Friday, March 5, 2010

day 11 - sugar cleanse...

i went grocery shopping today on my break...i went to one of my fave spots, the big carrot...very excited with some of my finds...i bought southwest sunshine burgers, and added one to my salad for! it was amazing...i am definitely in love and will never ever buy another veggie search for the perfect burger is over! they have other flavours to chose from. you will not be disappointed. trust. me.

i also bought some organic turkish brussel meyer lemons (i have never ever seen these little guys in any other store, and i have always wanted to try them out)...and i also bought my regular items, raisins...sweet potatoes...coconut oil...some fruits and veggies...cashews, medjools...and a mixture of sprouts...

today's eats and beverages consisted of:

refresh tea
lemon water
coconut water
4 dried turkish apricots
salad with sprouts, chickpeas and sunshine burger (so yum)

juice (i juiced 3 celery stalks, 4 small carrots, one meyer lemon, one apple, one pear and one beet)

1/4 piece of averie's vegan peanut butter chocolate protein bars (i subbed date syrup for the maple syrup,

and raw cacao powder for the chocolate chips, and shopped dates and apricots for raisins, i also used ruth's hemp protein powder with maca and E3Live, oh and i also used 4 tablespoons of chia and no flax)...MAKE THESE!!! they are filling...such a treat!

i'm pretty tired...this week has been too long...can't wait for tomorrow...

good night...

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  1. Oh Nelly your protein bars turned out great!!! Thanks for the link back and praise...I am so happy for you..they look perfect and awesome! Enjoy and thanks for telling people to make them...I happen to agree :)