Thursday, May 6, 2010

one down, two more to go...

i haven't entered the contest yet...because i can't cut into the cakes just yet...have to wait until sunday, mother's mother mentioned that she doesn't like the flavour of cake i was planning on bringing her...thankfully, i have another flavour up my sleeve...

here are some pics of my first cake:



here is a sneak peak at the second ice cream cake i am working on...this is my favourite flavour...and i CANNOT wait to dig into this one...can you all guess what it is?




one of my favourite girls has been pretty busy in her kitchen as well...she's already made two cakes...chocolate, strawberries and banana and rawspberries and cream...two very beautiful cakes...and i am totally cheering her on...

i have been working on a few other raw vegan meals...i am such a lover of indian flavours...i love indian food...hands down one of my favourite food to you can imagine how excited i was when sweet little heathy shared one of her creations with us the other today i recreated it...and it is so good!



and i have another love...kelp noodles...but i have no idea what to do with them half the today i recreated a recipe created by aimee, the genius behind a bitt of raw...i added marinated red cabbage and mushrooms, sprouts, green onions and good...


hope you're all having a wonderful week...what are your plans for the weekend? i am so thankful tomorrow is so so thankful...i had a day off today...and i just did everything i wanted to do, and more...i uncooked, i ran some errands...and just hung out at home...i love home. love it...sometimes i never want to leave...anyone else feel this way?

sweet dreams my friends...


  1. Hey love, your cake looks absolutely gorgeous and so yummy. You have been doing a lot of uncooking, its making me envious! I would love to do more..the Indian recipe looks fabulous. I love Indian flavours too.
    Plans for the weekend...nothing out of the ordinary or special. I guess I will see my mother on mothers day. Maybe I should make her a pretty raw vegan cake? Looks very time consuming though. Is it hard to make?
    I definitely feel like I just want to stay home sometimes..I was always a homebody. Even when I was a kid, I loved my home.
    Hope you have a fabulous weekend xo <3

  2. oh wow nells, that looks AMAZING! i love what you did on the top - it's a perfect turtle cake! i can't wait to see what the inside looks like. the mom's are going to love their cakes. nelly crawker does it again!=)

    john says the rawnola is "bangin'"! it's almost gone. thanks again sweet lady!

    your meals looks scrumptious! i'm a fan of indian food and don't have it nearly enough. remember the vegetarian retreat in the catskills i told you about? i had the best indian food there - mmm, the dahl was out of this world!

    i need to try kelp noodles. where did you get them?

    i know what you mean - i love to be home and spend my time how i want. only one more day then the weekend!


  3. ps - thanks for the shout-out!=)

  4. looks so good! caramel inside, right? take some pictures when you serve it. I think I know what the other cake is made of but I will keep quiet. Those look like shavings of chocolate. Wow you know decadent! All my favorite stuff. Well anything chocolate is good with me!

    glad you liked the noodles! thanks for calling me a genius but i'm not really. once in awhile i have a decent recipe but i still have a ways to go. i've been wanting to make heathy's curry too. i LOVE curry.

    i like home too although i love being in nature. i mostly love home because 4 of my best friends are here most of the time (fur babies). i believe you need to make your home into a place that you love.

  5. cakes looks great! YUM! And we LOVE kelp noodles, it is one of our favorite dishes to make :)

    Pure2Raw twins

  6. a bottle from Fresh! I own one too, heh. that cake looks professional.. i love pecans.

  7. Wow! These looks so delicious!!!

    I have yet to get my hands on some kelp noodles!! I keep looking, but no luck!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh my goodness darling! What a gorgeous cake - turtles - one of my big time loves! :)
    And a second cake?! Eeekers! Lucky family you have to eat those this weekend.

    Im glad you liked the eggplant curry! I love kelp noodles too, that dish looks delish.

    Have a great day girlie!

  9. Oooo, love the turtle idea :D. I'll have to try this on my dad, because he LOVES turtle candies (he doesn't usually try my raw creations).

  10. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover, these are SO lovely! I am drooling like crazy, send me a slice!

  11. My goodness, your cakes look sooo delicious! I'm guessing the second one is mint-chocolate/grasshopper? The turtle cake looks absolutely perfect. Awesome job! Can't wait to see what they look like inside!

    I love Indian food too...

  12. hi ladies,

    thanks for all your lovely feedback!! makes me smile all the time...

    i'll definitely take pics of the inside of the cake once we cut into it...but i haven't entered the contest yet, just so you all know!!! i can't without a proper blog post and pictures...

    lauren - thanks lady!!! you can totally uncook too! it's not hard!

    kelli - you're my rawking kelli crawker!!!! of course i would give you a shout out!!! plus i am totally cheering for you on this one...

    bitty boo - yes...there is caramel on the inside...and i think you're a genius!!!

    lauren - have you tried whole foods?

    heathy - the eggplant curry is divine!! thanks for sharing all of your lovely recipes with us!!! have a beautiful friday girl...have a safe trip home!

    tasha - thank you so much!

    college: raw - you're close!!! and thank you so much =)

  13. Hey Nelly! Wow that cake looks so amazing! I'll eat it if your mumsie won't:) you think Canada Post works that fast? lol!
    I LOVE Indian food...all that spice:)
    I really want to try kelp noodles but I haven't found them in Nelson!
    PS how did the kraut turn out?
    I also love being at home. We are FINALLY moving into the house we bought and so I know I'm going to not want to leave. I love leaving work knowing I have a comfy and cozy place to go to. I'm going to make my home my little haven..I even might teach some classes there (I'll write about this soon)
    Have a wonderful weekend and hope that you get enough of a break from work! lots of love!

  14. mmm mmm! Looks good Nelly! I would so snarf that...after lots of pics taken it's so pretty. :)

    Oooh, I need to pick up some more kelp noodles. Thanks for the reminder. ;)

  15. mels - wouldn't be awesome if canada post did work that quickly??? i would send all of you a cake and more!

    congrats on the house and finally moving in...i love cozy homes...have a beautiful weekend!

    heidi - thank you so much!!

  16. Hi Nelly, oh your desserts look amazing! I am not a kelp noodle fan b/c of the crunchy factor but i just posted some peanut sauce yesteday that i have put on them before and that's super good. I dont have any ideas for you b/c they're not my thing as much.

    Being at home. LOVE being at home. As much as i like to be on the go, i love love coming home. When i worked a 9-5 before skylar, coming home was the best feeling ever!

    enjoy your weeknend honey!

  17. Oh my, your cakes look amazing! Seriously good. I'm sure if I tried to make raw desserts they def wouldn't look that good. Hope you have a great weekend.

  18. PS I love being at home and can't wait for a day when I can just potter and be. Those days are so good for the soul :)

  19. Ok, for some reason my PS comment over wrote my other comment so the PS looks random. Great looking cake, hope you have a good weekend x

  20. That's a raw vegan cake?! It looks amazingg! I would take that over a cooked cake any day (for real)

    I'm sorry work has been crazy for you, but enjoy the weekend! I'll be taking finals :/

  21. The ice cream cake looks even better finished. I bet you're anxious to cut into it and have a taste. You have a good shot at winning with this one.

    That second one looks pretty tasty, too. Love the color!