Tuesday, March 16, 2010

when the man snores...make chocolate...

so i spent about 2 hours listening to john (boyfriend) snore...poor guy was so tired...he's not use to working during the day and waking up at 5 a.m. like the rest of us, and with the time change and the full moon, he totally deserved the nap and the snore...

and i...deserved a piece of amazing heavenly chocolate...

so i used this recipe, averie's famous vegan coconut oil chocolate bars and i used the caramel recipe from averie's raw vegan turtle recipe...and i made a raw vegan turtle bar...i didn't have any cupcake liners to make proper chocolates...so, yes, i ended up with a chocolate/caramel/pecan party in my mouth bar...

question: is there anything that can turn your blah days into happy days? before i became vegan i use to go to this dessert place down the road from my apartment and order a triple layer fudge cake, trek back to my apartment and drown my sorrows in chocolatey goodness...so glad i can still do it...and not have to leave my apartment, added bonus!

it's pretty late and this girl has too be up early tomorrow...sweet dreams my pretties...


  1. drooool. nice work! a gift after my own chocolatey heart.

  2. Nellyyyyyyyyy awesome jobbbbbbbbb!!!!

    Seriously girl, thank you so much and i am glad my recipes helped you!

    You're making me really hungry :)
    and if you're not already entered in the give away, take yourself 10 extra entries, you made two recipes: one a dessert, and the other a chocolate dessert :)
    just link this post and click 10 times on the contest!

  3. thanks ladies...

    if you two lived anywhere near me i would totally invite you over for dessert...everyday! haha!


  4. That was so clever to make turtle bars!
    Blah day --> Music/friends/bubble bath --> Happier day :D