Wednesday, May 19, 2010

you didn't win the battle...but you're about to win the war...

congrats to my fellow canadian camille, my girl kelli crawker, and my bitty boo for winning the ultimate ice cream cake challenge...camille's cake is fantastically beautiful, as is kelli's and bitty boo's!!!!! i'm thrilled they won and I was cheering for my girls!...congrats congrats congrats my ladies...*high fives all around*...

so if you're all wondering what the title of my post means, i'm about to tell y'all...when i told john i didn't win the competition he said "it's ok baby, you didn't win the battle, but you're about to win the war!"...i was kinda like "huh?"...all i can say is the boy loves anything war related, documentaries, movies, novels, you name it, so it's pretty normal that he speaks in war...and i guess he felt bad for me, he loves me, and most likely thought i was sad, which is a response i'm getting from tons of people...and i just want to say, it's ok! my girls won!!! and i am really really happy...i mean it y'all...

many good things have come out of the experience and I had are a couple:

i got a beautiful compliment from a raw vegan chef from right here in the GTA...and the compliment came at just the right moment...i was having the worst day possible...i thought i had made the biggest mistake of my life...and i was in hysterics...we're talking huge panic attack and just feeling like the world was crumbling down on me...i hate making mistakes...especially at work...little mistakes are know, typos, spelling mistakes...not transferring a call properly and hanging up the phone on someone accidentally...because you can fix those mistakes easily...this mistake though would have taken a lot longer to fix...and it would have just been really really irresponsible on my the midst of my little meltdown i decided i needed some fresh air and so i grabbed my trusty little phone and went outside...checked my personal email...and this is what was waiting for me:


its **** from *** ****.

beautiful deserts. you have a great talent. keep doing them and I would love to try them someday


**** :)

i don't want to publish this person's name because i didn't ask permission to do so...just in case you're wondering what the asterisks are all about...

that email made my really really made my thank you **** for taking the time out of your busy schedule to send me such a beautiful message. it was such a nice gesture...

and my brother's girlfriend asked me to make her birthday cake...she requested my banana chocolate fudge toffee ice cream cake...she even offered to pay for it...whatta sweetie pie...and i told her "yes to the cake part"...silly girl!!! she also made my day...someone actually enjoyed my cake THAT much...score!

so...i'm happy.

and if you're all wondering what ended up happening with my big mistake, things ended up working out and i didn't really make a mistake after all...i was just so frazzled i didn't realize that i blew up for no happens to the best of us...and i will definitely be more careful next time...

did someone say food? i haven't made any desserts so far this week...although i have come up with an amazing recipe which i will try to put together this week...and i am so excited about it...i actually have a few ideas...and i hope to start playing in my kitchen experimenting and creating lovely things, but y'all knew that right?! i was also thinking of getting myself a little journal to jot down my ideas so that i don't forget...

but i did make a batch of sauerkraut...this time i put a few of my fave things in the mixture...dill and garlic...and i used both green and red cabbage and himalayan crystal salt...all organic.

i also made a beautiful quinoa curry last night,

1 cup 365 organic light coconut milk
1/2 cup of organic quinoa
8 quartered heirloom variety mini tomatoes
1 package of wildwoods organic sprouted baked tofu
1 cup of organic frozen peas
1 tablespoon curry spice

mix all ingredients in casserole dish and bake in a preheated 400 degree oven for 30 minutes.

pictured above is curry quinoa and baked tofu with homemade coleslaw and asparagus salad...

i also made coleslaw (shredded red and green cabbage and carrots) with my favourite vegan slaw dressing...amazing!

i've also made some pretty awesome salads with my classic combo, can you guess? greens, sauerkraut, avo and hemp seeds...i also added some asparagus and shredded carrots...and a very simple dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and salt...and crushed garlic...(i love garlic)...

sweet dreams my loves, i leave you with some pics of jackson sleeping in the most awkward funny position...

who sleeps like that? he's such a quirky funny little creature, and i am so truly blessed he picked me to be his mama...he really did pick me...


  1. Hey girl! How sweet that you got such a nice email... I hope you managed to get rid of the work problem OK.

    We need to have a Toronto raw girls dessert get together and do some tasting... I drool over your pics. Your cakes were all so unique!


  2. glad that things turned out ok with work!

    And I saw the challenge winners and I even told Heathy I was sad to see that my girl Nelly didnt get an honorable mention...your desserts have had me drooling for weeks!

    Thank you so much for what you said about me in the comments today, i wrote back there but wanted you to know that you make my day with things like that :)

    As for the vegan slaw dressing, glad you're liking it.

    I laughed when i read you hadnt made a dessert this week. Funny b/c i swear all you make are amazing!!! desserts! you remind me of me about 6-9 mos ago when i swear, i did make a dessert ALL The time. Now, i have a few standbys and that's that...i have packing and moving to do :)

  3. i love garlic too. i sometimes feel like im the only one in the blogosphere who feels that though. haha. now it's not true. i was super into sauerkraut recently too.

  4. Hey ultra-talented lady! You did an amazing job. I guess it just didn't coincide with the points system. You did get an honorable mention which isn't too shabby either, as well as that lovely e-mail and a request for a bday cake. You go girl!

    So glad to hear everything is okay now. Luv ya!

  5. I'm so sorry to hear you had such a rough time at work, I'm glad its resolved.
    How exciting that you got an e-mail from a raw vegan chef! You definitely deserve it. I'm glad it put a smile on your lovely face.
    I am going to try making saurkraut, do you put any liquid in yours? It looks really good.
    Congrats on the birthday cake are officially a raw uncook. I would definitely pay for one of your beautiful cakes for my birthday. Its in July so keep that in mind haha.
    I'm happy that everythings okay now and I hope you have a great day <3

  6. So sorry you didn't win! But yay for the great email! I agree, you are talented!!!!

    I loooove sauerkraut, I totally need to make my own!

    Ginger sleeps is funny positions too! Like her head will be off the bed and stuff..dogs make the world go round, don't they?! :)

  7. thanks nells! your cakes were amazing! i hope to try one... i may be purchasing a slice in a restaurant someday!=)

    glad the work thing is resolved. your classic combo looks sooo yummy. i got to get started on my kraut!

    the pics of jackson are so funny!!! as you know i can sit and watch biggles sleep all day. our fur babies are too cute!=)


  8. Okay first off..I laughed soo hard at Jackson's sleeping position, like literally couldn't contain it!
    Congrats on simply MAKING all those cakes..I didn't make you are a winner in my books! And I'm so glad all your fave girls won are such a gracious lady!
    I need to make some Kraut!! What's my problem?? oh ya I'm moving in two! I've been craving it like crazy after seeing yours! I see it in the store..pick it up..put it back down and dream of your kraut:)
    I would have freaked out mistakes always make me triple nervous! I'm so so glad it worked out!
    I love the timing of your email..funny how stuff like that happens hey? Very cool about the email too:)
    I'm so excited to see your new recipe...yay! This is my mission after the move..EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, repeat!
    I'm so jealous of your eats girl! quinoa curry? Why wasn't I! I'm so going to make that..yum! and salads...awesome!

  9. Well I love all the cakes so I am glad I did not have to judge but I think you are a pretty awesome chef and your cakes were so creative. Nice work! That fact that all your family and friends love it is the best prize you know. Each "yum" is a win.

    Glad you got a nice email. It is nice to get fan mail, huh?

    Jackson, I love you cuteness! Puts a smile on my face.

  10. What a nice email! Yay! A huge compliment and a special request for one of your special cakes (another HUGE compliment). Yeehaw girlie! You are a winner and a star!

    I can relate to those "meltdowns." yeah, it happens but it's nice when everything works out. Glad it did for you.

    And Jackson, he's so beautiful and FUNNY! I mean hey, when you're sleepy any position will do sometimes. ;)

  11. So nice that it all worked out:) John sounds so supportive, and what a nice e-mail, and cake request.

    I love the all pics you post of Jackson, especially the one in the sidebar with the bone in his mouth!!!

  12. Your ice cream cakes were beautiful!!!

    Jackson is so cute!!!!