Saturday, July 17, 2010

you are open letter to you...

i would like to step away from food today...and extend my heart and soul to a world wherein it is dream is and always has been to help this as many lives as i can...touch as many hearts as is possible...if i can put a smile on at least one beautiful face...well then, my job here on this earth is done...

i've been thinking a lot about life...and how i feel my potential is not even close to being's so easy to go to work everyday, and do the same thing, day in and day out...isn't it? it's so easy to lead a very simple life...and i do. but it's not enough for me. i want more. i want to do more. i want to help our world somehow. and i will. baby steps. and i begin my journey with this blog entry...

driving home this evening...same route...same thoughts...same radio station, 680 news...i heard about something that really touched me...and i knew it was a starting point for me...and for so many women out there...the dove movement...dove is asking that women take the time to write a little note to all 13 year old girls around the give them the self esteem they need to face this world...and i think it is just such a beautiful message...and i want to take part...and invite you all to do the same...

i struggle with self esteem issues to this very day...had someone told me that i was beautiful NO MATTER what...i think, actually i know, i would be a different girl today...a proud woman...proud of who i am on the inside...because at the end of the day...who i more important than what i see in the mirror...because who i am can change the world...the face in the mirror, well it doesn't really matter...

open letter
to: 13 year old girls around the world; and all little girls and women around the world

lovely girl,

i wanted to start off by saying YOU are beautiful...your heart is beautiful. and your smile can light up this entire world...please don't ever forget that...the sound of your laughter, is music to the world's ears...

life is tough isn't it? but it's beautiful and it's worth it. and the world is even more beautiful because you're a part of it. life isn't about the colour of your hair, or the colour of your's not about the length of your nose, or the size of your lips...nor is it about the size of your breasts, or the inches of your waist...or whether you have a butt or not...short or matter your size...there is only one of one on this earth will ever be able to replace are epic.

life is about you. it is about love and happiness, and making is about holding hands and singing as loud as you possibly can...dancing, even when the world is's about taking chances and having a's about passion and fighting for what you believe everything you want to do, and don't ever give up on yourself...keep going, even if you feel the world has let you down...keep fighting...because you are worth it and you always will be. always be yourself, always be true to yourself, and always believe in yourself...and when you look into the mirror i want you to see your strength and your brilliance. your warmth and your kindness...i want you to know that your heart alone, can and will change the world.

you are beautiful, inside and out...please don't ever forget that. if there is one thing in this world that i know for certain, it's that you are worth an infinity...and you are so loved and cherished.

wish on stars, and dream big yourself...forever and for always...

your friend,


i leave you with a very inspirational song...i always sing this to myself when i need a little bit of a push...and a hug...

i hope you dance....


  1. Ooohhhh this has me blubbing away! Beautiful, just incredibly beautiful. So heartfelt and genuine. Thank you.

  2. That letter was write so well sweetie....and yes, I need a tissue now. Hugs xxx

  3. I think there is not a single being out there that is not beautiful. Thank's for sharing your touching thoughts.

  4. What a special, inspiring post. Nelly, you are a very special soul.

  5. Inspiring and wonderful post, Nelly! Thank you for sharing, girl :)

  6. Wow, that was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  7. this is beautiful. YOU are beautiful! thank you for sharing.

    i love that song but have never seen the video. love it!

  8. oh i wish i read this when i was 13! it is so hard being that age. thank you for your words. very uplifting even for this 30-something.

  9. This was amazing- I plan to share it with my daughter in 12 years

  10. Nelly, this was absolutely beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to share this :) And I think you should re-read the letter you wrote and read it as if it were meant for YOU!

  11. this is so weird, i read your sugar doll award, clicked to comment and then this post came up. Anyway love, have a great nite, just wanted to pop in and say hi :)

  12. Whar a beautiful post Nelly, this is lovely.

    My 17 yr old sister is struggling with self-esteem big time at the mo. I can see my 17 yr old self in her and it's heart breaking. I think girls throughout their teens and onwards need to know how much worth and potential they truly have. You're right, if you set confident foundations then hopefully when you get into adulthood and our age then these self-esteem issues won't be around. When I got married, I knew I had to start sorting my low self-esteem (and my ED) out so that it wouldn't effect us as a couple so much. And I'm glad I started back then because it's quite a journey! Worth it though :)

    Lots of love, you are beautiful and you always put a smile on my face xxx

  13. Beautiful! We have only one daughter and four boys. Our daughter is 15 and is not a worldly girl, thank goodness. She is still innocent and gets upset that she is getting older. She wants to stay young, how's that for a switch...don't all teens want to be older?!
    I have to remember to tell her everyday that she is unique and special, beautiful and delightful. Life goes by and we forget to say I love you to our loved is so sad, how could we forget something so important.
    You are a beautiful person for being so thoughtful.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  14. This is beyond beautiful! I struggle with the same thing.. and I agree, if someone had told me at 13, that I was beautiful no matter what, I would be different. Thanks for the reminder, that we are all beautiful!!!! Especially you, kind, sweet, Nelly.. outside and inside! XOXO

  15. Beautiful!! Love this, what a great thing. Yes so many girls need hear that they are beautiful!

  16. I love this! I just came across your blog after it was linked to Heather Pace's. I just posted some youtube videos on my blog about the negative effect that the media has on pressuring girls to look a certain way. I love that I came across your post about the same thing! The letter that you wrote is beautiful...and so are you! Thanks so much for putting yourself out there and making a difference. xoxo- Ashley

  17. What a heartfelt post, with a beautiful message. Thank you for your inspirational words. And i LOVE that song! xxx

  18. all of you amazing beautiful women are an inspiration to all remind me that this world is filled with earthbound angels...

    i love you all from the bottom of my heart....reading your comments has left me speechless and beyond touched.

    thank you SO much for every kind, thoughtful beautiful world.


  19. Hi Nelly,

    I just wanted to say that I love your dog - that picture of him with the bone waiting for you to get out of bed is just too much. So cute - I am dying to get an animal but we are renting right now and pets are not allowed. I am sure your doggies bring you much joy. Thanks for your lovely blog and beautiful intent.

  20. Oh Nelly!! This is so beautiful and touching. 13 was so tough and I wish I had the self confidence to be myself at that age. You are AMAZINGLY inspirational!

  21. Hi beautiful! Thank you so much for writing had me in tears. Very lovely thought and such beautiful words. Honestly, age 13 was one of the hardest years of my life. It was when I first got my official diagnosis of clinical depression (although I had been depressed for a few years by that point, but it worsened at that age) and then later on, an eating disorder. I had incredibly low self esteem and no one ever told me anything different. In fact, quite the opposite...
    I could really have used a letter like this at that age, and throughout my teen years, and to this day. I still struggle with my self esteem and self worth and it is very hard. I think a lot of people (especially women) struggle with it throughout their entire lives, and I think it would be beneficial for someone of any age to read something like this. Thank you for being your beautiful self!

  22. You're so beautiful nelly. 13 is such a challenging time for all. I would've loved to have read this (or other awkward or stressful times) then. I certainly was feeling low and not very special but looking back oh how young I was! Wise words to live by and remember and even now. I love you nelly. You're a beautiful example for us all.