Monday, March 15, 2010

lentils...a girl's bestie...

i. am. exhausted. i feel like i ran a marathon...but i don't remember it...ha!

i spent saturday morning and afternoon shopping with my mother...and the rest of the day with my love and our baby jackson...we watched the two coreys for a bit and i felt so heartbroken afterwards...some of the episodes totally foreshadowed corey haim's death...i felt so sorry for him...i just don't understand how people can get so deep into that lifestyle...i can't understand how drugs can be the centre of anyone's life...i just don't get it...i never will.

this morning i felt robbed. i felt robbed of my hour. weird. i've never really cared about daylight savings...but today. i. cared. it truly got under my skin. i slept in. i really have nothing to complain about...i can't explain it.

today we spent the day with my family, cooking, laughing, teasing one another...just having a good time. it was really nice. i really didn't want the day to end. but sadly, it did.

i made a lovely dish today. lentil and quinoa stuffed bell peppers...if anyone cares for the recipe let me know, it was pretty simple, and so tasty!

cute little story...i made myself kristen's high raw vegan tostadas last night for dinner...i made a few boyfriend had one and he absolutely loved it...which gave me the warm fuzzies...i don't want to change him in any way (well i kind of do)...i want him to eat what he loves, but i also want him to be a little more healthy. he eats so much crap (sorry for the choice of words, but there is no other way to describe it)...i've asked him to eat more veggies and he has, which is if i could only get him to eat fruit...

i have to add that he expressed some interest in blogging...i was reading lovely averie's post and he was really interested in her raw chocolate treats...he wanted to check out my blog, but i was not at all confident in showing it to him...haha...i'm still pretty new to this. i'll definitely show him one day when i am better at it! also, my girl averie is having an awesome giveway...y'all should check it out...

here's a question? would you try to change the eating habits of someone you love and care for, especially if you know that what they eat is so extremely bad for them? how would you approach the subject? how would you go about changing their diet?

well good night my lovelies, hope you all have sweet dreams...


  1. Hey Girlie thanks for the shout outs and link backs, and your lentils/peppers look soooo pretty and awesome and i need to check kristen's tostadas recipe out. she has so many i lose track :)

    Anyway re your boyf and his interest, well i am glad he was interested in my food, that's cool Show him your blog, i think it's great! And changing another...i have blogged bout this many times; you cannot change ppl, you can only lead by example. and then if they are curious, they will come on board. not just w/ food but with anything in life. my hubs 11 yrs ago ate meat and potatoes and iceburg lettcue. now he eats raw desserts, spiralized zuke noodles, and raw veggies. and loves it. it's all about me getting better in the kitchen and loving these foods and bringing him along w/ me on the journey b/c he kind of had to adapt with me or he was gonna starve cuz i wasnt cooking separate :) LOL

    p.s.. sweetie will you take off your word verif? it munches comments!

  2. and thx for all your contest entries and link backs, muah!!!xoxo

  3. i'm hoping he changes on his own free will...i'm sure he will in time...but the food he eats is way too bad for him...

  4. Yay for the tostadas :)

    Here's a post I wrote "To Date Or Not To Date A Carnivore" that touches upon what you're saying. ;)


  5. mmm...lentils...

    your stuffed peppers look so yummy!

    all i can suggest is to continue making yummy healthy things you and your bf both enjoy. then he'll be too satisfied to turn to the crappy food!=)