Wednesday, March 31, 2010

pizza pizza pizza...

this morning for breakfast i had a banana and a champagne mango...and for lunch i had a salad with "the gena divine salad dressing" was amazing...and i ate it...and forgot to photograph salad consisted of...romaine, fennel, cucumber, avo, hemp seeds, and carrots...yummy!!!

this afternoon i went to panacea...i promised a special blogger i would send her a few while i was grabbing this special girl her yummy treats...i picked up some daiya italian cheese and some tofu...and hemp seeds...

for dinner i made myself a yummy pizza with my mother's organic homemade tomato sauce, artichokes, mushrooms and onions...andddd daiya was very good...the cheese melted nicely...and it was momma also made a veggie soup for me, with veggies she picked at a farm (white beans, zucchini, chicory, carrots, celery, onions, and something i would never put in a soup, brussel sprouts...)...she didn't pick all those veggies herself...

i bought my love a cd he's been wanting for a long time...miles davis, the story of cool (i think?)...just curious, any cds you ladies are thinking of? what is your favourite song?

have a beautiful night lovelies...


  1. forgot to photograph it? five lashings! ;-)

    oh man so many different styles of music i am into. i love jazz, been meaning to go to a jazz club around here again, haven't been in awhile. i am into folk, indie, classic rock, broadway, random i know.

  2. bitty!!! yes!! totally, i was so excited to eat it, i completely forgot to photograph it...i deserve the lashings!!!

    my man has been wanting to go to a jazz club too...but every time we make plans...something comes up...

  3. The pizza looks delicious! No worries about forgetting to take pics- I do it all the time :)

    I have a really eclectic taste in music. Anything from hard rock to radio pop lol

  4. i'm drooling over your pizza!

    jazz is great - john and i have been meaning to go to a great jazz club in our area that makes yummy seitan tips!

    today i listened to cat steven's greatest hits and my feist albums during a very long car ride. good stuff! i like most music, especially songs i can sing to. growing up tori amos and the beatles were my favorite.=)

  5. All your comments the past few days have just warmed my heart. The pain/meat comment, the "perfect body so no one has anything to hate on me" about comment, the defending your choices comment, all just wonderful.

    I love the pizza action. Fave songs. Gosh i am all over the map and truly go everything from hip hop to sting!

  6. thanks y'all for your comments...

    i too have an eclectic taste in music...we're talking rolling stones, supertramp, marvin gaye, lady gaga, michael jackson, heart, snow patrol, jackson johnson...the dixie chicks, shania, r.e.m., the cranberries...i can keep going!!!!

    the pizza was delicious...and daiya cheese is SOY FREE!!!