Friday, March 26, 2010

i'm pretty blah...but my food is vibrant...

meh! exhausted is the only word that can truly describe how i feel. just spent.

these last two days i've been eating my favourite pretty high raw tostadas with this lovely cheezy nacho hemp sauce some pretty yummy salads with an amazing dressing i decided to make the other day...cayenne tahini dressing created by the lovely's so creamy with a hint of's fabulous! and raw tahini is just so good for's made of raw sesame seeds...and sesame seeds are high in these minerals:

* copper
* manganese
* tryptophan
* calcium
* magnesium

sesame seeds also provide iron, phosporus, and zinc, vitamin b1(thiamin) and vitamin e. i'm pretty interested in the fact that sesame seeds are very high in calcium and magnesium...who needs cow or goat milk? please read this amazing "dairy free" post by my girl averie for information on calcium and where to get it on a plant based diet...

i'd also like to apologize for the quality of my photos...i am too lazy to use my perfectly wonderful i use my iphone's so much easier to just snap the photo and email it to of these days i'll snap out of it...and start snapping with a real camera...PROMISE...until then please enjoy my very amateur food porn...

sweet dreams y'all...


  1. If it bothers you then you should say something! There's nothing to lose and one person can make the difference :D

    And thanks for the link to Kristen's recipe. It sounds SO good and I just picked up some more tahini. While I was on her site, I also came across something called Pecan Pie butter?! Must. recreate. now :D

  2. Nelly thank you sooo much as always, for all the awesome comments you leave on all my posts!

    Thanks for the shoutout about my dairy smackdown :) And your Kristen inspired eats look lovely! And good reminder about her hubs and his protein grenades she makes him..that may work for me.

    Anyway girl, sorry to hear your about your job and you feel that way; I would too! But honestly, in this economy, this sounds so trite, but at least you have a job. Times are soooo tough right now.

    What you told me re your sciatica and other issues. I have many health challenges that i do not blog about. I know what chronic pain is like and I am so sorry to hear that. I am so terribly sorry. I know, firsthand, it can be debilitating on every level.

    As for your high raw vegan goals...i think your current eating path is pretty damn amazing. I dont think you need any "goals" to aspire to, i think you're doing just fine :)


  3. you girls amaze me...

    thanks for your input...always appreciated...the first thing i do in the morning after i post is check my email...i don't even get out of bed and yup i'm checking!!!


  4. i know how you feel... i was in the same boat teaching. the amount of paper we used a day was crazy. plus i was constantly tired and doing busy work just because it was required but not really necessary. i loved my students but i was miserable. so what did i do? i quit!

    i had some money saved and i cut back big time on my spending. with all the free time i became more health conscious and more involved with my hobbies. now i tutor and babysit. i'm lucky to have john as we both support each other.

    i'm not saying quit your job, just telling you what i did! i believe as long we are following our hearts, we will be taken care of.=)

    your tostados look amazing! i make the nacho sauce with cashews, but i bet it's even better with hemp seeds.

  5. hi kelli, unfortunately i can't quit my job, not right now at least...i can call the government and ask them if it is really necessary for me to provide them with the same information every year? see where that takes me...

    i do have some long term goals though for sure...i plan on doing something health related and food related as soon as i figure out how...i'm planning on taking a course and perhaps getting a background in nutrition...i have big plans for this girl...i do not plan on working for corporate canada for too long...i dread the fact that i make rich people richer...but as averie mentioned, i'm lucky to have a job!

    it just gets me every time i feel i am killing a tree...a tree that keeps life going on this earth!!! and i truly know i need to do something about it...

  6. did i miss something..your LAYOUT is beautiful!!!!!! did you just do it?? I came here to drop a commment telling you you're the best link backer, ever!, and your layout is all spiffy and gorgeous!!!