Wednesday, March 3, 2010

day 9 and 10 - sugar cleanse...

the cleanse is going great...i haven't had any cravings for the regular sugary treats, although i did want my favourite drink, santa cruz organic raspberry lemonade sparkling beverage...but i didn't cave...

for breakfast i had my fave cherry chocolate bomb smoothie and for lunch i went to this cute little place down the street from my office, commensal, i had a few little things, carrot salad, chickpea salad, lentil salad, roasted sweet potatoes and some avocado...i forgot to snap a photo...sorry!!

i have two wakes to go to this week, one tonight, and one sad...i was thinking about how i've been to 3 wakes and a funeral in the last 3 months...i started thinking that perhaps this is the way life is going to...once you get older, your start losing people...such a morbid thought...but it's life...

so tonight, after work, i have to rush home, take my little jackson out for a walk, feed him...and rush over to the funeral home...not fun!

i was also thinking that today i would love to move to california...yup! it's pretty amazing, it's warm and lovely...and the sun comes out to play more than it does here in toronto. although, i do have to add that this past week has been's been +3 out and the sun is glorious! anyway, back to my california rant...i would also love to live in california because the organic fruits and veggies are abundant, more than here for's depressing to shop for produce, as their isn't much to chose from...i've been trying to find organic frozen cherries, but i haven't had any luck...all i have been able to find are sour cherries...and although they do the trick, they are not organic...i would love to live in california...where the produce is most definitely abundant and organic!

have a wonderful day!


  1. thank you for all the AMAZING feedback u just left me re products you like.
    my hair is wavy too if i dont straighten it and gets uber tangley. I am gonna look into the herb ess tousle me. thank you!
    and CA is amazing. we lived in san diego for 6 yrs, foolishly moved to Phoenix 6 mos ago and are trying to get back to the promised land :)

  2. you're very welcome...i am a product junky, if you ever need any more information just ask me!!!

    i've read in your blog that you are not liking your new digs...i really hope you can all move back to san diego soon!!! you must be so home sick!

    i keep trying to convince my boyfriend to move somewhere other than here (toronto, ontario) and he won't budge...i need more sun though!

    have a wonderful night!