Tuesday, August 17, 2010

so this girl's finally getting hitched...shocker...

i said i didn't want a ring...but...i got a ring...so many things i said i didn't want...but...guess what, i am going to get anyway...mostly to please various family members (ahem, my mother)...i said i wanted a very small bridal party...well, it ain't going to be small...12 people, plus my man and i...the date is set...thankfully it's 2 years away, no stressing bridezilla necessary...september 8, 2012 is the party...can't wait! i'll definitely fill you all in on more details, once i know myself...perhaps you can all give me some advice...i'd really love that...(also, sending you all virtual hugs for all of the beautiful congratulatory messages you all left me, truly appreciate all of your kindness, means the world to me...you are all my shining stars...love you so much...)

i've been away from my computer for a while...haven't had much time in the kitchen...and it's been a crazy time...there was the engagement, and the funeral...and work...and cranky significant others...and draft menu planning...and our weekend at the cottage...

today i finally got the chance to make some yummy food...

tabouli (quinoa, not enough parsley (1/2 cup), 2 heirloom tomatoes, garden cukes, lemon, olive oil and a little himalayan crystal salt)

massaged kale and collard salad with kristen suzanne's cayenne tahini dressing, beans and tabouli...

sesame crusted baked tofu (marinate tofu in 4 tablespoons of nama shoyu, 2 tablespoons of miso, 1 tablespoon of tahini, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 2 tablespoons grated ginger, crushed clove of garlic and 1/2 cup of water for an hour, pour about 2 cups of raw or toasted sesame seeds in a container and coat tofu pieces one by one in sesame seeds, bake in preheated 400 degree oven for 20 minutes)

also wanted to share this lovely meal i had last weekend...raw vegan pad thai (a mix of raw kelp noodles, shredded romaine, carrots, peppers, zucchini noodles mixed in a tangy cashew sesame thai sauce topped with crumbled cashews & green onions) and a beautiful garden salad with tangy lemon dressing from none other than the amazing rawlicious...fabulous...and ever so lovely...wish every meal could be a rawlicious one...

hope you all had a very lovely weekend...and i hope this week is a beautiful one for all of you...

sweet dreams...

p.s. i apologize for the not so pretty photographs...my parents borrowed my camera while they are vacationing in italy this month...so please tolerate these photos for the next month...


  1. the ring is absolutely gorgeous, and i'm so jealous you had rawlicious pad thai!


  2. the ring is very nice. no you don't need a ring but the bonus is that guys might stop hitting on you.

    oh my that tofu looks so good! i wonder if there is anything else to coat it with (maybe veggies?) other than tofu since tofu doesn't work well with me anymore. oooh i think mushrooms might work not that i think of it.

    take care!

  3. Your ring is beautiful, congrats again! :) Your tobouli looks so refreshing and delicious. The tofu recipe looks great. I don't eat much tofu, but I wouldn't mind trying out different recipes like this one!

  4. Wow, I love the ring! SO exciting!!!

    As you've already encountered, weddings involve a whole lot of people pleasing. Family politics can suck and get stressful. My advice, pick your battles - if there's something about your big day that's really important to you stick to your guns. Otherwise, try to go with the flow. Gosh, i remember the stress of getting married even though it was 6 years ago! However, despite all the stress it was the most amazing day of my life. You will have the best day and your face will ache like it never has before from all the smiling! And all the stress melts away on the day too. Ahhh, i'm so excited i'm getting carried away with myself!

    Love you loads and loads. And your comments on my blog mean the world to me. x

    Oh, and loving all your food pics- inspiring x

  5. What a beautiful ring! Yeeyyyy! Congratulations sweetie! xoxo

  6. Congrats!!! What a gorgeous ring! How exciting. It seems like years since I went thru all the wedding stuff. Oh wait it has been years. Enjoy every moment you deserve it. Love the tofu might have to give it a try.


  7. That's just the way it works girl...you think you don't want something in your head....but your heart always rules...he he! So happy for you and your eats look yummy!

    With the heart info...he he!...being said always make sure to follow that when it comes to your wedding...it is a very special day for your man and you....so just don't follow everything your mum's want....know what I mean....he he!

    Enjoy Sweetie and have fun!

  8. Hey lovely!! Can I just say your ring is stunning (and you know boys don't always do what they are told LOL!)
    You already have a date? Awesome! What a wedding party!! That will be so much fun! And ahh the people pleasing of weddings..the not so fun part. All I can say is you won't please everyone..and don't compromise something that you want or don't want just because someone is putting up a hissy fit! I had people ask me to move my date so they could come..I didn't and they couldn't make it but oh well that's life! Another thing..delegate as much as you can. I didn't do this enough and wish I had! But most importantly don't lose focus of WHY you are there..it's the two of you and your love!
    I hope that you have a more relaxed week this week (and less grumpy significant others:)!
    You have been eating some yummy eats too! I love tabouli..it just says summer!! And I could totally eat that tofu..looks amazing!
    And that rawlicious meal...Mmmm!!
    Have an AMAZING week! Love ya!

  9. awwwwwwwwwww very nice! Congrats!

  10. Gorgeous ring! Congrats again!!! :) All your meals look delicious, as always! XO

  11. Nice ROCK! It's a beautiful gem. Like you. ;) I want that tofu! Yum yum! Gonna make some of that soon (after our hot weather cools and it's safe to use the oven) and that pad thai looks so yummy. I totally want that too.

  12. Your foods look sooooooo good! Especially the kelp noodle dish! Yum!!! Oh, and the sesame seed crusted tofu! Delish!

    And again, CONGRATS!!! Beautiful, beautiful ring! I'm so happy for you! And looks like you've got plenty of time to not be a bridezilla, which is good. Plan and organize will not be done under stressful circumstances that way. :)

    p.s. I think that you're my shining star. :)

  13. So happy for you! Your ring is lovely:) September is such a nice time of year for weddings, and it's great you have plenty of time to plan. As usual, your food looks delish!

  14. Yay so excited for you! Love the ring!!!!

  15. I haven't really been checking out the blogs lately, but something told me I needed to make a stop here. I'm so glad I did. Congratulations! :-)

  16. I'm loving it, lady! Great post - I highly recommend the Rawlicious pad thai.

    Congratulations again on your wonderful news!! That is such a beautiful ring! :)

  17. kelli - the pad thai was AMAZING...i'm definitely ordering it again VERY SOON!

    bitty boo - it seems like i've been getting even more attention lately...AND...even if john is around...men are so GROSS! mushrooms coated in sesame seeds sounds delicious...

    maggie - thank you!!! *hugs* i also don't eat much tofu, but i do love it...

    darling sarah - thank you so much for all of your advice...i am so looking forward to the day...i marry my sweetie and we party with family and friends...it's gonna be a day to remember for sure...

    i love you loads too...<3

    cynthia - thank you girl!

    pam - thank you so much...i needed to hear that...and i will follow my heart! *hugs*

    melster - thanks! meh! our families are DRAMATIC with capitals all around!! my mom is CRAZY! hehe...kidding.

    i can't believe people asked you to change the date, that's nuts! some family members were hinting at it, because 2012 the euros are being held in ukraine, and some of john's family members want to go over to watch the sporting events unfold...BAH! thankfully the euros are in june and july...and not in september...

    i too am wishing for a more relaxed week and happy significant others...haha!


    heidi - you're a gem!

    lori - you truly melted my heart with that! thanks love...you are such a beautiful soul!

    angela - thank you...i love september...it's gonna be spectacular!!!

    shannon marie - hi lovely...thanks for stopping by!

    marlie! the pad thai was beyond incredible...i wish i could figure out what is in the sauce. it's just too good. i've been craving it like crazy! <3

  18. i just ready your post today. but i had raw pad thai the same night. weird. anyways, the tofu looks yummy. congrats my friend.

  19. beautiful ring - congratulations :-)

  20. September 8th is a magical date!
    Mister AtV and I tied the knot in 2007 on that day.
    xoxo Congratulations darling~