Friday, February 26, 2010

day 4 and 5...sugar cleanse...meh!

so i'm a tad bit upset...yesterday and the day before i ate a mushroom and rice burger by sol cuisine...i would never in a million years have thought that there would be sugar in the burger, so i didn't bother to check the ingredients...well, guess what ladies and gents...the burgers have evaporated cane suagr in them!!! i have been so so so so so careful...yet, i still managed to mess it all up...i wish i had at least messed up with know?

i haven't had cravings for anything sugary...although i did go grocery shopping today and i kept wanting to buy "sugar" and had to keep reminding myself that i couldn't...but i was not at all craving it...just wanted to buy it in know?

toronto has finally gotten its real snowstorm of the season...i'm hoping it's the last...jackson loves the snow...his mama don't...snow is really not the's the mess and the crazy people that have licenses that bother me...

today i made myself a lovely lovely, i tell you...

lovely juice

1 lemon (peeled)
4 small carrots
4 celery stalks
1 apple
1 pear

for lunch and dinner i had roasted sweet potatoes and red sweet potatoes (white flesh), tostadas (high raw) and kristen's raw cheezy hemp nacho sauce...

i made some guacamole, really simple, i find that when i add anything but simple ingredients the guacamole spoils quickly...avocado, lemon juice, himalayan crystal sea salt...

i made my own salsa, pineapple salsa...yummo...

pineapple salsa

1 cup of finely diced pineapple
1 quart of grape tomatoes, quartered
4 green onions finely chopped
himalayan crystal sea salt to taste
one lime juiced
2 tablesspoons of cold pressed olive oil

mix all ingredients together and leave in the fridge for about an hour

the tostadas

tostada layers

sprouted corn tortillas toasted
amy's refried black beans
pineapple salsa
shredded lettuce
kristen's raw cheezy hemp nacho sauce

oh. my. god. ladies and so so yummy...and the cheezy hemp sauce...well, i could drink's that good...

i poured some of the cheezy hemp sauce on my baked sweet potatoes and red sweet potatoes...i roasted the sweet potatoes with olive oil and himalayan crystal sea simple and so so yummy...and very helpful during this sugar cleanse...

i thought i would end this post off with some hilarious pics i took of my little bubba eating peanut butter...i could not stop was too hard!


  1. oh my goodness...every time i see the pics i burst out laughing, he is sooooo funny...i love giving him peanut butter, so entertaining watching him make those silly faces...