Wednesday, March 10, 2010

just my opinion...

i've been following the blogosphere for a little over a year now...and i believe that every blog i read is amazing...everyone has their own style of writing...sharing their recipes, their lifestyle and their life...i've noticed something however, that has sort of made me a little upset...judgment...i read something today (and it's not the first time either), something about how food journals should only consist of mind blowing recipes and great pictures...and blogs that consist of people's daily eats and life stories aren't as important...and i actually disagree and think that anyone that thinks this way is seriously out to lunch...

a blog is whatever someone makes it...and no one has the right to judge someone's hard work...i am more than baffled...anyway...i needed to get that off my chest...

for breakfast i had one of the no bake protein bars i made a few days ago...i had ginormous salad (lettuce, avo, chickpeas, cucumbers, carrots and goddess dressing)

and i snacked on some apricots and raisins...dinner didn't happen, i was not hungry at all...

today i made averie's raw vegan cheesecake with a chocolate crust...and i didn't JUST use any lemons...i used meyer filling didn't come out as creamy as averie's...but i don't have the vitamiracle, i went from food processor to magic bullet, but still no dice...and i used vanilla bean powder instead of pure extract...

for the crust i used raw cacao powder, raw carob powder, dates, agave, pecans, vanilla powder, himalayan crystal sea salt and a little bit of water...

i ended up with the same amount of crust and filling...but whatevs, it works for me...

i also made an amazing red lentil dal with some quinoa to take with me for lunch tomorrow, i can't wait to dig smells and looks out of this world...yummmmo...i pretty much followed the recipe, except i used fresh ginger and turmeric...and i didn't have paprika...

i am hoping for a better night's sleep...sunday night and monday night didn't cut...sweet dreams everyone...


  1. I think that the cheesecake looks amazing!! And I usually end up w/ more crust than i need for most recipes...but you can always save the extra crust mixture and use it for raw vegan apple crumble next time
    or as an icecream softserve topper or just eat it straight up LOL

    and re blogs and reading them...I hate reading "sterile" sites where it's only mindless food info. I mean, lovely. But boring and i dont go back b/c I do care about the life story. If i only want a recipe, i'd go to or similar. Blogging implies some story telling too :)

    and i have been trying to put your blog onto my blogroll and for whatever reason, it wont "go". Weird I will keep trying to import it :)

  2. some people feel that for themselves they wouldn't want to share their daily eats. other people wouldn't want to share other things. it can be whatever you make of it. i am so grateful for the people who share their daily eats and for those who share their emotions. i learn so much. there are times when i do and don't feel it's right for me to do so on my own blog. do what you want, it's your blog! and don't let anyone tell you to take off those cute dog pics. :-)

    making cashews creamy without a high speed blender can be tricky. you can try soaking the cashews longer. but it still might be a little gritty. i can tell you that recipes with avocados work out fine. so maybe swap out the cashew filling for an avocado chocolate one if you want silky smooth.

  3. hi averie...i actually rolled some of the leftover crust into little chocolate balls and sent them home with my brother's girlfriend! the one thing that gets me about the "sterile" blogs is that they judge other blogs...and i don't like's not right, but, on the positive side i love all of the blogs i read...the stories, the recipes and just learning new things about food and life!

    thanks so much for your comment...and i absolutely love your recipes and your blog, makes me so happy!

    hey bitty!!! haha! i would NEVER stop taking pics of my little man, he is a big part of my life...and he loves the food i make!

    i agree, i really love to see what people eat everyday, and it's nice to hear how their day is...bad or good.

    i really need to get the vitamiracle, my food processor and magic bullet and blender, really don't cut it! but the cheesecake did turn out really well! so yummy and decadent!


    p.s. thanks for reading my's nice to know i have a bloggy friend!!!

  4. Totally agree with you Nelly girl on the blog writing thing. There are NO rules and I would prefer to go and read someone's true account rather than just their recipes. I love to get to 'know' my blog writers and they in-turn become my friends :)