Tuesday, March 23, 2010

path to the high rawky road...

move over mcdonalds...i was famished this morning...running late, and dreaming of fresh fruit...watermelon, pineapple...mmmm...all i had were ezekiel wraps, sunshine burgers, and caesar dressing...what's a girl to do? make a breakfast vegburger...it. was. amazinggg. hit the spot...well not really...i did want fruit...but where is one gonna find fresh fruit that hasn't been touched by a gazillion dirty hands...

i have issues with buying prepared food most of the time, because, i once grabbed a salad from a little place downstairs (i work downtown toronto, at bay and queen)...i was pretty excited because it was my favourite salad...i took my first bite...scooped up another bite...and guess what i saw...a hair...not just a regular hair girls and boys...but a hair that came all the way from down under, and i am not talking about australia!!! let's just leave it at the fact that i was mortified...

last night i made vegan high raw rocky road, the only ingredient that isn't raw are the vegan marshmallows...

i used averie's recipe for vegan coconut oil chocolate, tweaked it just a tad as i don't like my chocolate very very sweet, i'm the girl that likes extremely dark bitter chocolate...so i added a little less agave, it still turned out pretty sweet...and i made three batches of it...

vegan rawky road (high raw)

3 tbsps of coconut oil
2.5 tbsps of agave

i melted these two ingredients together using a bowl of very hot tap water and placed the glass containing the coco oil and agave in it...

then i added 1.5 tsps of vanilla powder to the mix...i then added 6 tbsps of raw cacao powder...

i lined a container with plastic wrap...and added raw macadamia nuts, raw pecans and sweet & sara's mini vegan marshmallows and poured the chocolate goodness on top of the nuts and marshmallows...i placed the container in the freezer for an hour...and enjoyed a few pieces...y u m m y.

anywho...my thoughts, heart and prayers are with ryan, evan and harvey today...good positive thoughts...

have a beautiful day everyone...

*note, the lovely kelli of animal-friendly eating suggested i call the rocky road recipe high "rawky" road...i think it's a fabulous idea...thanks kelli...


  1. mmm your rocky road looks sooo good!!! (maybe it should be called high rawky road?=)

  2. hey kelli...that sounds like an awesome idea!!!!


  3. Your rawky road looks amazing!! Right up my alley :D

    I would FREAK OUT if I found that in my salad. I don't blame you for being skeptical of prepared food!

  4. i much prefer making my own food too. sometimes i get tummy issues from prepared food. the hair is gross but the tummy issues mean bad ingredients or contamination of wheat or something else (i'm allergic to wheat). so i'd rather make my own food. although i do know some of the raw chefs around here and it's very very high quality. so i take my risks with them.

    that chocolate looks so good! i haven't had vegan mashmallows in AGES!

  5. I love the Rawky Road! Wow...I used to eat marshmallows but the boat load as a kid and those chunks you made look JUST like the rocky road chunks they put in ice cream except yours are a million times cleaner & healthier...and professional looking!

    Dairy. Yes. Gross. Glad you agree. Just wean your boyf off slowly. The 2nd paragraph talks about addiction to dairy, sad but true.

    Thanks for the raw choc linkback :) I have seen so many ppl lately not linking and you are the BEST. xoxoxo

    love ya girl!

  6. Rawky road looks delish!

    Uchh I hate finding hair in food! Or bugs...I've definitely found some dead bugs in prepared foods. I try not to think about it if I'm ever in a situation that calls for something prepared.

  7. Hey girl. Thank you so much for your thoughts and hugs for my fam, I really appreciate it.

  8. Hey girl. Thank you so much for your thoughts and hugs for my fam, I really appreciate it.