Tuesday, October 19, 2010

life is crazy sometimes, isn't it?

has anyone sent out a search party for me yet?

someone please remind me to never ever plan a wedding and look for a place to live at the same time again...wow, stressful!

john and i are in the midst of looking for a place to live...move-in date is set for december first...now if we could only find a home...

i've also been running around trying to plan our wedding...i've made some pretty lame decisions...but thankfully i have a fashion forward matron of honour...who isn't shy about telling me "no comment" when she doesn't agree with something...and by something i mean the flowers...i have to admit, i had very good intentions, in fact these were some of my ideas...

but the florist i went to see, somehow convinced me that i loved these flowers...

did i mention i've also been fighting a very bad cold...which turned into bronchitis...again, very lucky to have my very own martha stewart along for the ride...

oh oh...did i mention i found my dress? i did! and i am so very excited...and although i didn't cry, like they do on "say yes to the dress"...i did have a moment...

just thought i'd drop in and say hello...see how everyone is doing...i hope to be back full force sometime in december...and i am reading all of your lovely blogs...just not commenting...there's something to say about stress...it leaves you (or me)...slightly lifeless...if that makes sense...

you are all in my thoughts...love you...


  1. Beautiful dress and flowers! Hope you find a place soon and get WELL Girl! Sending you healing and a new home blessings!


  2. Have some warm tea with fresh ginger, cayenne pepper,agave, and lemon juice every 2 hours. Be healed girlfriend!

  3. Best wishes for your wedding planning..weddings can be draining. Seems like just yesterday for me. Try to enjoy every minute if you can. Oh, and happy house hunting, too! Wow, what a stressful mix. Hang in there girl!

  4. Best wishes for your wedding planning..weddings can be draining. Seems like just yesterday for me. Try to enjoy every minute if you can. Oh, and happy house hunting, too! Wow, what a stressful mix. Hang in there girl!

  5. Hi Beautiful! I've been there- somehow managed to get through my finals at uni whilst planning a wedding and looking for somewhere to live. I did go slightly mental but at least Isurvived! And you will too! :)

    I have missed you! But I know the feeling- I've been reading blogs but not commenting as much as I've had zero energy or desire for anything at the mo. Sometimes it feels like I'm surviving rather than living but these states are only temporary and needs must at times.

    Hope you're well now! How's your diet going? Are you feeling more at peace with food since you've let go of the vegan label?

    Tons of love xxx

  6. Wedding planning is insane! Just keep breathing....breathing fire that is:) JK! Sorry to hear you have a cold..and bronchitis at that
    :( Lots of broth and ginger!
    Okay...I simply ADORE that dress. It's stunning and you are going to look so gorgeous in it!!! Congrats!!
    I hear you about stress...hopefully you find a place and can settle in a bit more
    All the best and lots of love

  7. Beautiful dress and beautiful flowers too :-)

  8. Hi girlie! Good of you to say hello! And ugh on the stress! It's probably what's got you so sick. Hope things start to ease and settle down and that you find a place ASAP (I relate to that one!). Thinking of you! And your dress is gooooorrrrrjjjjussssss! Love it! And I love the flowers...well, the first bunch not the florist recommended bunch. :)

  9. Good luck with everything :) I will put you in my thoughts. I love the dress!!!!!!!!! And the flowers, everything is beautiful!

  10. the flowers and dress are gorgeous!

  11. gorgeous dress! feel better.

  12. Love the dress . . it look chic and comfortable.

  13. Hi Nelly!!
    Your flower picks are all beautiful. I love the colorful bouquet you plan to have and the DRESS is gorgeous!! How fun!! & Good luck with finding a place. Hang in there, girlie. Look forward to your upcoming updates. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  14. I planing my wedding as well, so I know the stress you're going through, but it's also fun...isn't it???

    bouquets are beautiful, all of them...or maybe not the lilac one...but would go with the first one...I love it's simplicity :)

  15. Pretty cool! I like those arrangement. so perfect.


  16. Oh, noooo - please tell me you will change your flowers to one of the pale, creamy confections that preceded the technicolor bunch...none of my business really, I don't know you personally, and I am not 100% sure whether you were joking or not, but just no to those dyed flowers. You will regret it! Wish someone had told me not to have my usually long, sleek hair curled and pouffed up hugely on my wedding day - every time I look at the pictures I wish I had a straight iron. So, with love, no to those flowers - ugh, sorry.

  17. I am reading all of your lovely blogs,just not commenting,there's something to say about stress it leaves you,slightly lifeless,if that makes sense.

  18. Life is a full of joy. You have to just criteria to enjoy your life but it depends on you how you pass your life. You have an awesome collection of flowers and the dress that you wear is very beautiful.