Monday, July 19, 2010

someone thinks i am swell...

a few days ago the lovely sarah from gluten free tries vegan awarded me with the sugar doll's nice to know that i am liked...thank you so much sarah...sorry it took me so long to acknowledge it...

i am supposed to write 10 random things about me and then pass the award along to a few of my lovebugs...the only issue i have is that i think you are all sugar dolls...and for the boys...well you're all sugar dandies...hehe!!! so i pick all of you...feel free to put this award up on your blog, and tell the blogosphere that nelly thinks you're swell...and please enlighten us all with 10 random things about you...i would LOVE to read them all...

ok here goes...10 random things about me...

♡ i bite my nails...
♡ my eyes turn forrest green when i cry...
♡ i love to kick doors when i am frustrated...(jokes)...i am very sarcastic...
♡ i FREAK out when a bug (especially spiders) crawl on any part of me...
♡ i use to be a little tap dancer...ballet dancer...and a little gymnast...
♡ i once convinced my mom to buy me ham, jelly and pickles as fillings for a sandwich (found the recipe on three's company)...i hated it...but i had to eat it all...
♡ i lived in italy for two years and went to school there...
♡ i am terrified of traveling by airplane...
♡ i don't like extreme heat...
♡ i am a people pleaser...all about pleasing the peoples...

love you are all my sugar dolls...


  1. WHat fun facts! :) I was a tap, ballet dancer and gymnast too growing up! Love the sandwich!!!

  2. love your random facts! i think it is soooo cool you lived in italy. i'll post mine soon.


  3. my comment did not go through the first time.

    i think i said something like i think you are a sugar doll too. i can tell you are a people pleaser and a very nice person.

  4. Love the list, I am a people pleaser as well. This is my first time to your blog but I feel like I know a bit about you now. Have a great week! Love the site and I look forward to reading on!

  5. Love your list! I also notice that my eyes get kind of bright green/bluish when I cry, and so do my sister's even though her eyes are not the same colour as mine normally. So crazy. And I also took tap and gymnastics when I was very little, but ballet was what I took and loved for many years! And I did some other forms of dance. Also, a former nail biter but not anymore, and HATE bugs esp spiders. And a people pleaser like you wouldn't believe.
    I love reading all the lists that everyone is making because I see how much I have in common with people (and in some completely opposite I am) and I think it is so interesting to get to know people in a way that you don't usually get to just by reading their everyday posts.

  6. Hey Congrats! Love learning more about you!..Enjoy!

  7. Great list and what a funny sandwich combo! haha! love it! Pretty awesome that you lived and went to school in Italy. *jealous* Congrats on the award.

  8. LOVE this list...I bite my nails too but now it's only under extreme stress:)
    Very cool about your eyes!
    So funny about the!
    Can I be part of your people pleasers club? te he!
    Great learning more about you!!

  9. Ah, you are a Sugar Doll. ;)
    I want to live in Italy! How was it?!

  10. You know I share your fear about planes! Too bad I love to travel so much!

    And how cool that your eyes go forest green when you cry. I swear mine look bluer when I tear up.

    And YAY for tap!

  11. Hey sweetie! Love your list and your blog :-) Thankyou for your kind comment. Ditto on the dancer, people pleaser and bug bits :-)
    Big hugs.....really feel like putting my ballet shoes on now! :-) xoxo

  12. Fun fun girlie! It was funny just as I began reading this I was biting my nails...sort of. Playing with my nail but sometimes leads to biting. And spiders...UGHGGGGHHHHH! Creep me out. (shudders) That's funny about the 3's company sandwich.