Wednesday, September 15, 2010

no more labels...but...

i'm all for not labeling myself as anything...just me...and as much as i adore lady gaga, my feelings and thoughts towards her "meat dress" are of utter and pure honestly, is there no other way to announce to the world that you are not a piece of meat? ugh!

what are your thoughts?

speaking of sister taessa chorny revealed to the world her fall line this past weekend...and it is just as lovely as she is...have i mentioned that i think she is the new stella mccartney?

i ordered her "le SPARKLE" dress...

a very fitting dress for i love all things sparkly...and a girl needs a timeless sparkly dress for all occasions, especially for any upcoming parties, xmas, engagement (maybe), new years...non? mais oui oui...

for any and all interested, taessa chorny creations can be found at tabula rasa in greek town...or you can contact the designer yourself at: for any and all inquiries...

happy hump day darlings...


  1. Meat dress = gross and disgusting! Her wearing something like this however, doesn't surprise me. Yuck.

    Your sister's fall line is very pretty! I like the dress you picked out for yourself :D Perfect for fall/winter parties coming up sooner than we think :)

  2. Meat dress = MAJOR fail

    Sparkly dress = thumbs up!!! Love it.

    I've missed your posts, Beautiful.

    And the Sweet Gratitude book arrived today, hurrah!!! :)

    Lots of love xxx

  3. Of course I loathed Gaga's dress. I liked Ellen's response of giving her a veggie dress instead. And pointing out that it's not much different than wearing leather.

    Enjoy your cruelty-free dress.

  4. Love that sparkle dress..hate that meat dress! I am a huge Gaga fan as well and I do not approve!

  5. Hey lovely! Ya the Gaga dress was pretty disgusting. I understand her point but she could have gone about it in another way I think. I really liked her response and I though it was pretty ironic that she wore this dress the same year Ellen interviewed her. I'm with Aimee as I like how Ellen provided the veggie bikini.
    As for your sister's fashion line up! Amazing! You will look stunning in that dress:)

  6. i love taessa's work. that dress will look amazing on you!

    gaga said, "if we don't stand up for what we believe in, if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones." wow, pretty powerful message that i think was unfortunately lost in the meat dress. (i didn't watch it - just read her response a minute ago.)

    what did taessa think of it?!

  7. I saw her on Ellen, and loved how Ellen handle it. I love Lady Gaga, but this was a poor choice.

    And love your sister's dress!!

  8. the second i saw that dress i was totally appalled. i get that she had a decent message, but it was lost in translation for me.

  9. Le sparkle is le pretty! Very nice & will look fab on you.

    I like Lady Gaga (an acquired taste). I thought the meat dress was hideous and kind of stupid but I wasn't shocked.

    Hey, did you say engagement?

  10. I was so disappointed when I saw Lady Gaga's meat dress. I loveee her but to see that made me sick! I think there's a line between fashion and insult [to beliefs/religions/etc] and she crossed it. I mean, it could be "fashion" if she wore a swastika but that's offensive.

    But on the other hand, I love the Le Sparkle dress!

  11. I also love Lady G but I feel there are other ways to be controversial or to make your point. Wearing a meat dress is not one of them IMO. It's gross, completely insensitive and cruel even. I agree with Griffen that her message is lost in translation. Anyway....

    Love the dress you picked out! You'll have to model it for us. :) Congrats to your soon-to-be SIL!

  12. Oh my gosh, your sister's look book is incredible!! Seriously, just beautiful. I'm going to be in Toronto for a few meetings next week, and if a can sneak away, I might have to head over and check these out in person.

  13. Love that dress! Beautiful! Wow. Congrats to your sister's new blog and shop! That's so great! I wish I had the guts to do something like that... maybe a healthy coffee shop.. ;)