day)...and noooooooooo i will not drink them both tonight, maybe one? haha...not! i have a friend spending the weekend with i thought i'd treat her to some yumminess...

we have many fun things planned...and i am totally looking forward to the girls'/dogs' weekend...tomorrow night i promised another lady i'd take her out for her birthday, we're going to do indian...hopefully they have a vegan dish for little old me...i love indian...LOVE LOVE LOVE it...saturday i'm gonna take her to good ol' port credit and perhaps we'll pop into raw aura...and sunday she's gonna leave me, but i have plans with john's mama and her hubby...

john's gone for the weekend...he left this morning with my almost father in law...and his baby brother...they went on a fishing trip...i already feel so weird...i don't think i have been apart from him for the last three years...i ain't kidding peeps...i miss him terribly...shhh...don't tell him i told you...

i don't know what's up with me lately, i am just so exhausted. i can barely wake up in the morning...but i have to...i feel like a zombie...and i am having issues with my eyes...i'm finally getting glasses on it'll be easier on my eyesight, and i will finally be able to actually read more than one blog an hour...haha, it's pretty bad.

ok. food. i made some pretty yummy salads this week...i added some hummus (chickpeas, parsley, raw tahini, dash of cayenne, salt, garlic, lemon juice, water) and a fuji apple to my normal, kraut, avo and greens...

and...i also managed to finally make one of my favourite meals in the entire world...high raw vegan nori rolls...(raw nori sheets, fuji apple, cucumber, avo, and sprouted brown rice)...yum...

i also made a VERY yummy and crunchy cracker, it's raw, it's vegan and it's gluten free...

spinach buckwheat crunchies

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes, loosely packed
3 cups buckwheat flour*
5 cups organic baby spinach
1 apple, cored and roughly chopped
3 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp herbs de provence or herbs of your choice

*you can make buckwheat flour by soaking buckwheat, sprouting it, and degydrating it overnight at 104 degrees, running it through the food processor until it turns into flour.

process the olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, apple, lemon
juice, salt and herbs de provence until thoroughly mixed.

add the buckwheat flour and process again until a batter is formed.

divide the mixture in 2 and place on paraflexx sheets, on dehydrator trays.

spread the mixture evenly on paraflexx sheet. if mixture is too sticky you can wet the spatula to make things easier. you can either score the whole thing into 9
squares with a knife, or leave it as is and break it into pieces once it's ready, for a more rustic look.

dehydrate at 104 degrees for 4 hours and then remove the paraflexx sheets by
placing another dehydrator tray and mesh on top and invert so that
your original sheet of bread is upside down. that will allow you to
peel the paraflexx sheet off and continue to dehydrate the underside of
the bread.

dehydrate for approx 18 hours more or until crackers feel crispy.

i had some for lunch today with hummus and some of ani phyo's baja cheeze...these cracks are so crispy and herby...i love them...can't believe i pulled them off...and without FLAX (my enemy)!!!!!

hope you are all having a lovely week. and i wish you all a fabulous weekend. hope the sun comes out to play...

sweet dreams my friends...have a beautiful night...


  1. Nori rolls are one of my favorites too. Well, besides dessert :). Have a great weekend with your friend. I'm having some girl time this weekend too and looking forward to it.

  2. thanks girlie!!!!

    i'm totally looking forward to hanging with my girl...she's amazing...such a positive happy soul...

    have fun with your girl(s)...and have a beautiful weekend!

  3. Love the picture of you and Jackson...too cute!

    All your food looks incredible. So creative to use apple in the salad, nori rolls, and cracker:)

    I hope you enjoy your weekend. And YES!!!... sometimes you gotta have some wine:)

  4. I kept checking my reader this week and then going to your site b/c i thought it wasnt updating...lil did i know you've been living life OFF the blog and doing real stuff. GOOD!!!!! I am actually happy when i see my friends not post b/c it means they are doing things like making wonderful nori rolls....omg they are PREFECT i think you need a job as a vegan sushi chef! and the crackers..yum

    thanks for reminding me earlier today bout the crackers you made last week, yes, i just need to make my own crackers and stop buying them
    new house, check. crackers. Running a dehyd for 10-15 hrs in 105F temps is not good. The whole house just gets hot and icky. Sandiego will be way better for dehyd'ing than here.

    Nutmilk recipe of yours. Divine sounding!

    Sorry youre so tired babe. I think you need to just sleep. Just go to bed earlier and say who cares to everything else! get your beauty sleep love!

  5. Agreed! Sometimes you need a lil wine - love white wine too (it will be a vino weekend for me as well - wedding celebration for my girl friend).
    Aww, sorry to hear you're so tired this week girlie - im sure you'll have a blast with your friend and re-energize!
    The good looks great... Im thinking i better try those crackers next time i do a dehydrator day.

    You and Jackson are too cute together! XO

  6. aww jackson is adorable! he loves his mommy.

    love your eats--i love nori too. hits the spot sometimes when you really need it. your crackers look so good. i need to make a new batch soon, you reminded me. does the apple make it sweet? i like salty savory type crackers best.

    what no chocolate? oh i guess the wine is an indulgence of sorts. don't forget about chocolate, ok? ;-)

  7. Organic wine is always a good way to wind down! Sorry you are feeling exhausted and your eyes are bugging you...not cool my dear:( Glad though that you are having some girl time! Sounds like a great time. Salad, nori rolls, and crackers...yum! Great job on coming up with a cracker without flax. They sound fantastic!
    Have a great time at the Indian restaurant..oh how I heart Indian food too!
    Jackson looks so happy to be cuddling..great pict!

  8. That picture of you and Jackson is gorgeous. Love it!

    Nori rolls and crackers look great...I don't have a dehydrator but I could probably put the oven on a really low temp and get a similar effect for the crackers, no?

    Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend

  9. I've been tired lately, too, but that's just a side effect of motherhood. Can't complain about that.

    I understand that you miss John already. Matthew and I have never been apart more than a day, and we've been together since 1999. Crazy, I know. It must be love :-)

  10. Love little Jackson! What a cute pic!

    I've been so tired lately too! I get a little energy in the morning then that's it!

    That salad, crackers and sushi look great! I think we might make raw sushi this weekend!

    Have a great day!

  11. hey nelly girl... hope you're enjoying your weekend! (i could go for some of that wine right now!)

    yummy eats (love that you added apple to nori rolls!) and what a great photo of you and jackson!

    hope you're feeling less sleepy and not missing your johnny boy too much. mine is going away soon too - good thing we have our fur babies to keep us company.=)

  12. Hey girl, sorry you've been feeling like a zombie :( I hope you get to relax this weekend and catch up on some rest! And enjoy the wine :)

    The buckwheat crackers look amazing!

  13. Aw I hope you come good soon (I am sure the wine and the girly time will help!) Your nori rolls look delish. Hugs.

  14. lol! I love that pic of you and Jackson! He looks like he's one happy pup! And as usual, drool on all the eats. I need you to be my neighbor. And I love that you call your almost father in law your almost father in law. ha ha!