Sunday, May 9, 2010


my life in the past few days in pictures...

my two loves playing...jackson likes to surprise attack...his attacks are always filled of kisses though...

jackson's first encounter with wheatgrass...(yes there are cigarette butts in one of the pics...but jackson doesn't eat them...nor does he smoke them...)

lots of green salads filled with kale...and my very own homemade sauerkraut...(yes! it totally turned out so well...)




just because i can, i wanted to address something that has been bothering me a lot lately...and because it's affecting a few ladies that i respect...what's up with the blog drama? not understanding why there is so much hate in the blog world? who gives anyone the right to attack another's lifestyle? so someone eats a lot of leafy greens? the last time i checked greens were really good for you? did i miss the news broadcast wherein it was announced that chips and coke are the new superfoods? i think not! and what's up with trying to convince someone that they need to go on some weird fast? last time i checked we each live our own lives and make our own decisions...if we want and need advice, we'll ask for it...i think we're all pretty much old enough and mature enough to lead our own lives minus others trying to tell us that what we ate for dinner is not nutritious enough...and if someone posts a picture of themselves on their blog...why tell them that you think they're not good enough in some way, shape or form? do you walk up to a complete stranger and tell them that you think their outfit is horrid? or that they need to gain or lose a few pounds? i don't think so? so what makes it right to hurt someone's feelings in the comment section of their blog? or better yet, send them an email? why humiliate these people that you do not know...enough is enough. grow up, look in the mirror and judge only yourself, if judgment makes you happy or fulfills some weird void...enough with the negative feedback. my mama taught me that if i didn't have anything nice to say, not to say it at all...and i think that was a pretty amazing lesson...because i have learned to respect people...and life. try it. it's good for you. good for that thing called "karma" too.

speaking of mamas...happy mother's day to all you wonderful, beautiful mothers (including fur baby mamas)...enjoy the day, may it be filled with so much love...laughter and life...


  1. jackson is so cute and silly. He makes me smile. love it.

    those cakes are out of this world! is the strawberry the third one? you are a cake-making machine!

    coke and chips the new trends change so I wouldn't be suprised if someone says that at some point!

    down with drama!

    happy momma's day, jackson's mom!

  2. Good call with the blog drama rant! You're absolutely right (high-five!).

    I'm craving those delicious desserts you keep posting up! :)

  3. haha I'm glad Jackon is not smoking ;)

    I think I missed out on the blog drama (not complaining) but I agree with everything you said. With the use of technology, it seems people have forgotten manners :/ I whole-heartedly believe in karma. Put some good out there & it will come back to you!

  4. oh my god! the cakes are so PRETTY! i bet they're so yummy too. i can't wait for my mom to try hers. i know my stepdad will love it too - he loves raw chocolate.

    the pics of your babies are so cute! jackson looks like quite the lover dog! what a sweetie.

    have a very happy mother's day jackson's mommy!

  5. Love this post Nelly..walking up to strangers and saying things, to we're all adults, to the "new" superfoods..ha! Totally agree! Thanks for reminding people to chill out and practice a little more love and kindness to others :)

  6. those top photos are amazingly adorable... and i agree about blog drama. they are everywhere, not only food blogs, but still...

  7. Pretty cakes! I have an ice cream cake in the freezer right now, it's going to be so hard to wait until tomorrow to dig into it! Happy mother's day :)

  8. Hey Lovely!!! Love your new cakes...and your honesty! Haven't noticed the blog drama... but I agree, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

    Hope you had a fab weekend!!!

  9. Hello lovely!! Love the "jack attack"...too cute!!He's fast too...from the looks of the picture..John doesn't have a chance lol!
    Love the tongue in the test?
    So happy the kraut turned out well..I'm really getting anxious to make some:)
    You have to stop torturing me with your cakes...YUM!!! They look fabulous..great job!
    And AMEN, sista!! I think my Mom taught me that same lesson your awesome mom did...apparently some people didn't get the memo!
    I blog for the community and the awesome support that is found in it! If someone doesn't want to be supportive..then my thoughts are don't blog or find bloggers who are negative and comment amongst yourselves. GRRR...where's the love in this world? Thank you for putting that out was needed:)
    Happy Mother's day (you are a mom to a furbaby:) and hope you had a wonderful time with your family!

  10. YAY for homemade sauerkraut!! We love that stuff. Your cake looks amazing!!

    I agree about the blog drama...not sure why people have to be so rude...people just amaze me sometimes. (sigh)

    Thanks for getting your thoughts out there! We have dealt with a lot of negativity and wish it could just stop! Why do people have to judge??? What happen to respect??