Thursday, March 31, 2011

dear bridesmaids...

i would really love it if you all wore short black cocktail dresses...please see length of dresses below...


love you guys...


  1. Ooh, that'd look so lovely! It's your wedding so they have to agree right? ;)

  2. love this picture and how all the dresses are different designs!! So much fun!

  3. heidi - haha...i hope so...

    melissa - i've told my girls that they can pick any dress they want...any design...but i stipulated it must be black and cocktail...when i saw the pic above i was a little floored...some of those dresses are so short...and i LOVE it!!

  4. This is exactly the sort of thing more Brides need to do- keep a color theme but allow different designs and patters to be used. I love that, because that way the dresses can flatter each body and personality and not look so robotic. My favorite (aside from the gorgeous white gown) is the dress on the far right end <3

  5. It's going to look soooo beautiful!!! Wooooo!! :OD Love you girlie.


  6. That is such a cute idea! Really, fresh and unusual - I love it!

  7. Pretty!!! I love the cocktail dress bridesmaid look. That's what we wore for my friend's wedding and we all looked great!

  8. I love, love, love this. You can totally do it! I only had one requirement for my bridesmaids: Short, black cocktail dresses that didn't come from the same store. Otherwise I didn't care. That and hot pink shoes. Mine may have been sequined manolos ;-).

    There's nothing worse than bridesmaid dresses past the knees, is there?

  9. kelsey - yes! thank you! and the thought of each girl being able to wear the dress over and over again, makes me feel better about asking them to spend the money...and black is such a classic colour...and cocktail dresses well...there's nothing more classic than a cocktail dress...and i too love the dress on the far right!

    tasha - thanks!!!!

    lori - i love love love cocktail dresses...i actually love love love the word "cocktail" just makes me think of FUN FUN FUN!!

    katie - great minds think alike...hehe!!! although i am not particular about the shoes they wear...i am definitely particular about the shoes i will be wearing...loubs!!! i need the red sole baby!

    and i agree, not a fan of dresses that are past the knee!