Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh i love thee...let me count the ways...

lovebugs!! how are ya babes?

me? i'm tired. pooped. drained. a little sad.

i am missing a couple of ladies like crazy...

i can't believe so much time has already passed since that photo was taken...two weeks...time flies doesn't it? man...sometimes i feel like i need to catch my breath because life just keeps whizzing by...i wish it would slow down just a little...

so i have some news...john won a trip to vegas...i was suppose to go with...BUT...because i am TERRIFIED of flying i gracefully pulled out...and told him that he should go with a friend...i had the worst anxiety attack the other day just thinking about the trip...he is scheduled to go july 29...that is just way too soon for me to wrap my head around the whole thing...i know i'm nuts, right? i tell myself how crazy i am ALL. THE. TIME....but...fear is way of getting around it...i just hope that one day i will be able to get over it...

moving along to more happy summer and food...and a blooming garden... i love summer...and it's bounty...farmer's markets...and sunny days...and sitting outside for hours basking in the glorious warmth...watching my beautiful baby garden i love summer...

i've been eating a lot of amazingly wonderful raw vegan foods...and i feel brilliant...i've been lucky enough to get some amazing veggies and berries from the farmer's market across from the office building that i work in, every faves are cucumbers...zucchini...beets...cherry tomatoes...fresh ontario corn...sweet raspberries...cherries...ontario strawberries and blackberries...from my garden, i have been lucky enough to harvest chard and collards...various types of lettuce...basil...and today my very first cucumber...

massaged kale salad and zucchini pasta with cherry tomato sauce

kimchi cukes (ani phyo recipe)

cukes and hummus (view from the kitchen from the building i work in)

bloobs and blackberries

cherry, banana, strawberry and sunwarrior vanilla protein (AMAZING!)

pics of my adorable garden...and some baby veggies...

have a beautiful night my friends...and don't forget to enter the sweet gratitude book ends on friday...

sending you all so much love...


  1. I hate it when friends have to leave, booo! HAHA Glad you girls had such a great time :) I love summer too for all the great produce and fruit, yum!!

  2. I love your garden. THose are the cutest eggplants ever!

  3. aww i miss you too! time sure does fly... it feels like yesterday we were counting down sleeps!

    love your eats, and the garden is looking great! cute little eggplant babies!=)

  4. sorry you are sad. i am sad you don't fly because then there is little hope of you coming to seattle. oh well i will have to come to you.

    i have a HUGE fear of heights. i am scared just from that picture you posted! it would be so hard for me to work that far up!

    your veggie garden looks amazing. the cuke salad looks lovely too. i used to eat that in china and loved it. you are reminding me to recreate it.

  5. Your garden is looking great! and Real YUM YUM food..
    Did you look into byron katie Work? she is amazing! she taught me that fear is a thought first of all... Hope you do and get yourself into a plane and enjoy it ;0)
    I am afraid of hights!! Really bad! and I am going on a parachute ride in our next vacation ;0) or at least that's what I am saying now!! ♥

  6. Mmmm, yummy smoothie girl! Sorry to hear about the anxiety with the trip :( Flying can get to the best of us, I know! At least it gives you more time to tend to your bella garden and make delicious raw dishes :)

  7. Aww, so sorry you have such a fear of flying. I get a lot of anxiety when I fly, but I still somehow do it.. just not often! :)

    Everything looks amazing!!!! I loooove kale salads! And your garden looks gorgeous! XO

  8. Oh yummmy, my beautiful!
    I miss you so much.... it does feel like ages ago since that pic was taken. Im sooo glad we were able to have more visits!

    Such a shame that you can't fly, but we'll get you started on a short ride up here one of these days and you'll be a pro in no time! :)

    The garden sure is flourishing!!!!

    Love you doll! XOXO

  9. Hey Sweets!
    I'm totally understand your fear of flying - I am an awful flyer - my husband and I leave for New York next Friday and I am doing my best to try not to think about the flight :(
    All of your lovely veggies/raw food looks amazing, isn't summer the best :)
    I love your spirit - from the moment I met you I could tell you have an amazing heart :)

  10. Poor you, phobias suck big time! Hope you're ok now.

    I'm glad you've been enjoying loads of beautiful food and wonderful company.

    Lots of love and hugs xxxx

  11. I can't fly.
    Love your garden...good eats!!

  12. Hello Lovely lady!!
    Very cool that John won a trip. One day you will be able to go..I know it!! I have a slight fear every time I get on the plane but I have to let it go since I'm already on the plane LOL! I wish you the best on overcoming your fear:) I know its hard and scary..but you can do it!
    As for your!! yummy! How did you like the kimchi cucumbers?
    Okay now I totally want some sunwarrior! I think I'm going to have to order it online as I have yet to find it here.
    Your garden looks amazing!!!!
    I trusted my garden this past week to the hubby and I didn't get a chance to go out there so it may be a bit crazy lol!
    Thanks for the update..and congrats on your first cucumber!

  13. isn't SWP so good?!?! I think so too! Your smoothie looks very tasty. So exciting John won a trip to LV but I'm bummed you're not going too. :( Don't feel bad though. Make a mini-vacay for yourself too. Hopefully, your fear will be a thing of the past. I'm rootin' for ya! I love your garden. It looks great!