Monday, July 26, 2010

the durian that had me close to saturday with a raw candy girl...

hello my friendlies...hope you are all enjoying the last little bit of your weekend (unless you live in saudi, and therefore, hope you're enjoying the middle of your week)...sundays make me so sad...they always have...meh!

yesterday i spent the day frolicking in fields of flowers...and eating tubs and tubs of cashew creamery ice cacao chip to be exact...and playing a harp...

just joking kids!!! that would have been nice though...i did something even more fun...i spent the day with raw candy girl...we did a little shopping in kensington market, and chinatown...we were rained on quite a was actually a lot of fun...except i was wearing flip flops and my feet felt really icky!!! we bought a few ingredients for our kitchen party, we unbaked a cheezecake, courtesy of sweet gratitude and whipped up a very gourmet meal, courtesy of living raw was once again...epic...except for the part where i ate durian and was very close to tears...ugh!

that picture was taken before i ate a piece of it...

first we worked on the white chocolate raspberry need to make this's INCREDIBLE...i love it...





after dessert we worked on dinner...a gourmet dinner...a very glorious gourmet dinner...even my carnivorous man loved it...i know, right?! one day...we will rule the world...haha!!! camille picked up some squash blossoms at the farmer's market on thursday...we made squash blossoms stuffed with smoky cashew chive cheeze, with red pepper harissa, cucumber mint raita, and tomato olive basil salad...heavenly...and the flavours all popped!




we also had an S&M salad...


durian. hmmm. what can i say? it looked like death. it smelled like disgustingness...and it tasted like something i have never in my life even dreamed was horrible. it actually almost made me cry. and i am not kidding. i was simply beyond disgusted.

hope you all had a very lovely weekend...

jackson wants me to send you all hugs on his behalf...have a beautiful night my friends...and i'm wishing you all a very lovely week...



  1. you may have gotten a bad durian. it is possible. or then again you might just hate it. did jackson like it?

    your stuffed squash blossoms and cheesecake look so good! wish i could have a bite of each!

  2. Yum and yum my girl!
    Hehehe.... OMG! I was frolicking in the fields eating tubs of cashew ice cream too.. OH, and I was playing my harp!

    BUmmer about durian, but you should try it again! I didnt like it my first time either.

    Looks like you and Camille whipped up a fine feast! Wish I could have been there to enjoy!
    Love you both!

  3. I've heard Durian is something you either love or you hate...and apparently you hated it! lol

    But those raw desserts *must* have made up for it!

    Love the new prof. pic by the way :)

  4. Durian sounds awful!!!! But all your other foods sound amazing! Loving it. Hope you have the best week xxx

  5. aww hi jackson! miss you!

    too bad you didn't like the durian - that could have been a great photo of you and your new favorite fruit! ha! i hope you picked up more jackfruit for yourself to make up for the durian...

    the cheesecake and gourmet dinner look delish! wish i could have been there! what's an s&m salad?

  6. Agh, durian! One of my least favorite flavors, I must confess :)

  7. I know Paul Nison LOVES it. I never have tried a bit afraid. Think I will pass. Your dog is beautiful!

  8. Ah!Ah! about the Durian!! I tried it last summer in Malaysia. I nearly passed out at the 1 st bite!! Love ur post♥

  9. Oh my! Sorry you had such a traumatic durian experience. I have only had one, and I made a sweet creamy chocolate ice cream with it, so it was delish :) Good thing you have that nice "before" picture!

    The time spent with Camille sounds wonderful, and I adore the new picture of Jackson.

  10. I've never had durian, fresh, but I loved it frozen. Maybe I should stick with that! LOL!

    That cake looks amazing, so does everything else! Glad you ladies had a fun weekend!

    Aww! Sweeeeet Jackson! ;)

  11. Seriously, EVERYTHING looks way too amazingly delicious! I want all of it! That Cafe Grat. Cheesecake looks wonderful! Mine don't usually come out that nice... and I have yet to try the swirls but yum! And funny, I was just talking to my boyfriend about Durians this weekend. I would love to try one just to say I've eaten it... sounds stinky though. ;)

    The squash blossoms stuffed with smoky cashew chive cheeze, with red pepper harissa, cucumber mint raita, and tomato olive basil salad... PLEASE do tell, where did you get the various recipes? I would love to make every single thing you just posted about. They all look and sound so good.

  12. Wow, the Cheesecake looks to die for! I just got that Recipe book, so I really must try that - but no Irish Moss to be found in HK :(
    I love how happy you look with that Durian, lol! I can't stand it eather - tried it for the first time in Malaysia and I almost gagged. Still remember I had to drive in the car with a bag of it that was stinking out the whole car,urghhhh! Never again...

  13. Oh Jackson!!! so sweet!
    What an amazing day!! I have heard the blossoms are amazing when you stuff them..yours look awesome!
    And John even loved it? YIPEEE!!!
    I'm so jealous and can't wait to visit the eastern raw food ladies:)

  14. What lovely post to commemorate or fun day! I brought the remainder of the cheesecake into work today and my colleages l-o-v-e-d it! How could they not? The durian, on the other hand, was promptly thrown in the compost. Yucky. I know understand why it's illegal to eat those things on buses in Asia.

    Lori: the stuffed squash blossoms are from Sarma's Living Raw Food -- one of the best uncookbooks ever!

  15. never had a durian...have no plans to either, from everything i have read/heard, they stink! LOL not my thing when there are so many other things that dont!

    "smoky cashew chive cheeze, with red pepper harissa, cucumber mint raita, and tomato olive basil salad."---OMG divine!!

    The cheezecake w/ the rasp INSIDE are an ARTIST! you need to be making a living doing this!

    squash blossoms, never had but they sell em at my farmers mkt and am so tempted to try them!

    and your time w/ camille...awww, how awesome!!!!!! I wanna come next time :)


  16. bitty - i really don't think it was the durian...i think the fruit itself is is illegal to bring on a bus in asia...because it STINKS!!!

    heather - wish you had been there too...

    danielle - thank you girlie...and yes totally hated it...ugh!

    sarah - thanks love...hope you have the best week too...and you're feeling better!!!

    kelli - think it's a sarma and matthew's in the living raw food's book...

    gena - thanks for your confession...

    angela - thank you so much for your kind words...i did make nice with the durian beforehand...haha...i was asking it to not taste the way it smelled...haha!!!

    lauren - frozen durian is good? hmmmm...i don't think i will ever ever ever try any form. durian is dead to me.

    rebecca - the smell in my car was horrid...camille and i were not liking it one bit...and i think we were both hoping it wouldn't taste anything like the smell...who knew we were in for a really gross experience!!! ugh!!!

    mels - can't wait for you to visit either!!! it will be a happy day!!!

    camille - thank you. glad your co-workers loved the cake...i am not sharing mine. haha!

    averie - i love you. enough said. <3

  17. Never had a Durian before, but sounds great! The cheesecake is beautiful, love the swirl!

  18. Never had Durian...but I definitely won't be trying it any time soon. From what you wrote here and from what other people have said, I think I should just stay away.
    The cheezecake looks amazing! And so does everything else, as usual.
    Glad you two had fun.

  19. Wow, that dinner! Seriously whenever you girls get together great things come out of that kitchen!! I think I'll just pack up and move to Canada!

    Sorry you had a terrible durian experience! It's so scary looking and I know my roommates will hate me forever if I buy one so I'll hold off. Really want to try it for myself though!

    Your pup is so sweet!!!!! I just want to give him a big hug. See again I need to go to Canada! :)

  20. Um, that dinner and dessert looks AMAAAAZING! I wish I lived closer!!!! And durian. Ugh. I hate it too.

  21. Oooo, yum- all of it! Lovin' your puppy's name! He's a cutie. I heart Sarma... really dig her recipe book also! Those squash blossoms sound so tasty! Mmm, mmm!! Hope you had a lovely TUESDAY....haha! ;) have a great wk!

  22. what beautiful food you have made!

  23. Now that I know that I can do this ... hahaha ... that thinks looks like a very large blowfish hahaha

  24. Look at that luverly cake!!! Yum, looks so delicious :) Thanks for sharing girlie - beautiful!