Wednesday, February 9, 2011

wedding planning...ode to a coriander girl...

with 8 months to go...i would say that john and i are not doing shabbily at all...

venue booked...ceremony site booked...marriage class scheduled for the 26th of this cake ordered...our engagement party is scheduled for march...invitation appointment scheduled for the month of march as well...photographer is booked...we've chosen our bridal party...HUGE...but filled with only our most beloved of friends and family...and a very beautiful group of people...

john and i have both decided what we would love to wear on our special day...we were driving to meet our dj...and of course i spotted my amazingly fabulous dress in a window on bloor street...

i truly wish i didn't have an issue with spending $8,000 on a dress...but i can't stop thinking about her...lovely layers of lace, each pattern so delicate and so beautiful...with a little ruffle on the top and bottom of her...ahhhhhhhhhh...

composing myself...

onto my john, my beautiful boy...he's in love with this suit...

so far my favourite part of all of the wedding meeting coriander girl...the most beautiful girl i have ever met...she embodies all that is good and wonderful in the world...patient...kind...sweet...and ever so helpful...and even though she is quite the busy bee...she has the most beautiful gift of them all...the ability to make you feel like you are the only bride to be in the world...i absolutely adore this lady...and i know, with her help and her guidance, our wedding, mine and the beautiful boy, will be as romantic and lovely has i have always envisioned it would be...from the time i was playing dress up in my mama's closet...and falling asleep with cinderella on my the time i met him, my fairytale, and knew that one day we would be planning the beginning of our beautiful life together...thank you alison for helping me look forward to our special day with only sheer excitement and absolute joy...


  1. I'm loving that suit. But then again, I'm probably just attracted to the sheen, as I'm like magnet to anything that remotely shines :)

    I can't wait to see photos from your wedding, as I have a feeling it's going to be ridiculously stylish!

  2. thanks callie!!!!

    and just for the record, i am also a magnet to anything that is shiny and sparkly!!!!


  3. email me the pic of the dress girlie it won't load for me on your site. ;(

    Woo hoo! Things are coming along - I'm so excited for you! It's going to be lovely and you no doubt will be stunning! Love the shiny suit too - very dapper.

  4. oh and I've always loved this song...

  5. Now I see the dress - GORGEOUS! Maybe you should have a fundraiser for it. tee hee!

  6. Sounds like everything is falling into place. Fingers crossed that you get that dress. Can you believe my dress only cost $100? I wanted to keep things simple and economical.

  7. hi shannon marie...well i will get that dress, john's sister will be making it for me...although we won't COPY it...haha, that would be wrong!

    wow...$100...that's amazing!

  8. Eek so much amazingness in this post!!!
    You have been a busy bee and have so much done already..that's awesome:)

    That words

    I love that unique and fun!!