Friday, March 25, 2011

seven random things...

the ever so lovely heidi nominated me for the one lovely blog award...and i am definitely thankful...i have been a GINORMOUS fan of heidi's for a while...i will always be a fan...she's a phenomenal human being...and i adore her.

for the one lovely blog award:

* thank and link the blogger who has given you the award.
* copy and paste the logo in your blog.
* share 7 things about yourself.
* nominate 15 other great bloggers.
* comment and let them know of the award.

seven things about me...

* i was pulled over by a police officer on the morning of my 26th birthday, during an ice storm for apparently running a red light...when i saw the sirens blaring behind me, i thought i was being pulled over for driving too slowly...i ended up fighting the ticket because i clearly didn't run a red light, i turned left very slowly as the light turned yellow...and i guess i may have still been in the intersection as the light turned from yellow to red...and i cried like a baby...i was so embarrassed.

* i'm uber emotional...i cry over everything...everything.

* i look at cooking as a way to ease stress...and it excites me.

* i absolutely love grocery's always an adventure. and i love health food stores...adore them.

* i absolutely adore angelina jolie...i idolize her...

* i am a mama bear...i always feel the need to defend people i care for...i will fight to the death for a loved gets me into A LOT of trouble...

* right now i am on this weird fruit kick...i can't imagine or even think about eating anything else...but i do...

i nominate...

melissa - contagious health
marlie - barefoot and frolicking
nikki - fresh young coconut
lauren (she's already been nominated, but i adore nominate her again...ginger is the new pink
shannon marie - rawdorable
callie - rawxy
sarah - welsh girl eats
tasha - voracious

tonight is our engagement's gonna be a fun filled night, filled with epic friends and family...laughter...champagnsky and a sparkly dress or two...


  1. Thank you so much! :) I hope you had an amazing time at your party!! Xo

  2. Awe, Your too sweet, Thanks! I love this!

    I was pulled over on my 21st birthday for turning left at a stop light during the wrong hours (I had only lived in this city for a month, like I had any idea, ha)... The best part, is that the cop wrote me a ticket :( JERK.

    I'm with you on the grocery shopping - I love it! It's like shopping, but for food - What's not to love! :)

  3. Thanks so much. I mentioned it on my latest post. When I get a chance, I'll check the e-mail you sent. Been busy, as usual. I'm sure you are, too. Have fun tonight in your "granny" dress. Still love that story :-)

  4. Thanks Nelly! Happy Engagement Party Day!

  5. Hey sweetie! Thanks for your ever so kind words. This was fun to read about you. :) Have fun at your party tonight!

  6. Just found your blog! we have some things in common like enjoyment over cooking and shopping and being uber emotional!

  7. Thanks lovely for this award!!!

    Hope you had the BEST engagement party, beautiful xxx

  8. congratulations!! Hope it lasts forever!! :))